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EYFS Leader– Mrs Houghton


Teacher– Mrs Fotherby

Teaching assistants – Mrs Barry, Miss Whitehead, Miss Turner and Mrs Taylor


Teacher– Miss Horner

Teaching assistants – Miss Waller, Miss Spencer, Miss Turner and Mrs Taylor

Important dates

Reading records: Please ensure these are signed when you hear your child read (at least 2 times a week). They should be sent to school on a Monday to be checked and sent out.

PE: Thursday is our PE day. Please send your child to school dressed in their correct PE kit.

PE kit is;

· Round necked white plain t-shirt

· Plain black or navy shorts

· Plain black or navy tracksuit (tracksuit bottoms and jumper)

· Plain black trainers and socks.

Home Learning:  There is an expectation that children in Reception;

  • Read at least twice a week (see above)
  • Complete 20 minutes on Reading Eggs
  • Complete 20 minutes on Numbots.
  • Phonic Home learning will be set on a Monday and will need to be completed by the following Monday. This will be a phonics activity and spelling lists to practise orally with an adult (we suggest 2 x 10 minutes per week).

We would suggest that the 20 minutes is completed in 2 x 10 minute sessions to make it manageable for Reading Eggs, Numbots and Phonic Home Learning.

Tapestry: This is the platform that we use for recording your child’s development through the Early Years. Please check this regularly to see what your child has been doing at school. If you do any additional learning or activities at home then we would love to see them!

Useful links

Reading Eggs

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Phonics Play

Numberblocks – BBC

Dough Disco



Summer 1 2022

Author of the half term – Martin Waddell

Books we are reading this half term

Week 3

We continued to look in more detail at the story of the Three Little Pigs this week. We did some writing, telling the story with a sentence for the beginning, middle and end. The big bad wolf came into the school looking for the pigs and his clumsy tail made a terrible mess in the home corner! We wrote police reports telling the police all about the clues of fur and footprints. The wolf has promised to clear up the mess this weekend.

It has been lovely to spend lots more time outside this week again and some of the children designed a house and a car for the Three Little Pigs. They gathered the resources needed and set off drawing a plan. They were then ready to build! They selected the appropriate shapes for each part of the build, then retold the story of The Three Little Pigs. There were some brilliant Wolf voices with great expression!

We also had some fun with water this week. We did colour mixing in the water tray in the classroom with different coloured water. We used jelly bath outside to play and practise writing words. It was another fun-filled week!

Week 2

This week we have been looking at the story of the Three Little Pigs. We read different versions of the story and retold the story using actions. As a class, we then talked about why two of the little pigs had their houses blown down and what materials should or shouldn’t be used to build houses. We looked at the different properties of straw, wood and bricks. This is what some of the children said;

Week 1

Reception have had a lovely week learning all about Spring. We have been around the school grounds looking at the flowers and plants that have started to grow and found bluebells, tulips, daffodils, forget-me-nots, primroses, and lots of blossom! We also helped Mr Hammerton to sow some grass seed on our new path. We are looking forward to seeing how quickly it will grow!


Spring 2 2022

Author of the half term – Jill Murphy

Books we are reading this half term

Week 5

In Reception this week we have been looking forward to Spring and have been doing some Easter activities. We were very excited that the Easter Bunny came to visit us at school and left us some chocolate eggs for the Easter nests that we made yesterday. We really enjoyed seeing how the chocolate for our nests melted and we are hoping that the eggs won’t melt before we get home (we have talked about it and we think they won’t because they have a hard shell). Thank you Easter Bunny!

Week 4

It has been lovely to use our outdoor area – especially in the sunshine with our new grass!


Week 3

We are so pleased to be able to have parents in school again now that restrictions have eased. This Thursday was our second ‘Roll up and Read’ session and was even more well-attended than last week! What a fantastic way to encourage a love of reading!

Week 2

We have continued to look at the story of The Gingerbread Man in our learning this week; making different expressions for the Gingerbread Man’s face, drawing maps on a hunt for the Gingerbread Man, baking our own gingerbread men, as well as reading and retelling the story together.

Week 1

What a busy half term break some of our children (and staff) had! It has been lovely to hear all about what you have been doing and even better to see some of the learning that has been done at home for our Potato Book Character competition for World Book Day! Well done to Joseph M and Jacob L for their winning entries!

