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Our Curriculum

Curricular Statement June 2021 The Big Picture (Summary) Curricular Statement July 2021


For finding the time to find out more about what we are ALL ABOUT at PARK SPRING. Since September 2019 we have been busy reviewing, discussing, consulting, redesigning, developing and now delivering what we term in school as our CURRICULUM 2020 (the year we started the redesign)

Why the change?

In 2014 a new National Curriculum was introduced focussed more heavily on developing pupils knoweldge. In 2019 research was carried out (click here) The outcome of this showed that schools were focussed too heavily on CORE SKILLS (Reading, Writing and Mathematics) at the expense of other subjects. This was termed ‘curriculum narrowing’. The challenge set to ALL schools was to ensure that children were to recieve as BROAD A CURRICULUM as possible and that the leaders and the teachers are REALLY, REALLY CLEAR about WHAT THEY ARE TEACHING , HOW and WHY. Schools were required to be clearer about the OUTCOMES of what they are teaching (not just test data) but what the children will be expected to know and remember.


So how does this look at PSPS?

Well, we started by looking up the definition of CURRICULUM before we started. The word ‘curriculum’ began as a LATIN word meaning ‘RACE’ or the ‘COURSE OF A RACE’ (which in turn derives from the verb CURRERE meaning ‘to run / to proceed’). The modern derivation appears below.

We have used this definition to help provide the school development for the last 2 years. Our aim is to PROVIDE THE PARK SPRING PUPILS with THE RIGHT COURSE. It is our desire that ALL PUPILS ACHEIVE HIGHLY, regardless of hteir starting point or background. We aim to deliver the National Curriculum but this is JUST our starting point. We have designed our curriculum to deliver the right course for our UNIQUE young people in our UNIQUE setting. This is driven by our revised SCHOOL AIMS and ETHOS (Thankyou to all the parents, children and families that helped us get the right ideas and words – when we asked you!)

We are so proud of this new focus that you will see it all over the school. In classrooms, corridors and staff rooms. We have built on the school ETHOS of ACHIEVING TOGETHER that has been part of the school for over 10 year and added our INSPIRATION TO BE SUCCESSFUL. Our AIMS for the children is to be HAPPY, CONFIDENT, CARING and RESILIENT. All the elements we feel will give them success in their next phase of learning and into their adult lives.

To compliment this we regualrly review specifc elements that TIME, EVENTS and CONTEXTS affect our children and the community in which we are based. As a result at ANY POINT IN TIME school will have a GOLDEN THREAD. A thread that runs through everything we do each and every day until we feel we have bettered that aspect, at which point we will move onto the next thread.

Following a very challenging couple of years we have IDENTIFIED TEAMWORK and MUTUAL RESPECT as priorities for our pupil development and our focus on getting ALL our learning back on track. You will see our AIMS delivered in each and every day. Teachers, Subject Leaders and all staff are clear about our aims and consequnetly deliver each and every lesson to develop these.

We have redesigned ALL OUR FOUNDATION SUBJECTS (Including Science) so that they create the correct progress for the children as they themselves progress through the school. It is VERY IMPORTANT TO US that all our children DO MORE, KNOW MORE and most importantly REMEMBER MORE. Our curriculum is timetabled and time allocations calculated to enure this.

We have asked our SUBJECT SPECIALIST teachers to design each and every lesson for their respective subjects. In consultation with the teachers that really understand the needs of children in the 3 key stages our SUBJECT LEADERS have created the MOST AMAZING progressions of learning. They consistently deliver the CORRECT LEARNING, using  CONSISTENT PEDAGOGICAL elements.We have ensured the children will experience the BEST OF THE BEST. They will learn about the BEST DEISGNERS, AUTHORS, SCIENTISTS, DESIGNERS, SPORTSPEOPLE amongst others. We have ensured we use our  using our amazing school grounds and our local area much more effectively. This will help our children understand whom they are, where they come from and see there place in the wider world.

Running in parallel to our ACADEMIC studies, we have re-organised our approach to our pupils’ PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Everyone whom has ever visited our school ALWAYS comments on the SPECIAL, WARM, WELCOMING and FRIENDLY feeling that exudes. We are very proud of all that we offer our children, particularly this experiencing difficulties or challenges. We have developed our BEHAVIOUR policy and approach so that we work with pupils and their families sooner and more clearly, both for their benefits and for the benefit of the safety and learning of all pupils. We have a WHOLE SCHOOL REWARD SYSTEM. If you are HAPPY, CONFIDENT, CARING and RESILIENT or deomonstrate MUTUAL RESPECT or TEAMWORK then you will be rewarded through our use of the CLASS DOJO system. Points really do make PRIZES! Below you will see the prize cupboard, where succesful pupils spend their earnings!


We now have a leader of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT that is busy co-ordinating and planning to go BEYOND the expected, in order that pupils have access to the widest, richest set of experiences. That we develop their talentsand interests and that these are provided ina coherently planned way so that that a PARK SPRING PUPILS’ CHARACTER is EXEMPLARY and an inspiration to others.

And finally in this overview of our SCHOOL OFFER. Reading is now considered our KEY SKILL  We have an expectation that by the time our children comlete Y1 they will ALL be able to read at the AGE-RELATED expectation.

They will begin with learning through our NEW SYNTHETIC PHONICS SCHEME, again we EXPECT that ALL CHILDREN will pass the PHONICS SCREENING CHECK in Y1.



Please read further for SUBJECT SPECIFIC detail. Please enjoy a look into seeing what KNOWLEDGE we are busy gaining. (Staff will add to during Spring Term 2 2022)

Foundation Curriculum

Children learn knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of topics in foundation subjects. These subjects have been planned through year group maps (Available on each class page) and long term maps, which are available here:


Art & Design


Cooking and Nutrition

Design and Technology