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Park Spring Primary School

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Teacher– Miss Clarkson

Teaching assistant– Mrs.Patrascu, Miss.Hirst, Mrs.Barrett



Teacher– Miss Horton

Teaching assistant– Miss Starbuck, Miss. Whitehead


Important dates

Home Learning:  Wednesday

Reading records: Wednesday

PE: Friday

Spelling test: Thursday


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Armley Mills Trip

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to Armley Mills,  we experienced what it would be like for a Victorian child to work in a mill and visited a Victorian house. We were also detectives in a weaving workshop and made a human loom.



Spring 1

Our class books this half term is The Three little wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas and The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka

Our Learning Challenge topic is ‘Were the Victorians vindictive?’ this is a History based topic where children will research a famous person in History – Queen Victoria. They will also learn what it would have been like for a child in the Victorian period.

Year 2 started this half term thinking about how we celebrate new life and welcome it into the world. They really enjoyed learning about the different ceremonies other faiths have. All of Year 2 attended the Baptism of ‘Baby Bradley’ and participated in the ceremony. Year 2 all really enjoyed the Baptism Ceremony. They learned all about the special way a baby is welcomed into God’s family.

This week Year 2 have begun their learning challenge ‘Were the Victorians vindictive?’ They were lucky enough to have a royal visit from her majesty Queen Victoria and asked her lots of interesting questions.

Last Friday Year 2 children had a great day – they spent the day in role as Victorian children and did lessons like the children would have done in the Victorian period. The first thing they did was attend morning assembly where Miss. Bashem and Miss. Strictly were not impressed with the hand inspection  and the Punishment Book was read out and children were given the cane!!

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is ” What makes a superhero?”. This is a science based topic where the children learn about how to be healthy including learning about food, fitness and hygiene.

This term we are learning our 10 and 2 times tables.

Our class book is Supertato by Sue Hendra.

During Black History Week we will be learning about Rosa Parks.

Year 2 had a visit from a very unhealthy superhero . They were very shocked at some of her choices  and have set about educating ” Unhealthy Hannah” on how to be more healthy!!

Year 2 had an unwelcome visitor to their classes today. Their classrooms had been splatted with peas and some vegetables have been kidnapped from the kitchen! They are now working hard on a rescue mission and have made WANTED posters and sent a message to Supertato asking for his help.

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