Pancake Day was on Tuesday and we made special Gingerbread Man pancakes to eat for our snack- there was no running from these Gingerbread Men!

On World Book Day (Thursday) we did lots of learning based around books as well as lots of reading! We brought our favourite books in with a cuddly toy that we could share the stories with.


Spring 1 2022

Author of the half term – Julia Donaldson

Books we are reading this half term 

Week 7

Wow! What a busy half term we have had! Despite the inclement weather, we all managed to go for a walk around our local area. We looked at the key features including, shops, the park, bus stops, waste bins and even monkey puzzle trees. When we got back to school, we drew maps of where we had been and what we had seen.

This was part of our learning about the environment. We talked about how we can look after our environment in different ways and had activities in the classroom based on this learning, including sorting rubbish into recycling or waste. These are some of our ideas about how to keep our environment clean;

We all need to think about how we can look after our environment around us.

Week 6

This week has been Friendship week and we have been thinking about what we do to be good friends to each other. We have made friendship trees with handprints for leaves. Each of them are an example of how someone has been a good friend!

Our number of the week has been 8 and we have also been doing activities using this number, including making spiders!

Week 5

The Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year) was celebrated on Tuesday so we have done lots of activities to celebrate in Reception. We have set up a Chinese restaurant in the classroom, tasted some Chinese food, made a Chinese dragon, made fans and lanterns in the creative area and even had dragon-based games in PE!

Week 4

Reception have had a visitor
This week we have had a special visitor in Reception- Miss Whitehead’s hamster called Muffin! The children
have really enjoyed holding and stroking him and we have learned all about what hamsters need to be happy
and healthy – food, water and a house, just like us!

Week 3

This week’s book of the week has been The Naughty Bus. The bus in the book goes on an adventure around the house and in the garden and we have been using this as an inspiration for lots of our learning;

Grace drew ‘The Naughty Bus’. She said it had “Seven windows and the people was going to the beach.” She continued, “There are two drivers to help go to the beach.”

Noah used the play telephone to phone the police to report the “Naughty bus”.
He said “The naughty bus has been running over people’s toes and knocking people’s breakfast off the table.”
He said “They are arrested now.”

Week 2

This week Reception have been thinking about ‘Now and Then’ by looking at different toys. We have a Toy Museum in the classroom with old toys in it and we did a timeline of toys from the past, then when we were babies to toys that we are playing with now. The best part of the topic was when we got to bring our own toys in and shared them with the class by telling them all about them!

Week 1 

This week we are looking at ‘Now and Then’, comparing toys from the past to toys that we play with now. We have read ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ and looked at all the old toys that are in the museum.

On Tuesday we talked about what toys we had at home. Lots of us had new toys that had become our favourites! Later in the week we looked at some pictures of different toys and talked about whether we play with them now or played with them when we were younger;

(A toy octopus) “We played with it in the past, like a baby. It’s soft so it would be good for a baby.” (Willow)

“I play with Captain America now. It could break if a baby used it. Babies put things in their mouth so it could choke. It is a hard toy.” (Alfie M)


Autumn 2 2021

Author of the half term – Eileen Browne

Books we are reading this half term 

Handa's Surprise: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books    Handa's Noisy Night: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books  Handa's Hen: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Week 7

This week was all about Christmas! We had our performances for our grown ups outside around the Christmas tree where we all dressed up and sang songs… together. Being together was the theme of our performances with Nursery.

We watched a pantomime in the school hall. It was Aladdin and there were lots of songs and we learned that we needed to shout “Booooo!” and “He’s behind you!”.

We were also really excited about our Christmas party where we played games like pass the parcel, did lots of dancing, ate lots of food and even had a special visitor… Santa!

Week 6

We started this week with a fantastic trip to see ‘Dear Santa’ at King’s Hall in Ilkley. We were very excited to go on a coach and go to a real theatre!

We were feeling very Christmassy and this continued as we made Christmas cards for our families and calendars for the new year. On Thursday it was time for our Christmas lunch with crackers and Christmas music and on Friday we wore our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save the Children.


