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World Book Day fun!

We have had a great day today, all linked to reading! We had a great assembly with a whole school story – We’re Going on a Book Hunt! Mr Barker, Mrs Gunning and Mrs Digby were sorted into Hogwarts Houses by the sorting hat, we had a whole school sorting hat teacher swap. We also had lots of discussions about books, created magnificent art inspired by our class readers and filled in feathers to create a whole school display (watch this space) of why we love reading and why reading is important… phew!


Year 6 loved their focus on The Viewer – a fantastic book that really gripped their imagination – they couldn’t wait to read on !


It has been lovely to see so many children swap books, before school, during the day, during lunch time, after school… so great that the children are so keen to read and discover new books. I have had some lovely conversations with parents, staff and children about how we are all inspiring each other to read more and why it’s so important!

It was great to see lots of children swapping books and reading at lunch time!

Lola in year 6 has helped her friend to get a library card and swapped a book to read to her cousin today, it’s lovely to see Macauley reading a book he loves that he got from the library. Harvey in year 5 has inspired others to read different books and is going to be a reading ambassador. George in year 3 has swapped lots of books with Mrs Horan and has inspired lots of children in his class to read. Mr Shaw in year 4 has inspired his class to read and swap books on a regular basis.  The children in year 2 were really excited to create beautiful flower pictures based on the secret garden.

Year 5 fused art and poetry – inspired by their poetry class reader.

They created some great front covers inspired by their other class reader – The Explorer. They are going to use these to go on the front of their Explorer inspired writing.

In nursery today it was a real pleasure to read to them, they spoke in full sentences, listened carefully and we had a really interesting conversation about how you grow when you are asleep and we all agreed that the pigeon really needed to go to bed – NOT stay up late!

In year 6 the children created some great art inspired by The Viewer.

In year 4 they created Iron Man pictures – using the book and my pictures inspired by the book…

Year 3 created some fantastic pictures inspired by Kensuke’s Kingdom.


Year 2 created some great pictures inspired by the Secret Garden.

A fantastic day! Thank you for your support – letting your children bring books to swap and listening to your children read at home!

Emma Digby