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Year 1

     Welcome to Year 1!


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Teacher – Miss Wade

Teaching assistant – Mrs Place and Mrs Turner



Teacher – Mrs Wilson

Teaching assistant – Miss Lawrence and Mrs Croft 


Important dates

Reading bags need to be brought in every Monday morning and will then begiven out on Monday afternoons. Each child will get a reading book to please read x3 at home, as well as a class library book that they can enjoy with a grown up. The reward for this is x5 Dojo points per child!!

PE: Wednesday and Friday – please ensure children come to school in their correct P.E kits.

Addition Facts: Add 0,1,2 and 10. Doubles and near doubles. Number bonds to 10.

Spellings will be sent via text on a Monday. These are to be practised throughout the week and will be tested in class the following Monday.

Useful links

Reading Eggs (Please complete minutes each week to receive 3 dojo points)

Lexia (Please complete minutes each week to receive 3 dojo points)

Numbots https://play.numbots.com/#/intro (Please complete minutes each week to receive 3 dojo points)

     Click the link!


What are we learning about this year?

Year Group 1 V2 Curriculum Maps (LTP and topic themes)1

Class Readers…

Our author of this half term is Sue Hendra! Here are some of her stories…

Supertato and Other Stories Collection 12 Books Set By Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet: Amazon.co.uk: Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet: 9789123977697: Books


Summer 1

Week 5

This week we are on with writing our letters to the zookeepers to find out where the eggs came from. Check out our draft writing…

Week 4

This week this children have had a mysterious delivery of eggs! They are unusual and colourful and we unsure which animal they might belong to. We plan to learn more in Science about animals and their eggs to help build on our knowledge and work out which animal it could belong too. We also plan to write letters to the zookeeper to see if they can answer our many questions.

Week 3

This week we have enjoyed reading stories from our new author Allan Ahlberg!

Week 2

This week the children have been busy creating animal masks in Art. Focusing on using scissors, building layers into their design and painting carefully. Here is a photo of our completed pieces.

Week 1

This week the children have begun a new topic, learning all about animals. In Science they will be learning how to categorise animals by type e.g. bird reptile etc. They will be learning about the features of an animal e.g. wings, tails etc. They will discover what animals eat and whether they are a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. In Design Technology they will be making their own bonkers zoo animal. This week they have begun their animal Art work, comparing two artists Burch and Picasso. They learnt how to draw a cat following step by step instructions and sectioning their pages. They then added detail to make the drawing reflect Burch’s style.

Spring 2

Week 5

Today in Year 1, we’ve had the Great Fire of Park Spring!
This half term, we have been learning all about the Great Fire of London and we know lots of facts such as:
  • The fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane
  • It happened in 1666
  • Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about the fire
  • Samuel Pepys buried his wine and cheese to stop it from getting burnt
As a result of the fire, houses in London were rebuilt further apart and no longer built from wood!
The houses that we burnt were built by us as part of this half term’s Design and Technology learning.
Week 4
Zog and the Flying Doctors
This week we have been to the theatre to watch ‘Zog and the Flying Doctors’ which is a story written by Julia Donaldson who was our author of the half term last half term. It has been lovely to revisit and listen to this story at story time this week and we had a great day out!


Week 3

This week in Year 1 the children have been busy learning about the features of a house and planning how to build their own.  They have drawn and labelled plans and thought carefully about what equipment they will need to make it. They drew their design carefully using a ruler and explained to a partner which type of adhesive they need to attach each part of the house e.g. door and chimney.

Week 2

This week the children enjoyed an outdoor learning day led by ‘Alfresco Learning’. They were challenged to build a wattle wall using sticks, as a team. They then had to use willow to weave through the wall to strengthen it. Next it was time to get mucky and add the daub. The daub was made up of soil, straw and water and was used to fill the holes and make the structure stronger and windproof. Later the children made links to their Science knowledge, looking at materials and sorting them by their properties e.g. waterproof, flexible etc. The next challenge was to create a bakery using only two materials, again Year 1 showed great team work to discuss ideas and build together. Then it was time to test their structures, each child sprayed water at the bakery to check if Thomas Farriner stayed dry who was hiding inside, most teams were successful!

Week 1

This week we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London this week and we made our own timeline of events! The children are able to retell the events in order and have thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to our new topic.

