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Wow! It has been a busy first half term – here are some of the highlights in reading. We are having a Park Spring ‘Year of Reading’ to link with the Leeds Year of Reading.


Sorting Hat Assembly

Every other week we now have a sorting hat assembly, where our very own sorting hat helps guide children to choose a teacher to read a special story to a different class. Who will the hat choose next?

New books

We have ordered over 350 books to go into classes, from Owl Babies to Letters from the Lighthouse, every class now has a set of class readers to use in story time and much more!

The class readers have been used to inspire acting, writing and reading. It has been lovely to see whole classes reading along at the end of the day during story time.

Year 6 have been in contact with the author of their book and year 2 have written texts inspired by their class reader.


Everybody Reads In Class (ERIC)

Each class now has a weekly 20 minute session where everyone enjoys reading or sharing their favourite books with their friends. As part of our drive to support a life-long love of reading we feel it is important to give time to this important session.

Book drop

Mrs Smith has been really busy organising the Park Spring Book Drop.

It has been lovely to hear about all of the children who have found our books!


Home Reading Competition

In the Key Stage 2 celebration assemblies we have been holding a home reading challenge! Class 6B are the current champions with a current top achievement of getting 70% of the class reading 5 times a week! It has been lovely to talk to the year 6 children about the books they are reading. Well done 6B!

Quotes from children about reading

Year 6

I talk to Jacob in year 5 about Mr Stink as we are both reading it at the moment.  Lola

Imogen has finished A Monster Calls and is now reading Letters from the Lighthouse.

Yarik is reading Treasure Island and is reading his way through the year 6 reading canon.

Gabriella reads all the time and is reading the Warrior Cats books at the moment.

Maisie and Jessica are reading Wonder from the School Library Service.

Year 5

Several year 5 children are reading Chris Riddell books and David Walliams books from the School Library service.

Harvey is a very keen reader and really enjoyed reading the Pirate Diary books, while Zoe and Lil enjoyed the Ottaline and Goth Girl books.

The year 5 children enjoyed listening to Once Upon a Wild Wood with Mrs Digby – they loved discussing the play on words and spotting the different fairy tales.

Year 4

The children are loving reading the Iron Man.

Year 3

The children brought in their favourite books to share for their ERIC sessions.

Year 2

The children have been visited by the Evil Pea and there were peas everywhere!

Year 1

The children enjoyed writing Oi Mrs Smith and Oi Miss Carey books inspired by Oi Frog!

Nursery and Reception

The children have been excited to choose the teacher to read to them and to enjoy their new books, along with Roll up and read sessions happening in Early Years and Year 1.


Reading for the website


More to look forward to!

Christmas book fair with Scholastic.

More new books for each year group.

Sorting hat assemblies.

Book celebration events.

Events and badges for regular home readers.

Reading ambassadors to be chosen!


What a busy half term! Lots of reading and fun to come! Watch this space.