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Welcome to Reception!

To get in touch with the Reception team, please email :


EYFS Leader– Miss Brearey


Teachers– Miss Brearey and Mrs Fotherby

Teaching assistants – Mrs Barry, Miss Whitehead, Mrs Adams


Teacher– Miss Horner

Teaching assistants – Mrs Jones (Nursery Officer), Miss Spencer, Miss Parker

Important information

Reading records: Please ensure these are signed when you hear your child read (at least 3 times a week). They should be sent to school on a Monday to be checked and sent out.

PE: Thursday is our PE day. Please send your child to school dressed in their correct PE kit.

PE kit is;

· Round necked white plain t-shirt

· Plain black or navy shorts

· Plain black or navy tracksuit (tracksuit bottoms and jumper)

· Plain black trainers and black or white socks.

Home Learning:  There is an expectation that children in Reception;

  • Read at least three times a week using their allocated reading book. Also, please share together the reading for pleasure book. Please remember to record all reading in the reading record.
  • Spellings – up to 10 spellings each week, linked to the phonics being taught, to be practised orally. The children can write them in their book if they wish. Please write in the book to say they have been completed.

Children can also complete the following:

  • 2 x 10 minutes on Reading Eggs
  • 2 x 10 minutes on Numbots
  • ‘1 minute maths’ activities on a free app (created by White Rose Maths)

If your child completes 20 minutes of Reading Eggs or Numbots then they will receive extra Class Dojos!

Tapestry: This is the platform that we use for recording your child’s development through the Early Years. Please check this regularly to see what your child has been doing at school. If you do any additional learning or activities at home then we would love to see them!

Useful links

Reading Eggs


   Click the LINK

Phonics Play

Numberblocks – BBC

Dough Disco

2023 – 2024

Spring 2 2024

Author of the half term – Jill Murphy

Books we are reading this half term

Week 1


Spring 1 2024

Author of the half term – Julia Donaldson

Books we are reading this half term

Week 5

This week we had an amazing trip to Temple Newsam. It was a bit snowy outside but we stayed warm in the house and took part in two workshops, one all about Kings and Queens and one about Nursery Rhymes. For the Nursery rhymes, we made Hot Cross Buns in the kitchen, looked at the grandfather clock with lots of mice for Hickory Dickory Dock and Polly Put the Kettle on the open fire! For Kings and Queens we learned that Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I both owned Temple Newsam House. We made our own crowns and paraded, waving regally at the crowd (the grown ups)!

Week 1

As a school, we are starting to look at the Zones of Regulation so that we can explain how we are feeling and find ways to help us when we are struggling. This week in Reception we took part in a whole school assembly on Monday and in class we started by looking at the Green Zone. This is the zone that we want to be in most of the time but it is important to remember that all zones are ok!

Autumn 2 2023

Author of the half term – Eileen Browne

Books we are reading this half term

Handa's Surprise: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books    Handa's Noisy Night: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books  Handa's Hen: 1 : Browne, Eileen, Browne, Eileen: Amazon.co.uk: Books

Week 7

What a busy week! Christmas time is one of the best times to be in school and we have been doing exciting things all week! The highlight would have to be the Christmas Performance- Busy, Busy Bethlehem. All the children learned 9 songs and sang them all beautifully. All the children went on stage to perform, wearing their costumes, and everyone who watched it was very impressed.

We also had Christmas dinner together, a Christmas party and a special visitor came to give us each a present! It really was a wonderful week.


Autumn 1 2023

Author of the half term – David McKee

Books we are reading this half term

Week 5

This week we have been looking at the story of The Little Red Hen. The moral of the story is that hard work, working as a team and resilience will get you rewards. We are resilient and great at working as a team in Reception!

Week 4

We are looking at our emotions this week with the help of the Colour Monster. We could make faces to show our different emotions. We talked about the emotions that the Owl Babies had in the story last week, especially when they were worried. We are going to look at what worries us for World Mental Health Day in Week 6.

How many emotions can you name? Are there colours that you think of when you talk about this emotion?

Week 3

Our class reader this half term is Owl Babies. The owls in the story have to wait for their mum to come back from hunting. Some of us have missed our mummies like Bill (the smallest owl) but we have kept so busy that we haven’t had time to worry about it!

Week 2

This week we have been looking at books about starting school as we have been in school full time all this week- learning and having fun! All the children have settled in really well and are getting to know our rules and routines.


Week 1

The children have settled into their mornings in Reception so well- we are very proud of them all already! They have had lots of fun, painting, making music, playing with Lego… and learning as we play ALL the time!

2022 – 2023

Summer 2 2023

Author of the half term – Jez Alborough

Books we are reading this half term

Week 2

Dave from D-side came to talk to Reception on Monday. He had his friends Chloe, Jake, Megan and Max with him to talk to us about different feelings. We even played feelings bingo and won! Dave also talked to us about healthy and unhealthy foods and how to keep safe with medicines. We all answered his questions really well and used our listening ears for the whole time Dave was with us.

