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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

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Teacher– Miss Clarkson

Teaching assistant– Mrs.Patrascu, Miss. Lawrence, Miss. Greenwood



Teacher– Miss Horton

Teaching assistant– Miss Starbuck, Mrs. Ash


Important dates

Home Learning:  If you would like to do some home learning please use your login in details to go on  Lexia, Reading Eggs, Time table Rockstars/Numbots.

Reading records:We expect children to be reading at home three times each week.

Your child will bring a leveled reading book home every Monday ​and this should be returned to school on Friday so that it can be put into quarantine over the weekend.

The reading record will be checked by your child’s class teacher to ensure your child is reading three times a week at home.

Unfortunately if your child’s book is not returned on a Friday we will not accept it until the following Friday.

Your child will be provided with a plastic book bag to transport their book in.

PE: Tuesday and Wednesday- Children can come in their PE kit on these days.

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Summer 2

This half term our class readers are The Great Explorer  and Michael Recycle.

Learning Challenges:

Science : Are all materials really useful? – we will be investigating types of materials and their properties and testing out materials to see if they are fit for a specific purpose.

Geography: Explorers  – we will be using atlases and maps to find out about different countries and continents. We will learn how to use a compass, map and give simple directions.

RE : How can we make our World a better place? – we will be looking at creation stories, exploring the nature and beauty of the world around us and thinking about how we can make the world a better place – with a special emphasis on recycling.




Year 2 took part in the first Reading Mastermind Quiz. 8 children got through to the Grand Final: Lillie-Mae, Ella W, Dylan E, Ava H, James L, Eliza K, Nia- Rose Lachlan Robinson.

It was a very close competition and went down to a 3 way tie breaker round to decide on the winner.

Congratulations to Lachlan Robinson who was crowned the Mastermind Champion. Well done to Nia -Rose and Eliza who were very close runner ups!!

All the finalists were amazing and showed great knowledge of their chosen books. The rest of Year 2 were in the audience and we were all on tenterhooks watching the quiz. A great time was had by all.




Yesterday Year 2 had a brilliant day being explorers! We went on an expedition to discover new creatures and had to use our compasses. Then we made some tasty bugs using  fruit and vegetables. We all had a super time in the afternoon crossing “swamps” and “trekking” to our base camp. When we got to camp we made a fire and toasted some bread for a delicious snack. We ate our fruit and then we had a ” Bush Tucker Bug Eating Challenge!” – all the children were very brave and tried one of our bugs we had made earlier. What  a tiring but fun day!! Well done Year 2 and thanks parents for the generous donations.




Learning challenges: How do Artists take inspiration from Nature?

Are all materials useful?

This half term our class books are The Disgusting Sandwich and The Dragon Machine


What a busy half term in Year 2. Read on more to find out what we have been up to……………………


Year 2 have loved their time in Forest School with Miss. Carey. They have really enjoyed working in the nature garden creating dens, learning how to whittle, use a bow saw, make a fire and have even toasted their own marshmallows!!



We have been inspired by nature and the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and have created our own pieces of natural artwork.



We have loved reading the Dragon Machine and making our own dragons and writing descriptions of them for the Dragon Spotters Guide.

As part of our writing in English we read the story ‘The disgusting Sandwich’ we then created our own disgusting sandwiches!! The children really enjoyed putting disgusting things in their sandwiches (luckily we didn’t have to eat them!) We then wrote noun phrases to describe the things in our sandwiches and wrote instructions for how to make a sandwich disgusting!


Learning challenge: How can we grow the best plants?

This half term our class book is The Secret Garden ( abridged version)


Year 2 had a wonderful day celebrating World Book day!

To start the day we joined our Remote Learners on a ‘World Book Day assembly’. We then shared the story ‘Katie and the Sunflowers’. The children then created their own flower themed book mark and created a setting from the story book! We then listened to the story ‘Show and Tell’ and came up with some fantastic ideas for our own class how and tell!

Over this half term the children are growing their own plants! We planted a bulb in a bottle and are looking forward to watching it grow over the next few weeks!

As part of our Science learning the children took part in a Science experiment investing how Cress will grow in different conditions. The children made predictions of how they thought the Cress seeds will grow best. We then put the cress in different parts of the classroom and are observing the Cress weekly 🙂

The remote Learning children are doing the Cress experiment at home and Miss Horton is looking after the Cress at her house!

We have started our half term by reading the first chapters of the story and have been inspired to create our own secret gardens.