The children have had lots of fun for World Book Day this week! Thank you very much to the parents and grown ups who have worked so hard with their children to create the fantastic potato characters. Year 1 focussed on the Author Saviour Pirotta ready for his visit into school on Friday 4th March. We enjoyed the story ‘Puss In Boots’ and retold this using our knowledge of London.

On Friday 4th March we were lucky enough to have a visit from the fantastic author, Saviour Pirotta. He brought one of his stories to read to us and we had so much fun! We have loved reading his stories at home time each day and he is now one of our favourite authors. Here are some of the books that we have been enjoying…

The Unicorn Prince : Pirotta, Saviour, Ray, Jane: Amazon.co.uk: BooksPuss in Boots : Saviour Pirotta (author), : 9781786036605 : Blackwell'sSamira's Wish: 4 (Buzzy Reads) : Saviour Pirotta: Amazon.co.uk: BooksThe Friendly Pirates: A Bloomsbury Young Reader - Saviour Pirotta &...

Spring 1

Week 7

This week we finished our instructions for ‘How to Catch a Criminal’. We have worked so hard on these instructions and are very proud of the final product. In art we have continued to look at and appraise art from 1666 and have been learning to make lighter and darker shades by mixing paint. We also used our cutting and tearing skills to make a fire background out of tissue paper. Once we had created our beautiful flame background, we added Tudor style houses of top! Year 1 have had an excellent Spring 1 half term.

Week 6

This week we have been learning all about number and place value to 50 in maths! We have practiced counting forwards and backwards, finding one more and one less and comparing numbers. We have started looking at the Great Fire of London in Art this week and have been experimenting with mixing primary and secondary colours to match art. We have also done some line drawings of a piece of art created in 1666.

Week 5

This week we have been building on our knowledge of the United Kingdom to learn about each of the 4 countries. We researched each one and identified both physical and human landmarks. We then used our knowledge to create a fact file for each one.

Week 4

In literacy this week we have been learning how to write instructions. The Fairyland Police think we did such a fantastic job of finding the Ugly Sisters, that they have asked us to create a set of instructions for How to Catch a Criminal, to help their trainee officers. We have learnt all about time connectives and imperative verbs and have practiced using these in sentences.

Week 3

Oh no! We seem to have had a break in over the weekend and someone has stolen Cinderella’s dress! Year 1 have spent this week being detectives to try and find out who it could have been. We have taken photographs of the evidence, collected finger prints and mug shots of everyone in our class to rule us out. We even caught the suspects on CCTV so we had to watch and analyse this for clues. We then made evidence boards and wanted to posters to help the police find the suspects. After all of our hard work, we have come to the conclusion that the dress thieves were…THE UGLY SISTERS!

This week we have also been learning about the United Kingdom in Geography. We have learnt the four countries that make up the UK, their capital cities and their flags.

Week 2

This week we got stuck into our new story ‘Cinderella’ in literacy. We explored the characters in the story and have been building up to write our own character description using adjectives and conjunctions next week. In maths we have been learning to add numbers to 20 using number lines and tens frames. In music this week we have been appraising different styles of music such as blues, baroque and latin. We have learnt a song and have had a go at performing this in the different genres and then comparing them and in RE we have been learning about different religions and their special symbols.

Week 1

Year 1 have settled back into school extremely well after the Christmas break. We began with a SPaG focus in literacy this week, recapping our sentence writing and learning about conjunctions, adjectives, nouns and verbs. This will help us in our writing throughout this term.

We have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into our new topics already this week. We were learning about what it means ‘To Belong’ in RE and made repeated patterns in Music after listening to and appraising the song ‘How Blue Can You Get?’. For our Mind Mate lesson this week, we had to work together as a team to cross a bridge without falling into the river! This required lots of good communication and team work and we all impressed our teachers.

Knowledge Organisers- Spring 1





Autumn 2

Week 7

We have loved getting into the Christmas spirit this week! We made pop up Christmas cards, 2022 calendars and had the best Christmas party! Some of us even won a book by our author of the half term!

Week 6

What a fantastic week year 1 have had! We went on our trip to Kirkstall Abbey House Museum and learnt all about old and new toys and the differences and similarities of the materials that they were made out of. We had so much fun and did Park Spring proud.

This week we also had our delicious Christmas dinner! We got our crackers and Christmas hats on and enjoyed the yummy treat all together listening to Christmas songs.

