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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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Teacher– Miss Carey and Miss Clarkson

Teaching assistant– Miss Starbuck and Miss Pierre



Teacher– Miss Horton

Teaching assistant– Mrs Patrascu


Important information

Home Learning: Home learning is set on a Monday: please use your login in details to go on  Lexia, Reading Eggs, Time table Rockstars/Numbots.

Weekly spellings will be sent out on a Monday and there will be a test on the following Monday.

Reading records:We expect children to be reading at home three times each week.

Your child will bring a levelled reading book home every Monday ​and this should be returned to school on the following Monday. They will also bring home a book from the school library to share and enjoy with you.

The reading record will be checked by your child’s class teacher to ensure your child is reading three times a week at home.

Your child will be provided with a plastic book bag to transport their book in.

PE: Tuesday and Wednesday- Children can come in their PE kit on these days.

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What are we learning about this year?

Year Group 2 Curriculum Maps (LTP and topic themes)


Our Class Readers for Summer 1 are:


Our Author of the half term is Dick King Smith

2021 /2022

Summer 1:

Week 5:

This week we have continued with our Natural Art topic and studied the natural sculptures created by Andy Goldsworthy. We then designed and made our own sculptures. This was great fun and the children really impressed us by being resourceful with the natural materials that they could find in our school grounds.

Week 4:

Our new Literacy topic has started… all about Dragons! We have watched some Dragon spotting videos and designed our very own dragon. Soon we will be creating a Dragon Spotters Guide… watch this space as when they’re complete, we will share some of them on this page.

We have also started a new Art topic looking at ‘Natural Art’ by Georgia O’Keefe and Andy Goldsworthy. We have evaluated their art work and then done a series of activities linked to this. As you can see below, we have used different shading techniques including blending to try and match the colours that we were using to the images.

Week 3:

This week we have finished our Disgusting Sandwich stories. We wrote our own versions and made sure they were SUPER disgusting! We have also started to explore relationships, talking about our families and discussing how girls and boys are similar in many ways. We have also discussed animals and the life cycle of animals.

Week 2:

This week we have started learning about Habitats in Science and we have focussed on Microhabitats. We went on a minibeast hunt to see what we could find in our school grounds. There were lots of different bugs in the Nature Garden under rocks, logs and leaf litter. Look at what we found…

Week 1:

We have started our new class reader in English and have made our very own Disgusting Sandwiches! We have written plans and then used our plans to make sure we included all the disgusting ingredients which included spiky, green grass, blue, mouldy cheese and sticky, white bird poo.

We have written some instructions on how to make a disgusting sandwich- which one looks the most disgusting?!



Spring 2

Week 5:

We have been learning all about urban and rural landscapes. We have been studying the paintings of Lowry and Fell to see their similarities and differences. Today we started experimenting with Lowry’s colours using acrylic paint. We have also tried painting Lowry’s signature people ‘match stick men’. Then we had a go at painting with water colours in the style of Fell’s landscapes and compared the different styles.

Week 4:

We went to Pudsey Civic Hall for a special music workshop called ‘Little Sing’. The hall had been transformed into a pirate island and we learnt lots of very catchy songs! We liked the ‘Banana Song’ and the ‘Tutti Fruity’ song best! We really showed our Park Spring values of being confident, happy, caring and resilient learners while we were out.

This week we made Mother’s Day cards with special levers and linkages as part of our DT project.

Week 3:

We have been using Charanga in Music to learn all about pulse (the heart beat in a song) and rhythm. We learn how to use the notes F and G on the chimes.

We have been learning all about plants in Science! We are predicting which method will be the best to grow a healthy plant. We are also keeping a seen diary to observe and analyse what a seeds needs to be able to germinate. We will be checking our seeds over the next few weeks to see what happens! We’ll update you soon!

Week 2:

We had our drop down day for RE this week! We learnt all about how Muslims and Christians celebrate new life and how they welcome babies into the world. We design welcome badges, new baby cards and even held our own pretend baptism service.

We had our first Roll up and Read on Wednesday where our parents were invited to come in and read with us in the classroom! We loved sharing and enjoying books with our adults.


We have started our new topic in Maths which is fractions! We have been using our resources to make equal and unequal parts before we introduce what fractions look like later in the week. This week Equalatron the robot asked Year 2 to help him build equal towers out of cubes  for his robocity of Equalopia! We also tried folding paper into equal parts to find how many way we could make equal parts! One of us even found we could fold our paper into 16 equal groups!

