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Park Spring Primary School

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Park Spring Ambassadors

At Park Spring, we allow children to take part in a range of roles around the school. These roles allow children to have a voice and make changes regarding many aspects of day to day school life.

Our current Park Park Spring Ambassadors role’s are:


Every year, Park Spring hold School Council elections. Lots of children read out their manifestos for the opportunity to be voted into the role of School Council representative.

This year, after a round of voting, it was decided that the school Councillors for each year group will be:

2a Lilia
2b Roman
3a Nicole
3b Liddie
4a Emilie
4b Carter
5a Ella
5b Patrick William
6a Louie
6b Miley

Well done to all the children that read their manifestos out, and to all the children that had a go!

School Councillors Presentation 



The Sports Crew is a group of students who have been chosen to help support sporting activities in the school. They are involved in helping with the break and lunchtime activities including setting up equipment, refereeing games and encouraging students to be involved in sports activities.

Our Sports Crew Ambassadors are:

5b – Summer
5b – Eliza
5b – Isabella
5b – Destiny
5b – Faith
5b – Ethan
6a – Elise

The Sports Crew will also provide feedback on their PE lessons and also give ideas for new clubs and activities to include in PE sessions.


School Food Ambassadors are a team of pupils in school who are there to support the development and implementation of food policies and promote healthy choices in relation to food. They are the pupil voice in relation to food across the school.

Our School Food Ambassadors are:

3A – Heidi

3B – Thea

4A – Isobel

4B – Poppy

5A – Frankie

6A – Aisla

Rethink Food - Food Education

We currently receive some lovely items of food from Rethink food every Tuesday which we display outside after school. Parents are invited to make a donation for these items and the food ambassadors take it in turns to be our stall monitors, encouraging families to take advantage of this amazing enterprise.