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By the time children leave Park Spring Primary, children will be able to use a range of software and hardware effectively, as well as having the skills to be able to access new programmes confidently. They will be able to create an algorithm and use logical reasoning to debug problems. Park Spring children will also be good digital citizens by understanding how to be safe in an online world, and know how to manage risks online.     

 This is delivered through three strands of Computing; 

  • Digital Citizenship 
  • Algorithms and Programming
  • Media Processing 

 Digital citizenship builds on the Digital Literacy and Citizenship scheme provided by South West Grid for Learning, and delivers a combination of E-Safety and online understanding. This strand of Computing is supported by the PSHE curriculum, and feeds into the school’s overarching Personal Development curriculum. 

 Algorithms and programming uses a range of resources, including Barefoot, Scratch, Lego WeDo and Code.org to introduce pupils to computational thinking and logically solving problems. 

 Media Processing provides a progression to children’s learning when using a computer. The Media Processing KPI’s define what level children should be working at for each year group, and includes the use of Office products, as well as digital media such as videos and images. This element of computing is delivered mainly through cross-curricular teaching, but when taught, is a defined Lesson Objective.  

COMPUTING Units of Work Final