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Cooking and Nutrition

At Park Spring we want to teach children the life skills of food preparation and cooking.  

Why? So that children have the skills to look after themselves and their families in the future.  

We also want the children to learn where food comes from and what makes a healthy, balanced meal. 

Why? So children can make healthy choices around food and they can help to make the world a more sustainable place to live in.  


In Nursery, children learn skills such as peeling, as well as developing their independence. They learn to peel fruit, such as bananas and satsumas, and they also learn to put the straws in their milk carton as well as pouring their own water in the dining room.

In Reception, children use the apples and pears grown in the EYFS garden to make a fruit crumble or cake. They also make hedgehog bread rolls when learning about Harvest, Autumn and the story ‘The Little Red Hen’.


Year 1 made Ham and Cheese Wraps


Arrange ingredients

Tear the ham

Fold the wrap and enjoy!


Year 2 made cheese scones




Cheese Scones

Year 3 made Egg Mayonnaise Sandwiches

Peeling a boiled egg

Spreading the mixture

The finished sandwich!

Year 4 made Lemon Meringue Pies

Cutting pastry

Separating an egg

The meringue is ready!

Adding Lemon Curd

Delicious mini pies!

Year 5 made ‘Fasta Pasta’

Cutting – claw method

Frying the ingredients for the sauce

Pasta and sauce combined

And enjoy!

Year 6 made filled potato skins

Cutting – bridge method.
Great team work!


Cutting – claw method

Cutting – bridge method

Snipping herbs


Filling the potato skins

COOKING & NUTRITION Units of Work Final