Week 5

Luna Loves Library Day: Joseph Coelho: Amazon.co.uk: Coelho, Joseph, Lumbers, Fiona: 9781783445486: Books

Luna Loves Library Day! 

This week we have been learning all about libraries! We read the book Luna Loves Library Day and discussed what it is like at the library and how they work. We visited Leeds Central Library. The children chose a variety of books to read and we shared a story together. We even got to speak to a real librarian! The children roleplayed being a Librarian at school in our role play area.



Week 4

It is Nursery Rhyme Week and it has been another fun-filled busy week in Reception! We really enjoyed our PE lesson singing different nursery rhymes and doing actions. We know lots of different versions of Row, row, row your boat with crocodiles, lions and polar bears all involved!
We have also had fun in the classroom with Gelli bath and in the outdoor area learning about Road Safety – as you can see from our photos!

Week 3

This week in Reception we have been very busy! On Monday we had a visit from our local police officers who asked us for help to find Goldilocks. We made Wanted posters and wrote police reports. We even saw Goldilocks skipping past the window! On Friday a detective came to let us know that, because of our help, the police had found Goldilocks!In the middle of our busy week we had a visit from some real owls which reminded us of our learning about owls when we looked at the book ‘Owl Babies’. We even got to hold the owls!We also took part in Odd Sock Day to raise awareness of Anti-Bullying week and came to school in yellow to raise money for Children in Need.What a busy week!

Week 2

This week in Reception we were looking at Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks was very naughty so we wrote police reports about what she had done (stealing porridge and breaking chairs) in our police station.

It was Remembrance Day on Thursday and we held a minute’s silence to remember all the people that have helped us in the past, especially soldiers, and who help us now. We talked about why we wear poppies and made our own poppies.

Week 1

What a busy first week back! We talked about what we had done in half term and whether we had celebrated Halloween. We looked at the book ‘Room on the Broom’. On Friday, it was Bonfire Night. We had sparklers in our outside area. We kept ourselves safe by wearing gloves, holding the sparkler away from our body and putting the end in a carrot. It was great fun!

Autumn 1 2021

Week 6

This week a lot of our activities were about the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. We talked about what the animals said when the little red hen asked “Will you help me?”. They all said “Not I.” but wanted to eat the bread when it was baked! We did some writing based on this in speech bubbles.

We were also lucky enough to bake our own bread rolls in the shape of hedgehogs with Mrs Houghton. She showed us how to roll, pinch and snip the dough and use sultanas for the eyes! We were very proud of our hedgehogs and they tasted delicious!

Week 5

We talked about our emotions this week and looked at the book ‘The Color Monster’. The book is all about a monster that changes colours with its emotions. We are all a bit like the colour monster! The children really enjoyed talking about what makes them happy, sad, angry and scared;

“Playing outside with my mummy and daddy makes me happy. I have a playground at my house and I love playing there. I’m happy playing on my trampoline as well.” EW

“When my mum tells me off it makes me sad.” LE

“People not being nice to me.” (makes me angry). MB

“A roaring monster makes me scared.” HH

Week 1 and 2

We have settled in to Reception really well- learning all our new routines and exploring our indoor and outdoor areas. We have been using stories to help us; Suzie Goes to School and Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School.





Summer 2

We made it! It has been a long half-term but we have had so much fun with our learning! We had an exciting start to the term with a trip to Hesketh Farm where we made milk to feed the calves, collected the hens’ eggs, brushed and stroked the guinea pigs, held chicks, went on Farmer Chris’s tractor to see the sheep and cows, had a picnic outside and played on the playground. It was a very busy day and we had so much fun! Farmer Chris commented on how well-behaved our children were. We were so proud of them.

The trip led us on to delving into a topic all about animals. The children carried out their own research into their favourite animal and shared facts with their friends. We shared the story Dear Zoo and even received a box of animals from there (including clues left!). The children were given the task of writing a thank you letter to the zoo.

Ahoy me matey! The children dived into a topic all about pirates and sea creatures. We enjoyed the book Pirates Wear Underpants and Shark in the Park. The children even made up their own silly rhymes. Heidi said, “The lamb in the pram!” We have drawn maps, built pirate ships, made pirate hats and telescopes, made information book about sharks and even taken on the role of a pirate in our very own pirate ship!

