Welcome to
Park Spring Primary School

‘Achieving Together ● Inspired To Be Successful’



Through appraisal, composition and performing, children will be inspired to achieve by being creative and confident.  

By the time children leave Park Spring Primary, they will be able to: 

  • Appraise music and show respect for different styles of music from different cultures. 
  • Learn an instrument through perseverance and resilience. 
  • Compose their own music through team work and individual creativity. 
  • Perform music confidently. 

 Through appraisal of various styles of music, children will find an appreciation of music from many different cultures, developing a mutual respect of traditions across the world. They will learn which elements make up a good piece of music by using the interrelated dimensions of music vocabulary. 

Children will learn to improvise with instruments in order to compose their own pieces of music. These will be recorded in graphic scores, and using basic notation in years 5 and 6.

At the end of a unit of work, children will develop the confidence needed to perform; as individuals and in groups.

This will be enhanced by several performances throughout the year, securing a school community ethos.  


MUSIC Units of Work




Year Group Musical Language the children will recap/learn:
1 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch
2 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo
3 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre
4 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre, Structure
5 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre, Structure, Texture, Notation
6 Pulse, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre, Structure, Texture, Notation