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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


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Teacher– Miss Benson and Miss Wood

Teaching assistant – Mrs Eden (Monday- Thursday)



Teacher– Mrs McWhinnie

Teaching assistant– Mrs Eden (Monday- Thursday)


Important dates

Home Learning:  If you would like to do some home learning please email your class teacher or ask for their Bedrock, Mathletics or Time table Rockstars passwords.

Reading records:We expect children to be reading at home three times each week.

Your child will bring a levelled reading book home every Monday ​and this should be returned to school on Friday so that it can be put into quarantine over the weekend.

The reading record will be checked by your child’s class teacher to ensure your child is reading three times a week at home.

Unfortunately if your child’s book is not returned on a Friday we will not accept it until the following Friday.

Your child will be provided with a plastic book bag to transport their book in.

PE: Monday- Children can come in their PE kit on this day.

Spelling test: Friday

Multiplication tables: All times tables but especially the trickier ones – 6,7,8,9,11 and 12 multiplication tables


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Spring 1

First aid

The children in school have been learning about first aid including CPR and the recovery position. The children who were remote learning created 999 posters and here is Ashtons!


Remote learning

The children on remote learning have been created algorithms for creating things. Olivia wrote an algorithm for creating a bow, Luca created a paper helicopter and Taylor wrote one for how to make a paper hat!


Snow day

During the snow day, we asked the children in year 6 if they wanted to build a snowman and asked them to send pictures of this. Here are a few!


Reading for pleasure- The Viewer

This term we have started reading our new class book: The Viewer. Please ask your child about it!



This afternoon we have enjoyed learning about algorithms and have played different card games with conditionals on how each person was awarded points. The children loved it!


Star readers for Autumn 1 and 2.

A huge well done to these 15 children in 6B for reading 3 times a week almost every single week this year so far! Keep it up and enjoy your very own book to take home with you. You’re amazing!

Autumn 2

It has been an exciting and busy second half term in year 6. The children have worked really hard and achieved some incredible goals in their learning! We’re really proud of them and impressed with their efforts.


In topic we have been learning about North America. We learned about the states of America (have a look at their amazing pictures below!) and about New York City as well as famous landmarks and buildings.



In science we have been learning about evolution. The children have learned about the characteristics of plants and animals, and how they have adapted to living in specific environments. They’ve also explored the science behind inheritance by investigating what a variety of Mr Men character’s offspring would look like and what traits they might inherit!

Reverse advent calendar

A big thank you to all the children that have donated in the reverse calendar but 6a would like to say a REALLY big thank you to Julie who brought in all the food seen in the picture! I am sure this will be greatly appreciated by St George’s Crypt.

6B have contributed so generously that our box is overflowing. Thank you to everyone who something in!

Christmas Party

We have had a blast for our Christmas party. I think the pictures tell the story better than we could!


Winter art

We started our winter art projects. We will be finishing them this week after we have completed our trees. You will see the display on the windows soon!


Autumn 1

Wacky hair day!


WW2 poems- The children have wrote some beautiful WW2 poems this term. Here are a few examples.


Topic- History- WW2

To engage our Year 6 children in our WW2 topic, we had a really exciting WW2 day! We put the children through their paces in boot camp and created some beautiful Blitz art work.


In their first topic lesson the children have been learning about WW2 and the events that led up to it after WW1. Here are their timelines of events that they created in pairs.

On Tuesday 6th October 6a and 6b had a virtual meeting with Judith Rhodes. She tells the story of her mum who was evacuated at 15 years old. The children were interested in what she had to say and ask so many questions. It was a little strange Judith not coming in, but the children made the best of it. Please ask them about it!

Art- WW2 artists

We have been learning about the war artists Eric Kennington, Henry Moore and Victor Lundy. We learnt about the artists first and discussed what we liked about their pictures. We then created an information page in our sketch book, where we wrote about which picture we liked and why, how they made us feel, research some information about the artist and had a go at replicating their drawings.

The children did some lovely learning about the home front and what it was like in Leeds during WW2.


Science- Circulatory System

Yesterday, the children began to learn about their Science topic and what a journey through the body looks like. They looked at the heart, blood vessels and blood.

They created their own circulatory system on a tshirt after Miss Wood model how it worked. She used a tennis ball soaked in paint to show how the heart pumps blood around your body and balloons to show how your lungs work when you breathe. Some of the children’s circulatory system diagrams are below.

On 7th October the children got to make a model of the heart from plasticine. They were really excited about this and have produced a variety of different models of the heart. Next week we will be using our models to label parts of the heart.

Year 6 learned all about blood yesterday afternoon and what is in it as they made their own bag of blood! First in went the plasma (orange juice), then red blood cells (jelly bits) then white blood cells (marshmallows) and finally platelets (cheerios).

They have learned about what job each of these components do and why they are so important, as you can see from their amazing information texts! Well done year 6, great scientific learning this week!

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Park Spring wishes Leeds Rhinos good luck!

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Year 6 making blood

Year 6 learned all about blood yesterday afternoon and what is in it as they made their own bag of blood! First in went the plasma (orange juice), then red blood cells (jelly bits) then Read more…

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