We have finally learnt all the numbers to 20, practised counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and created patterns. The children have been recapping all the phonics sounds they know so they are feeling confident with phonics ready for Year One.

We had an amazing sports day! They joined in with an obstacle race, class challenge to pass the ball and we finished off with races on the field on our specially marked out track! The children were very encouraging towards each other, cheering and clapping for their friends. They made us very proud!


Summer 1

We have loved starting a new term all being back in school learning and playing together! We delved straight into The Three Little Pigs traditional tale. We retold the story using puppets, discussed what scares us (as the wolf scared the pigs!) and built the pigs’ houses using different materials. The children used their phonic skills to rewrite the story of the Three Little Pigs – with some children even writing in full sentences!

Then, a crime was committed at Park Spring! Our outdoor building bricks were stolen! We investigated the crime scene and found clues – the big bad wolf’s fur and a paw print! The children became Police Officers and wrote incident reports. We discussed why the wolf would steal our bricks in our oracy lesson and made WANTED posters to try and track down the wolf.

Many of the children have learnt all the phase 3 phonemes! We are now practising reading and writing sentences with the phase 3 sounds in.

In Maths, we have moved beyond the number 10 and have explored numbers 11, 12 and teen numbers! The children have completed addition and subtraction stories, as well as discovering how to halve shapes and share amounts.

Spring 2

We had a surprise visit from a very special someone… the EASTER BUNNY! She delivered special Easter treats.

The children learnt and performed Spring Chicken to share with our families (and those in school that could hear us from their windows!). They were brilliant at learning the signs to go alongside the words in the song.

The children had lots of practise retelling stories using key vocabulary and actions and became very familiar with different types of characters and settings. They then became authors themselves! The children used props to create their own stories and told them using vocabulary learnt. They then had a go at writing their story. We enjoyed sharing them with one another. Well done Reception!

The children learnt about 2D and 3D shapes by exploring them and talking about their properties. Myah described the cube as being “smooth with square faces.” The children were challenged to build a tower as tall as possible using 3D shapes and use reasoning to explain why they chose particular shapes. When asked why Logan chose to place a pyramid at the top of his tower he said, “It’s like a roof. You can’t put anything on top, it just slides.” We have also learnt to partition numbers 8,9 and 10


Our first 2 weeks have been focused on our dinosaur topic. We were all Remote learning for Week 1 and enjoyed reading different dinosaur books, using dinosaurs to help us count and writing about dinosaurs.

Here is some of our amazing Home Learning about dinosaurs;
4th March is World Book Day! 
We celebrated in class and at home. We started the day by reading ‘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet’, then we watched a special live broadcast by the people that organise World Book Day and saw the author, Tom Fletcher, perform a song as well as trying to draw a cow and a ladybird like Lydia Monk, the illustrator. We also read stories together and at the end of the day we all joined together to show some of our learning that we had done in between all the stories! Here is some of our fantastic learning;

Spring 1

It was a strange start to the half-term as it was back to remote learning for some of our children. Mrs Fotherby has kept these children very busy with 3 live lessons every day and a wonderful story time, just like at school! We are very proud of our resilient, hard working children.

The half-term began with ‘Friendship Week’. The children enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish and thought about what made a good friend – trying extra hard to be one. They took part in lots of team games and really showed compassion and kindness all week.

We loved reading The Naughty Bus! We had great fun finding out what adventures the bus went on and even created our own scenes for our very own ‘naughty bus’. The children used these scenes to inspire their writing.


The Naughty Bus sent us on a little journey around our local area.  We studied Bramley and Pudsey on Google maps, spotting our local shop, train station, park and even some of our homes. We discussed the features of our local environment and compared it to Tong Village. The topic led us on to thinking about how to look after our environment. Bella told us, “The more trees you chop down, the less air we have!” Oscar suggested, “Put your rubbish in the bin”.

The last story we studied this half-term was Little Red Riding Hood. We read lots of different versions of the story, including one from the wolf’s perspective! We are experts at retelling the story of LRRH and even made our own puppets to do so. The children made a fantastic effort at retelling the story in their own words, trying very hard to write in sentences.



