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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

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Teacher – Mrs Smith

Teaching assistant – Mrs Place & Miss Lawrence



Teacher – Miss Carey

Teaching assistant – Mrs Kibria , Miss Mays,  Mrs Ash & Miss Dinsdale



Important dates

Home Learning: Wednesday

Reading records: Wednesday

PE: Tuesday and Friday – please keep P.E kit in school all week in case of extra sessions

Spelling test: Thursday 

Addition Facts: Add 0,1,2 and 10. Doubles and near doubles


Useful links

Reading Eggs


Home learning during school closure 

Favourite 5

Miss Carey and Mrs Smith have sent the Year 1 children some links to their ‘Favourite 5’ stories for this half term with a few activities for the children to complete. Joel and Steven children responded straight away to share their favourite 5 stories and even completed some of the tasks that we had set. What are your Favourite 5?



The year 1 email has been busy with year 1 children sending in their amazing writing. For example letters for their teacher, book reviews, diary entries, spelling practise using the pyramid method and lists and the children’s own ideas e.g. menus for shops and cafes.



Here are a few photos of the Maths home learning we have had sent in. Last week the children were challenged to find objects in their house and order them smallest to largest and then measure them to check they were correct.

Animal Topic

Some children have been very busy researching ‘Animals’ as this would of been our Summer 1 topic. We have had examples of children drawing and labelling animals, sorting animals by type and writing fact files. Here are some examples of beautifully presented home learning.


Whizzy challenges

At home the year 1 children have been busy crafting by making crazy hair characters and creating library role play areas. Whizzy challenge 3- create a marble run. Whizzy challenge 4- find letters and numbers in the sand. More Whizzy challenges will be set each week so keep checking for emails from the year 1 team.


Lots of the children have taken an interest in Science themes and created their own Science experiments. Ella made a house for ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and then tested to see if it was windproof and waterproof like we did in class. Robin and Nia-Rose have been using lab kits to complete mini experiments. Lucy completed an experiment using water colours and kitchen role. Maddison has been checking and recording the temperature in her garden trying to discover the hottest day of the week.

Rainbow messages for key workers

30 day Lego challenge

Art, crafts, baking and more…

Spring 2

This half term our main topic is ‘The Great Fire of London’. Our focus will be History, recalling facts about the famous event and looking at how it changed the future e.g. houses no longer made of wood and improved fire services. ‘The Great Fire of London’ will link to our Literacy topic as we plan to write recounts of Samuel Pepys diary. The children did a fabulous job of researching ‘The Great Fire of London’ as home learning in the holidays and they shared their research with us during an oracy session.

Spring 1

Our topic this half term will be ‘Fairytales’. We have already kicked off our new topics with a grand fairytale ball. The children came to school dressed as princesses, princes, kings and knights and we danced in the royal hall to Disney music.

We have also had a fairytale special roll up and read event for parents, it was a great chance to share traditional tales with the children. Thank you to all the parents who joined us, roll up and read happens every week on a Friday morning, if you missed out this time, why not join us another week.

During the half term the children will be trying to answer our learning question ‘Is a glass slipper a good idea for a shoe?’. We will be looking at materials and their properties in Science. In Literacy we will be writing character descriptions for a range of good and bad characters e.g the fairy godmother and the ugly step sisters. In Maths we will be learning to add and subtract on a number line and looking at measure – length, height, volume and mass.

Year 1 have had a break in! 

On Monday the children came in to discover the role play area has been trashed and the porridge had been stolen. We have been working with the fairy tale police to find out who might have done it. We have used the Ipads to take photos of all the possible suspects in the class, taken finger prints, written incident reports and created interview questions. Hopefully when the CCTV footage arrives all will be revealed… the year group strongly suspect it to be Goldilocks.

Autumn 2

This half term we will be learning about old and new toys, in hope of answering our learning question ‘What would Christmas be like without batteries?’. We have started off our topic by bringing in our favourite toys from home and then writing a riddle about them. Read our riddles below and guess the toy.

Later in the term we will be completing some Science experiments to find out on which surface would a toy car travel the furthest. Then in Design Technology we will be making our own sock puppets, after looking at our new Literacy book- Kipper’s Toybox, making links to Kipper’s favourite toy sock thing.

Autumn 1

Our topic this half term is ‘Ourselves’. The children will be trying to answer the question ‘Who will win in a race you or your Grandad?’ by looking at our body parts and how we use them. We will look at how our bodies change over time and be looking at interesting objects that belong to different age groups. We will then look at our local area and name physical and human features of our local environment. We will create Pop Art self portraits in the style of Andy Warhol. In Black History month we will be learning facts about the great nursing work Mary Seacole did in the Crimean War and then comparing her to a local nurse Nellie Spindler.

Our class read for this half term is ‘Oi Frog’. The children have loved reading this book altogether as a class as we have 60 copies.  Parents shared this book at ‘Roll up and read’ sessions, these happen every Friday at 8.45 am.  We have then written our own ‘Oi Mrs Smith’ and ‘Oi Miss Carey’ books in Literacy.



Recent News

Favourite 5

Miss Carey and Mrs Smith have sent the Year 1 children some links to their ‘Favourite 5’ stories for this half term with a few activities for the children to complete. Joel and Steven responded Read more…

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Roll up and read Great Fire of London special

Thank you for joining us at the Great Fire of London roll up and read special.

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Today Year 1 were lucky enough to have a visit from the famous Samuel Pepys. Before he arrived, we had thought of some questions that we wanted him to answer about the Great Fire of Read more…

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