Week 1:

World Book Day 2022

We Spent lots of time celebrating our favourite books…

We had a lovely World Book Day. We brought in potatoes decorated as our favourite book characters and competed to be the winner of our class! What famous characters can you see?

We made puppets based on “The Unicorn Prince” by Saviour Pirotta who we are lucky enough to be meeting on Friday 4th March for a special author visit!

Secret Gardens!

To launch our new book in English and Reading lessons “The Secret Garden” we have created STUNNING secret gardens in our classrooms. We introduced the new topic with an exciting hook lesson where we designed and made all the items we wanted to have in our secret garden….then over night, something amazing happened and our book corners were transformed into magical, secret gardens! We have been practising using our senses to think of lots of exciting vocabulary and adjectives to help us write our very own secret garden descriptions.

On Monday we had an exciting skipping workshop in the hall! We learnt lots of new skills on how to use the rope in different ways.


Spring 1

Learning Challenge: History – Would you like to have lived under Queen Victoria’s reign?

Our class books this half term are : The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs and The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig.

Week 7: 

We went on a trip to Armley Mills! It was such an exciting day. We spent time in a Victorian schoolroom with a very strict teacher that we had to call master! We learnt the 3 R’s: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and and learnt all about punishments in school! Some of us had to wear the dunce hat, some of us had a left hand corrector and some of us even got put in a tin bathtub for being disobedient! We used slates, pen and ink and even did a Victorian drill! We also visited a weaver’s cottage and learnt about the lives of rich and poor. Finally we learnt all about factory life and how dangerous it could be for a child working in a mill!

Week 6: 

This week we have been writing in role as a Victorian child! We have written diary entries all about what it was like being in a Victorian school. We did some role-play in class and talked about how school in the Victorian period was different and similar to our school now!

Week 5:

In DT we have enjoyed designing and making our Victorian bookmarks! We learnt how to cross stitch and we are really proud of them!


Week 4:

Today we had a really exciting morning! We had a Music workshop in the hall and a very exciting performance about Skylar, a little girl who LOVED her piano. There were lots of interesting sounds included, as well as a super piano performance and even a rap! We learnt the key music words: dynamics, tempo, pitch and rhythm and had a go at making our voices and bodies change for each of the words we’d learnt.


Week 3:

We had a very special visit from her Majesty the Queen! No…not our current Queen Elizabeth II! We travelled back in time and were lucky enough to interview Queen Victoria herself!

We asked lots of questions about where she lives, who her family members are and why she always wears black. She was NOT impressed that children at Park Spring are allowed to speak and share ideas as she believes “children should be seen and not heard!”

What an experience!

We talked about problem solving and working in a team in PSHE. We had to work together to try and build the tallest tower using only 6 sheets of paper and a glue stick! Look what we managed to create…

Week 2:

We have started skipping using skipping ropes in Y2 this week! We are loving learning this new skill in PE and can’t wait to see how we progress over the term! Watch out for photos coming soon!

We have started learning multiplication in Maths and we have learnt how to group amounts and describe how many are in each group!

This week we had a bit of a scare as Rumpelstiltskin sent us a creepy voicemail telling us to WATCH OUT, as he heard us laughing at him when we read the story! We have made our own wanted posters to warn the children at Park Spring to let us know if they’ve seen him!

Week 1

It was lovely to welcome everyone back after their Christmas break. This week we have been learning  all about 3D shapes in Maths. Our topic in English is Fairy tales and we have done some super writing describing different characters. We have read the story of Rumpelstiltskin and enjoyed making predictions and using our inference skills to work out what is happening and how the characters might be feeling. We have also been thinking about what keeps us safe in PSHE.

Autumn 2

Learning Challenge: Geography – Would you like to live on an island?

Our class book this half term is Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted

This half term our Learning Challenge topic is ‘Would you like to live on an island?’ this is a Geography based topic.

Week 6

Check out our Powerpoints we made in Computing, linking to our Geography all about India! Today we learnt how to research using Kiddle, to copy and paste onto a powerpoint and also to add text to caption our pictures.

Well, that was a SUPER day! We have learnt so much about India in Geography! We have tasted Indian food, danced to Bollywood music, researched using books and QR codes on the Ipads, looked at the weather forecast and have learnt about Indian animals, as well as looked at real Indian clothes and fabrics!

This week has started with a bang with our Geography drop down day! We are learning all about India and will be comparing it to the Isle of Coll! What do you think we will be researching about?