Week 1

We had an amazing day at Hesketh Farm on Tuesday! We did so many different activities; making up milk and feeding the calves, collecting eggs, holding baby chicks, holding, stroking and brushing guinea pigs, feeding donkeys and goats, going on a tractor trailer ride, going on a paddock walk to see more animals and playing on the farm themed equipment. It was a busy day but we all had such fun!

Summer 1 2023

Author of the half term – Martin Waddell

Books we are reading this half term

Week 6

For the last 2 weeks we have been looking closely at the book Farmer Duck. At Stay and Play on Thursday this week we retold the story to our adults and then showed them the story using masks, puppets and small world resources. We are looking forward to our trip to Hesketh Farm after the half term break!

Week 5

Another busy week in Reception!

In Commando Joe’s the children worked in teams to build an identical boat to the one Mrs Barry had built. They had to choose the correct size and shape brick, putting them in the correct place.

As part of our farm topic we talked about where we thought vegetables came from. We then used some to make veggie faces before eating them.

Week 4

This week Spring has really sprung in our outdoor area and it is covered in blossom! The children enjoyed pretending the blossom was snow and loved throwing it up in the air.

Week 3

It was a shorter week this week but we still managed to cram lots of fun and learning in!

The highlight of the week were the Coronation celebrations on Friday. We had lots of entries into the crown competition and some gorgeous looking cakes for the competition and cake sale at lunchtime. It was lovely to see all the families coming in to join us with our Coronation picnic and, although the weather was a bit against us, we all managed to eat together.

Week 2

We have been doing some fantastic maths this week, looking at numbers beyond 10 and building patterns. We love watching Numberblocks and the episode called ‘Tween Scenes’ has really helped our learning.


Week 1

What a busy first week back after the Easter break we have had and it was lovely to enjoy some sunshine! We had a great time completing our Commando Joe mission this week. The children enjoyed pretending to be Incy Wincy Spider with 8 legs, navigating the ‘spout’ obstacle course. They used teamwork and resilience to complete the course while tied to their friends’ leg.

Spring 2 2023

Author of the half term – Jill Murphy

Books we are reading this half term

Week 2

We have had a really busy week this week!

On Wednesday Commando Tracey came to visit us and introduce the Commando Joe’s learning programme. We are going to use it to learn about RESPECT;








We had a great time ‘crossing the swamp’ and collecting the ‘eggs’ on our mission with Commando Tracey!

On Thursday we  had a fabulous trip to Temple Newsam House as part of our learning about Kings and Queens.

Spring 1 2023

Author of the half term – Julia Donaldson

Books we are reading this half term

Week 5

This week in Reception we have been looking at our environment and how to look after it. We have been sorting recycling, litter picking and have been on a walk around our local area spotting lots of features. We saw bus stops, a park, a church, a post office, a post box, lampposts, telegraph poles, flats, lots of houses and even 2 monkey puzzle trees!

Week 3

The children have really enjoyed having bus trips on our pretend bus. They made tickets and pretended to pay each other.                                                                         

Week 1

This week we are looking at ‘Now and Then’, comparing toys from the past to toys that we play with now. We have read ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ and looked at all the old toys that are in the museum.

On Tuesday we talked about what toys we had at home. Lots of us had new toys that had become our favourites! Later in the week we looked at some pictures of different toys and talked about whether we play with them now or played with them when we were younger.

We did some great writing about our favourite toys independently on the writing area;

(desk, make-up table, Polly Pocket, colouring book, bean bag).

Autumn 2 2022

Author of the half term – Eileen Browne

Books we are reading this half term


Autumn 1 2022

Author of the half term – David McKee

Books we are reading this half term


Week 3

This week we have started our Phonics, Maths and Fluency learning. Our number of the week is 1 and we have enjoyed learning about the number so that we can really understand what 1 is. This is called Mastery.

We have also learned the sounds s,a,t, and p in Phonics. Some of the children have used these sounds in their continuous provision (what we call ‘Activities and Choosing’). We are really impressed with the children’s learning so far!

We have also had our first ‘Roll up and Read’ of the year, where our parents and carers get a chance every Thursday morning to come into the classroom and share a book with the children. It was lovely to see so many grown ups sharing their love of reading!


Week 2

This week we have been in school for full days all week! We are all tired but the staff are very impressed with how well the children have settled into Reception.

This week we have been learning all the new routines that we follow and getting to know each other. As we are getting to know each other, we have been talking about how we feel and what makes us feel different emotions. To help us with this, we have read ‘The Colour Monster’. It is a great book that tells the story of a monster who gets all his emotions muddled up and has to untangle them. The children have been using their oracy skills to describe how they feel so this has really helped us with our language. Different children suggested different feelings;                      IW “Happiness”, PG “Mad. Crazy mad”, KB “Sad”, EW “Angry”, CS “Good”.

We are looking forward to doing more learning next week and are feeling “Really excited!”

Week 1

What a fabulous first week we have all had! We have spent our time getting to know each other and exploring the classroom and outside area. Most importantly, we have had lots of fun!




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