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Friends of Park Spring (FOPS)


(Friends of Park  Spring Primary School)

Friends of Park Spring is a diverse group of carers and parents. What connects us is our mission to support our amazing school; the relationship between our fantastic children, super staff, parents and carers. We do this by raising money, supporting class needs, running events for the children and connecting the school with the local community.

Our fundraising helps provide each class with that little extra; equipment, specialist furniture and resources, school outings and special treats. Our main aim this year is raising money for a minibus.

FOPS is a helpful, friendly face around school and hope to bring a little extra to the whole school ethos.

Over the past few years we have raised money to buy: cameras for each class, Y6 leavers t-shirts, replaced indoor play equipment, subsidised curriculum events, funded the EYFS scooters and even organised a pantomime!

We are always looking for willing volunteers to join the committee or help out at events e.g. Summer Fair, School Discos & Cake sales and appreciate any help you can give.

If you would like to know more please contact Mr Barker (Deputy Head), a FOPS member or email us at fops@parkspringprimary.co.uk

Our current FOPS members are:

~Mrs J Cullen~

” I’m Jennifer, mum to Charlie in Y2 and Harry in Reception. I work in the public sector and I am presently Chair of FOPS”

~Mrs Leanne Ingham~

“I’m Leanne, my daughter started Reception last year and my son is starting this year. I work part time in a solicitors office and I am the newly appointed secretary of FOPS”

~Mrs R Yates~

“I’m Rachel Yates, mum to two boys: Adam in Y1 and Jacob who’s 2. I am the treasurer for FOPS, a PSP governor and I work as an accountant (I’m a bit of a maths nerd!). In the little free time I get, I enjoy watching soaps, reading and wine tasting!”

~Mrs K Hammerton~

“I’m Kim, I have Oscar in Y2, Daisy in Reception and Eva who is in Nursery. I love the opportunities to volunteer in school and have made some great friendships along the way”

~Mrs L McNulty~

“I’m Laura, mum to two boys; Owen in Y2 and Tom who’s in Nursery. I work part time and I’m also a PSP school governor. I’ve made lots of new friends by joining FOPS. It really makes you feel like you’re part of the school community.”

~Mrs Kirsty Cushing~

“I’m Kirsty, mum of Joe in Reception and Rhys who’s 2. I work part time as a personal assistant/financial administrator. I love helping out with FOPS: seeing the kids excitable faces at events and it’s a lovely bunch of people to work with.”

~Miss K Fowler~

“I’m Kelly, Mum to Jayden Y5, Ashton Y4 and Katie who’s 1. I’m a Teaching Assistant at Park Spring”

~Mrs Kate Turner~

“I’m Kate, Mum to Lawson in Reception and Izzy (a former Park Springer). I’m a full time Mum and enjoy helping out around school whenever I can.”

~Ms M Herron~

“I’m Michelle, I have 3 girls – Willow Y2, Hazel Y1 and Rosie who’s 2. I’m a stay at home mum and volunteer as a breastfeeding peer supporter. I am also admin of the FOPS Facebook page”

~Ms L Holdsworth~

“I’m Lindsey, a mum of 4 – Melissa Y4 and Dylan Y3. I also have Callum in high school an Hollie who’s 2. I’m a full time carer and also the previous FOPS treasurer”

~Ms K Stansfield~

“I’m Kate, mum of two girls – Grace in Y1 and Maya who’s 2. I work from home as a translator. I’m really glad we chose Park Spring, everyone is so welcoming and I look forward to meeting more parents, staff and children!”

~Ms L Glastonbury~

“I’m Lianne, mum to Miley who’s in Reception. I am also presently a Teaching Assistant at Park Spring.”

~Ms Z Smith~

I’m Zoe, mum to two Park Springers; Beatrix in Y6 and Matilda Y4. I’m an artist, designer and a volunteer. Being involved in school activities is very important to me and I’ve really enjoyed meeting such a motivated, talented bunch of people”.

~Ms K Vango~

“I’m Kirsty. I work part time in conveyancing and have 3 daughters: Gabrielle Y10 (a former Park Springer), Grace Y4 and Niamh who’s in Nursery.”


~Lisa Best~

~Michaela Peace~

~Amy Greenhall~