Week 5

This week we have been practising our Christmas concert pieces! We have linked a dance to our learning about Katie Morag from the Isle of Struay which is a fictional island based on the real Isle of Coll, just off mainland Scotland! We are learning a Scottish dance using all the movements we’ve learnt in PE. We can’t wait for you to see it! Click on the link to see the music and dancing genre:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Nwgsc0TVY

We have also practised one of our songs called Ho! Ho! Ho! from the Charanga music scheme. We love it because it has a rap in it!

Our teachers are proud of us for being so mature when we’ve been doing our assessments this week and we have been working really hard.

Also, we have finished our persuasive brochures in our writing lessons! We published them this week and some of them are even on the writing displays in our classrooms! We are so proud of our hard work.

Week 4

On Friday we had a drop down day for Science. We have been learning all about babies and what they need to survive and to grow into healthy children. We compared our baby pictures to what we are like now as children.

We were lucky enough to interview Mrs Munton all about what it is like to look after a baby and to find out what her baby needs to be happy, healthy and safe! Thanks Mrs Munton for your help today!

We have been finishing off our luggage tags we have designed and made for DT! Look how we have used our design to help us make our final piece:

Week 3

On Monday we wore odd socks to school to raise awareness for Anti-bullying week! We know we are all unique and are all different but that we are all equal and special in our own ways. We are spreading the message of  this years theme ‘One Kind World’.

On Monday we published our Island setting descriptions. Look how amazing our work is! We have made so much progress in our writing since September!

This week we are designing our own luxury island resorts in English so we can write our own brochures using our new genre of persuasion!

This week our teachers are so impressed with how we are working with our new Maths resources: Rekenreks! We are getting more confident at identifying numbers and are able to confidently talk about numbers to ten in a variety of ways!

On Friday we celebrated Children in Need! The children were a lovely shade of yellow and were so positive in spreading the message of the charity and were keen to fundraise by entering the raffle and poster competition!


Week 1 and 2

This week we started our new topic all about islands!

In English lessons we went on an exploration to a new island and designed and made our own islands using lots of exciting topic vocabulary ready to write a setting description!

We are excited to be using a new resource in Maths called Rekenreks! They are helping our number fluency and recognising number facts quickly!

In DT we designed our own luggage tags and have learnt how to do a running stitch to join 2 pieces of fabric together. We used our school value of resilience to persevere when threading our needles and we were patient while learning our new skill!

In  RE we have made a friendship paper chain to show how having class rules and responsibilities helps us to have a safe and happy learning environment. This will help us understand why Muslims and Christians follow rules to help them live a good life later in the term. We came up with ideas such as ‘be kind’, ‘show 5’ and ‘be resilient’ to name a few!


Autumn 1

Learning Challenges:

Science – What makes a superhero? –      Children will learn how to keep healthy, different food types and what makes a balanced diet, why exercise is important and the importance of good hygiene

Music – Composing Superhero Music      The children will be listening to different pieces of music and exploring pitch, tempo and dynamics and how this effects a piece of music.

Art – Making Superhero 3D Masks    The children will learn about Pop Art and will use bold  colour to create their own Superhero Mask.

Our class book this half term is Supertato by Sue Hendra

In our English and Reading lessons we shall be using our class novel as a stimulus for writing descriptions, instructions and a comic.


Black History Day

Today Children in Year 2 learned about Windrush and the Windrush generation. They took part in some role play and were really sensible during class discussions. We then made some anti racism posters. In the afternoon we celebrated some Caribbean Culture – listening to reggae, steel pans. We watched some videos of the Leeds Carnival and made our own head dresses and even tasted plantain, ginger cake and coconut water.


Year 2 had a great day on Superhero Day. All the children looked amazing in their costumes. We designed and made our own mask for a superhero. Then we went on a search for super villains in the school grounds. The Evil Pea was up to his old tricks again and had left us some coded messages to solve. Fortunately we were able to decipher his code and let Supertato know what he was planning!! We finished the day with a Superhero song and dance to celebrate our super powers!!



Superhero Visits Year 2:

What a day Year 2 have had. They had a very exciting visitor – a superhero called ” Healthy Hannah”!  Sadly Hannah was not as healthy as we had expected. Mrs.Winstanley was very disappointed and will be speaking to the Superhero agency. We are hoping that the children can help Hannah come up with some ideas of how to be healthier. We’ll keep you posted!











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