We have learnt all about the number 6, 7, and 8. We know what is one more/less then each number and how to partition each. The children have been brushing up on their subitising skills (where they recognise an amount without counting it). We are also great at reciting double facts to 5!

The children have moved on to learning even harder sounds in phonics (j, x, z, zz, ch, sh, oo). We have practised reading and writing words – and even sentences – with these sounds in!

We can’t forget to mention our special friends – the hens! The children have kindly been taking it in turns each week to feed, water and clean up the hen’s poo! We have even made some yummy scrambled eggs using their eggs.

We are looking forward to another jam-packed term!


Autumn 2 term (November to December) 2020

An awesome Autumn 2 for Reception!

Wow, what a busy half-term! A BIG well done to Reception for settling back into school so brilliantly.

We have learnt lots of new sounds to help us read (21 to be exact!) and we are now beginning to read words, and even sentences, with these sounds in.

We are masters at numbers to five and can say how each number is made up. We can also say what one more than a given number is.

Each week our children have enjoyed reading and engaging in exciting activities based around a book. Our children have experienced a falconry visit. We met four different types of owls and asked lots of questions to the handlers. This follows on from our Owl Babies story we studied.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt was another great book we brought to life! Our children enjoyed a bear hunt in our very own Park Spring Primary grounds. They did a brilliant job at using their vocabulary to tell the story out loud, while we walked through ‘swishy swashy grass’ and the ‘oozy mud’, into a ‘big, dark forest’ to find a… BEAR CAVE! The children couldn’t wait to using their writing skills to try retell the story.

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one!

We celebrated Bonfire Night with all our children enjoying their own sparkler, raised money for Children in Need and commemorated Remembrance Day.

As the season began to change we entered into a winter theme. Our children created fantastic polar bear paintings! They had to mix different shades of blue using water colours.

We are very proud of Reception this half-term, and we can’t wait for another fun-filled one!


Autumn 1 term (September to October) 2020 – Black History Week

Reception celebrated Black History Week! They listened carefully to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and then engaged in a discussion about the differences between Handa and themselves, such as appearance and where she lives.

The children got creative, making African masks using a variety of resources. They then had great fun exploring movements and singing along to the ‘Mango Tree’ song. They looked at instruments, thinking how we might play them – ‘scrape’, ‘tap’, ‘shake’. The children then played along to the beat of the song.

We also studied the Nigerian photographer Seydou Keita, who took photos (in the 1930’s) of children and adults with objects that were special to them. Some children sent a picture of themselves holding an object that is important to them and explained why.

Autumn 1 term (September to October) 2020

This half term it is really important that the children adapt to the new routines and make new friends. Lots of our learning is around these areas. Our topics for this half term are ‘Owl Babies’ and ‘The Little Red Hen’.

When looking at the story ‘Owl Babies’, the children will learn about feelings and how to cope with them, as well as information about owls. The children will have the opportunity to work in groups, looking at the new group sets of books, retelling the story and understanding the basic story structure.

‘The Little Red Hen’ links to harvest time. The children will retell the story using actions, which helps them to develop their understanding of the story and their vocabulary development. The children will also learn some harvest songs. This will lead to more Autumn work. During Black History week we will be learning about influential black role models.

Maths in Reception helps children to develop a deeper understanding of number through the ‘Number of the Week’. We will initially spend 2 weeks covering each number, in order. This will involve counting, saying numbers, reading and ordering numbers, simple addition and subtraction, one more and one less and some shape, space and measures. Phonics introduces children to the sounds that letters make and we will be identifying sounds in words, blending the sounds to read simple words and segmenting the sounds to spell simple words. We will also learn some tricky words (words that cannot be sounded out yet). The more practise the children have at reading simple words, the more fluent their reading will become. We will also introduce how to write each letter (grapheme) in pre-cursive handwriting.


For new parents, here is a virtual tour to help your child with joining Reception at Park Spring.



Recent News

A big thank you to Reception for collecting Toys for some Afghan Refugees. They also recently wrote letters to the children which was so special. What a loving caring family Park Spring is.  

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An awesome Autumn 2 for Reception!

Wow, what a busy half-term! A BIG well done to Reception for settling back into school so brilliantly. We have learnt lots of new sounds to help us read (21 to be exact!) and we Read more…