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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


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Teacher – Miss Thompson

Teaching assistant – Mrs Place & Miss Hirst & Mrs Turner



Teacher – Miss Dinsdale

Teaching assistant – Mrs Kibria , Mrs Croft 


Important dates

Reading bags are given out on Mondays – please read x3 at home. The reward for this is x5 Dojo points per child!! 

Reading bags are collected in on Fridays

PE: Wednesday and Friday – please ensure children come to school in their P.E kits 

Addition Facts: Add 0,1,2 and 10. Doubles and near doubles. Number bonds to 10 and 20. 


Useful links

Reading Eggs



Summer 1


Our science topic this term is PLANTS! The children have been plant detectives and investigated the school grounds for garden plants and wild flowers. The children have used key scientific skills such as observation, classification and investigation. Most recently, we looked at different types of roots and investigated whether roots have legs and feet like us to help anchor the flower in the soil. The children really enjoyed this activity and were able to describe the different roots and explain what were the same and what were different about them…and now we know for sure flowers and plants don’t have legs and feet!!

Design and Technology

To conclude the topic of  ‘The Great Fire of London’ the children planned and designed houses from that Era using a selections of adhesives such as tape, string and glue. The children put their ideas into action and created some fantastic models. Sadly this was for the Great Fire of Parkspring, so they all burnt to the ground. The children didn’t seem to mind to much though! Check out the fire!

Spring 2

Comic Relief 2021

We had such an amazing P.E. session going on an emoji scavenger hunt (I think the staff may have become more competitive than the children!).


Well done and thank you for all the money we raised!


World Book Day 2021

Today we celebrated World Book Day. The children got to choose from a range of book-related activities such as making book marks, designing their own book covers, making finger puppets, going on a book character scavenger hunt and lots of other fun things! Then in the afternoon we read the Gruffalo and made Gruffalo crumble. Yummmm!

World Book – Remote Style 🙂

I had such a lovely time celebrating World Book Day with the Remote learners. We shared our most favourite books and then I got to spend the afternoon reading them online!

We listened to, and completed work, on What the Ladybird Heard. The children created Rhyming dictionaries, bookmarks, maps, egg characters and wrote letters to characters!


This term we have been practising our skills using balls, including rolling, throwing and catching balls. To warm up the children pretended to be squirrels in the woods. They had to go and fetch a nut, but as the game went on the adults got hungry and each time there were less nuts! The children loved this game!


Our topic in Year1 is the Great Fire of London. We’ve already made a start on this as we’ve been learning about our Capital city of London. We’ll be learning about the fire that destroyed a huge amount of London back in 1666 and about a man named Samuel Pepys, who wrote a diary telling us all about it.
Well, Samuel Pepys came to visit and WOW! The children were so excited to ask their own ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘where’, and ‘why’ questions that they had come up with themselves. The children were then able to answer their own questions with the information they had learned.


Our literacy will fit nicely with our topic this half term as we look at our own timelines, and how the children have changed, what it was like to live back in the past, Samuel Pepys and why he was so important to our understanding of historical events and how the Great Fire of London changed Britain and made it what it is today.


In maths this half term the children will be learning place value, within 50 and height and measurement. Children will be looking at the parts that make up the whole number, which they will be very confident at by now, but we’ll be focusing on how many tens and ones make up the number.  We’ll still be practising Fluency lessons each day which allows children to practise the basics, the KIRFS (Key Instant Recall Facts) that children need to know quickly: adding 0,1,2,10, doubles, number bonds to 10 and 20

Spring 1

Remote Learning


In remote learning we have been practising number bonds to 20. Children came up with creative ideas to practically show this on tens frames.


This week we have had to be detectives…Goldilocks broke into Miss Thompson’s house and at all her porridge! Have a look at some of super wanted posters and interview questions we came up with.



Our topic in Science for Spring 1 has been Materials. Children created their own ‘that’s not my shoe’ book where they had to describe the properties of materials.

Lucas Patterson 1A. I love this super writing you have done and the illustrations to go with it. Well done!


Autumn 2

Design and Technology – Pop up cards

This half term the children made Christmas Pop Up cards! They had lots of fun designing their cards in the planning and design stage. The children were amazed when they made their pictures pop!



The children have been learning about the different celebrations people have around the world and looking at different religions and celebrations. So far we have looked at the Harvest festival and Sukkot.

Christmas Celebrations

The children have been very busy leading up to Christmas. They have rehearsed and performed a Christmas dance, made pop up cards, made Christmas calendars and had a Christmas party!!

Autumn 1


In Year 1 we have been learning about the human body! We labelled the body parts.


We have also been learning about the five senses and what their purposes are. To help us understand why we need our senses we have experimented with our sense of smell by doing a smell test and used our sense of sight to spot the missing item. We had lots of fun doing this!


In Art we have been learning what we actually look like. We have been paying special attention to our features and how they can be represented using different mediums in art. So far, we have looked at a range of self-portraits from famous artists and discussed what we like and dislike about the pieces. We have also made out own sculptures out of junk. We made these look like us! Have a look below to see our amazing art pieces…



In maths we have been practising how to group objects for example by colour, size and shape. We have been practising how to form our numbers correctly. In counting we have been looking at how to represent numbers in different forms using objects, numicon and pictures.



Literacy has been linked to our science

topic The Human Body – we have been reading a range of poems about our bodies and identifying and acting out the verbs in the poem e.g. My nose can sniff, sniff, sniff.

We have been trying hard to form our letters correctly and to remember our capital letters and full stops when writing sentences.



Recent News

Summer reading challenge!

The Summer Reading Challenge at Pudsey Library has began, please watch this video to find out more about the challenge. Kate at the library is looking forward to seeing you over the Summer!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPf0dGrYCv4

A message from the author Tom Palmer on World Book Day!

Park Spring wishes Leeds Rhinos good luck!

Leeds Rhinos good luck 6a Leeds rhinos good luck 6B Leeds Rhinos good luck year 1

Favourite 5

Miss Carey and Mrs Smith have sent the Year 1 children some links to their ‘Favourite 5’ stories for this half term with a few activities for the children to complete. Joel and Steven responded Read more…

Year 1 Whizzy Challengers!

So far Whizzy from year 1 has set the children two challenges. Challenge 1 was to create a crazy hair character, focusing on drawing straight lines and scissor skills.  Challenge 2 was to make a Read more…

Year 1 World Book Day

Year 1 visited the big book swap in the hall as a class and enjoyed reading with our friends. The 1a teacher and 1b teacher were chosen in the sorting hat assembly to swap classes Read more…