Look how creative the Yr 2 Remote Learners have been. They have made some amazing model gardens! We are looking forward to finding out what happens next in the Secret Garden.

Spring 1

Learning Challenge – History – Would you have enjoyed living under Queen Victoria’s Reign?

Our class books this half term are The True Story of the Three Little Pigs and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

This half term our Learning Challenge topic ‘Would you have enjoyed living under Queen Victoria’s Reign?’ this is a History based topic. The children will learn about what life was like in the Victorian era including life in a Workhouse, what a Victorian school was like and work life in a factory for a Victorian child.

At the start of our topic we used our computing skills to research Queen Victorian and discovered lots of interesting facts about her life! We then looked at inventions during the Victorian period, we researched Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone and as part of our Science learning we conducted and experiment to see how a telephone works best!

Year 2 Road Safety

The children have been learning about how to keep safe and went out and practised their Road Safety knowledge. They were all very sensible and remembered the rules – STOP, THINK, LOOK,LISTEN,CHECK. They used the Zebra and tiger Crossings outside school and safely crossed the road. Well done everyone!

Year 2 Remote Victorian School Day

As part of our Learning Challenge topic ‘The Victorians’ our remote learners took part in our remote Victorian school day. The children all dressed up as Victorian children at home and took part in Victorian style lessons with their very strict teacher Miss Strictly! The children were brilliant at joining in the Three R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. We then had an object lessons and looked a new piece of fruit an apple! The children spent the afternoon completing Victorian activities such as baking a Victoria Sponge cake and Victorian style drawings. Sadly some children ended up in the punishment book and received two strikes of the virtual cane at the end of the day!!

Year 2 – Victorian School Day ( in school)

Today we had a super day pretending to be Victorians.The children took part in Victorian lessons Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. In the afternoon we did a Drill lesson and then the boys did Technical drawing and the girls did needle craft. All the children enjoyed the day but agreed the teachers were very strict – especially Miss. Bashem. Some poor children were made to wear the Dunces cap and had the cane administered! We are glad we don’t live in the Victorian times  -though a few of us did enjoy the bowl of gruel!!



Autumn 2

Learning Challenge: Geography – Would you like to live on an island?

Our class book this half term is Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted

This half term our Learning Challenge topic is ‘Would you like to live on an island?’ this is a Geography based topic. The children have learnt about human and physical features of an island and at the start of the topic we designed and made our own islands! We then used our senses to write a description of what our Islands look like and what you might see on them.

We also compared where we live to India! We had an exciting visit from Mrs Munton who explained to us what life is like in India and showed us lots of interesting pictures!

As part of our DT learning we practised our sewing skills and made luggage tags using felt.



Autumn 1

Learning Challenge: Science – What makes a superhero?

Our class book this half term is Supertato.

Our Learning Challenge topic for this half term is ‘What makes a Superhero?’ this is a Science based topic. The children will learn about how to keep healthy, different food types, why exercise is important and how to keep clean.

At the start of our topic we had a visit from an unhealthy Superhero called ‘Healthy Hannah’. Hannah spoke to the children about all of the unhealthy things she eats. The children then came up with different ideas for how we can make Hannah Healthy.

As part of our English lessons we have been reading our class book Supertato. The children made their our own Supertato and wrote instructions on how to make it. We will be continuing our theme by making a manual on how to be a Superhero.

As part of our Science learning, the children took part in an experiment to see how different drinks affect our teeth. Our substitute teeth (eggshells) were placed in water, orange juice and cola and we are now awaiting the results.

Year 2 Superhero Day!

To Celebrate the end of our Learning Challenge topic ‘What makes a superhero’ Year 2 transformed into Superheroes for an action packed Superhero day! The children loved designing their own Superhero and made their own 3-D Superhero face. In the afternoon the children were challenged to complete a Superhero obstacle course where they had to balance on beams, throw objects at a target, build their strength on the tyre test and shoot the villains!

Recent News

Summer reading challenge!

The Summer Reading Challenge at Pudsey Library has began, please watch this video to find out more about the challenge. Kate at the library is looking forward to seeing you over the Summer!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPf0dGrYCv4

A message from the author Tom Palmer on World Book Day!

Year 2 Road Safety

Year 2 have really enjoyed learning about how to keep themselves safe. Today they went out and practised using the Zebra Crossing and Tiger Crossings outside school. They were all very sensible and remembered the Read more…

World Book Day fun!

We have had a great day today, all linked to reading! We had a great assembly with a whole school story – We’re Going on a Book Hunt! Mr Barker, Mrs Gunning and Mrs Digby Read more…