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Teacher– Miss Benson

Teaching assistant – Miss Poppleton



Teacher– Mrs McWhinnie

Teaching assistant– Miss Wood

Teaching assistant – Miss Brook (mornings)



Important dates

Home Learning:  Wednesday

Reading records: These should be brought in every day so we can read with your child. We ask if children can read 20 minutes 5 times a week. This is due on a Wednesday.

PE: Thursday (New for Spring 1)

Spelling test: Thursday/Friday

Multiplication tables: 6,7,8,9,11 and 12 multiplication tables

IMPORTANT DATES: Robin Wood (Dobroyd) 2th-4th December!

IMPORTANT DATES: Dobroyd meeting: Thursday 24th October 3:30pm and 6:00pm

IMPORTANT DATES: SATs meeting: Thursday 21st November 3:30pm and 6:00pm


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Reading Eggs



Spring 2 (February – March)

Topic- History

Our new topic this half term is biomes and we will be learning about Ernest Shackleton. The children completed some beautiful home learning. Today we had a visitor called John whose great uncle was Leonard Hussey and he was a member of the crew on Shackleton’s expedition. The children were fascinated by everything that John had to tell us.




In Literacy the children were acting out Shackleton getting stuck in the ice. They had to think who would solve the problem and what they would do.

As part of oracy the children thought about what qualities, attributes and experiences they would bring to Shackleton’s journey. We worked on thinking about these qualities for ourselves in silence for 2 minutes and then discussed them in groups.  This promoted some lovely positive discussions.


In Maths, we have been learning about area. Mrs McWhinnie planned a lovely lesson using breakfast cereals and practically creating certain shapes with a specific area. We loved it!

Spring 1 (January-February)

Reward trip

The children who earnt their reward for this half term had the privileged of going ice skating.

We also visited the Leeds library, got a library card and took out some books! A nice man took us on a lovely tour of the library and we found out lots of interesting information about its history.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Leeds art gallery, where the children got to look at paintings, write down the artists that they enjoyed looking at and even got to sketch some in their sketch books.

Topic: History

This term our topic is The Mayan’s. We had our hook day on Thursday 18th January where we learnt about Mayan hieroglyphics, Mayan masks and Mayan temples. We loved designing our own Mayan temples, as well as writing our name and creating secret messages using the hieroglyphics. We also designed our own temples and tried to create intricate designs replicate the ones seen at Chicha Itza.


We took part in an archaeological dig where we found sticks, stones and a shell. At first we didn’t know what they were for! By the end of the lesson we found out they were part of the Maya number system! We created our own number using the sticks and stones and tested our partners. We are looking forward to seeing how this was used in the Maya calendar next week.

Science: Light

This term out topic is light and our learning question is ‘Why are the eyes so special’?  On Friday, we showed how light travels from an object to create in the image in our eye and we started to design a program to present to younger children to explain how this works. We will be performing these later this week.


Literacy: Persuasive letter

This term we have decided to write a persuasive letter to Mrs Horan.

We will also be completing a small piece of writing about being trapped in something.


Maths : decimals

We loved Maths yesterday as it was very practical. We really enjoyed understanding the value of decimal numbers using the place value tokens.


Autumn 2 term (October-December)

Topic: History (Stone Age)

On Friday, Year 6 had a visit from Emily who works at the Discovery Center in Leeds. We looked at and discussed Stone Age artefacts; the children loved holding them. We excavated some artefacts from a sand tray using paintbrushes. Then finally we looked at a skeleton and the artefacts around it to decide whether this person was rich or poor and what occupation they might have had.

Science: Evolution


Literacy: newspaper reports

On Tuesday, Year 6 reported the news of a Stone Age artefact found under the North Sea in preparation for them writing their own newspaper report.

We were really lucky today to have a visit from Amanda Harper, BBC Look North Leeds News reader. She came to talk about how to report the news, and how to write an effective news article. She was very interactive and the children loved her! The children even got to hold a camera and a microphone. We’d like to thank her for taking the time to come and teach us.

Autumn 1 term (September- October)

Topic History

To engage children in our WW2 topic, we had a really exciting WW2 day! We put the children through their paces in boot camp, created some beautiful Blitz art work and tested their survival skills in shelter building.


On Wednesday, year 6 learned about what is inside our blood. We made our own version of blood and had some messy fun!


We’ve been reading Letters From the Light House so in English we are going to write diary entries from the perspective of characters in the story during the Blitz. To start us off, we asked the children to do some drama based around an extract of the text and then we created our own pieces of music to go with this.

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