Week 5

This week we have been doing some super science experiments to test different materials and find out if they are waterproof!

We made our own Talk For Writing story maps to help us write our own version of Kippers Toy Box next week and have been learning to use time connectives in our writing.

In RE this half term we have been learning all about how different religions care for each other. We have read and discussed lots of different famous stories such as The Good Samaritan and the Prophet of the Ants and the Crying Camel and used these  to help our understanding.

This week we have also been getting ready for our Christmas production, working hard to learn our songs!

Week 4

Year 1 have had another super week at school! We LOVED our wacky hair day! Everyone looked amazing and we raised lots of money for our sponsored children.

In maths this week we have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt to name and recognise the shapes, sort the shapes and make patterns with them as well as lots of problem solving and reasoning. In maths fluency we have been continuing our mastery in number and this week’s focus was to find missing numbers to 10. We used practical manipulatives to make a staircase using towers of blocks in order. We than had to hide one of the towers from our partner and they had to work out which number was missing using their fantastic number skills.


In literacy we have bee learning to sequence and retell the story ‘Kippers Toy Box’. We learnt some Talk For Writing actions so that we can begin to write the story ourselves.

We started our new science topic ‘Materials’ this week and we began by looking at 3 every day materials we can find around school and our home. We then played a sorting game where we explored different objects and decided if they were metal, wood or plastic and used scientific vocabulary to describe them.

In Geography we used our knowledge about our local area to make our own maps using a simple key! Miss Wade and Miss Dinsdale are so proud of how brilliant they look and how hard we have all worked.

We enjoyed our music lesson where we learnt the words to our new song ‘Hey You!’. We practiced keeping a steady pulse and adapting our voices to sing and rap.

Week 3

We have had such a lovely week in year 1. We left the school grounds and went on a walk around our local area to identify the geography around us. The children had a great time and made us so proud with how they represented our school. We have been learning how to read and draw maps in geography so next week we will be taking the things we saw on our walk, and making our own maps of our local area.

This half term we have been working so hard on mastering number in maths and the children have loved using our school’s new rekenreks to help deepen our understanding.

We had so much fun celebrating Children in Need this week. We all dressed in yellow or in CIN clothing and spent the day learning about why this charity was so important and how we could help!

Week 2

This week in year 1 we have been writing toy riddles in literacy. We all picked our favourite toy/object around the room and used our exciting and interesting adjectives to come up with a secretive riddle… Can you guess what we are?

In Maths this week we got our new KS1 books so we have been working extremely hard with our presentation and number formation! We have been learning how to subtract using different mathematic methods.

Our Geography topic this half term is ‘Our Local Area’ so we have been using google earth to explore where we live! We learnt out address and made our own address book for our topic display. We also learnt about physical and human geography and next week we will be walking around our local area to see if we can spot the human and physical geography around us.

Week 1

Year 1 made a fantastic start to our Autumn 2 term!

In maths we have been learning our number bonds to 10 this week. We have been using lots of different manipulatives to see how many different ways we can make 10.


In literacy this week we have started our new class reader; Kipper’s Toy Box! The children brought in their favourite toy from home and we explored how to describe these using our most exciting and interesting adjectives. We are all very excited to write our own toy riddles next week.

The children in year 1 had a very important job this week as they needed to elect a member of year 2 to represent them on the school council. We got the chance to listen to 4 candidates manifestos before voting for our favourite! We had the experience of walking to the polling station to cast our votes. How exciting!

We were very lucky this week and had some visitors from the council in to teach us how to safely ride our scooters around our local area. We learnt how to ride and break correctly, how to cross the road correctly, and how to stay aware and alert of our surroundings while riding. We had so much fun and learnt lots!

Autumn 1 

This half term we have been learning all about Ourselves! We have been practising our self portraits using different media. We made 3D sculpture models, pencil portraits and paint portraits using all different types of brushes. We pratised colour mixing and learnt what the three primary colours are and how if we mix these together, we can make the secondary colours. For our final piece, we made a beautiful multi media background and then used all we had learnt to draw our self portrait over the top.

In Literacy we have written some beautiful Autumn poems all about our senses during this season. We are now currently learning how to write a set of instructions! Last week we looked at instructions for how to make a slice of buttered toast and to make sure the instructions were correct…we made and ate some toast in out classroom. Yum!



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