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Mr B’s Week


Week 5(w/b 16th May)

Well done Y6 – BOTH the staff and the children. Never an easy week – but the attitude and commitment of everyone was an absolute pleasure to see. It made me very proud of our school and the people that make it sucha a special place. I hear Miss Roberts baked an excellent celebratory cake!

I missed the cake and cookies as I was with Miss Bachus and Mr Shaw in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales doing our preparation and risk assessments for the Y5 Geography residential at YHA Grinton Lodge in Swalwdale, North Yorkshire. Y5 … it is going to be amazing!

Week 4 (w/b 9th May)

Well this we we see the start of SATs. For Y2 and Y6 the children set exams for the children to assess their standardds of learning in Reading and Mathematics (Y2) and Reading, Mathematics and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (Y6). The children and the teachers have worked ever so hard to help the children prepare the best they can and make up for all the lost learning time we have had over the last 2 years. Good luck everyone!

Welcome Back: (w/b 18th April)

Well that was a busy end to the Spring Term! We had a visit from OfSTED as it had been 5 years since our last inspection in March 2017. How time flies when you are having fun, learning lots!

We will be able to share the official report in the next week or so, please look out for this on all our usual communication channels.

A big step forward came this week with the end of the requirement from the Government and local authority to have a COVID risk assessment plan. We are continuing to keep everyone safe with our increased and improved cleaning schedules, hand sanitisation and ‘catch it , kill it, bin it’!

The flow chart for action to take if your child has a respiratory illness is found below:

Look out also for more details of the planned QUEENS@S PLATINUM JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS now confirmed for Monday July 6th (first day back after half term).

Week 6: (w/b 04.04.22)

Well as you know we had some very important visitors from OfSTED this week. We are not able to share the official outcome as we have yet to recieve the final written report. We should be able to share this with you soon after the Easter holidays. What I can tell you is the the inspector thought our school was a ‘wonderfully warm and welcoming environment’ and that the ‘children were a credit to us all’! The children were really good all week and spoke very confidently about their learning and our school, he was really impressed by their honesty and friendly natures!

So we are really looking forrward to a rest but are sad at the same time as it is time to say good bye to Mrs Winstanley (Y2) and Miss Moore. BOth are moving on to new challenges and we thanks them for everything they have done for us and wish them ALL the luck in the world for their futures!


Today we are wearing hats for ‘Brain Tumour Awareness Month’ – a cause dear to our hearts as we have a member of staff that is fighting this at present. WE are wearing our hats to help us understand this NAtionally important event and by donating £1 we have raised some money to give to the charity as well.

And finally – I see that the EASTER BUNNY visited the EYFS children this morning … Have a great holiday everyone. Can’t wait to see what exciting thisgs we have got planned for Summer term!

Week 5: (w/b 28.03.22)

Wow – now that was a QUICK half term! You know what they say … TIME FLIES WHEN YOU ARE …a)Having fun b)Learning lots c)Having fun AND learning lots.

First job is to include this amazing picture of Miss Carey who wanted me to include it as she had worked so hard on her outfit last week!We are still counting the proceeds!

This week has seen some amazing developments in PUPIL VOICE and our PUPIL PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Miss Haigh and Mrs Wilson have been leading the ‘Planet Patrol Club’. In conjunction with the SCHOOL COUNCIL and Mr Hammerton our site manager – we now are turning GREEN. We are now recyling our waste paper, card and plastic. This is a fantastic initiaitive that helps the children understand how and why we need to look after our planet. I just love our new recycling points that are around our school!


We have also LISTENED TO OUR PUPILS VOICE and recognise that they want to come to a school that they are proud of and feel safe in. Very important to them was the amount of litter that we seem to have on our school grounds. So this week saw the start to our ‘Litter picking squad’. Here they are in action – just have a look at how much they have collected. I hope you agree – school is looking amazing this week!

I also hope you enjoyed the Flowers ALL families were sent courtesy of the FOPS (Friends of PArk Spring). We hope they made you smile and feel valued. They are a sure sign that Spring is here too!

Week 4: (w/b 21.03.22)

Our CARING sides were out in force and on full display on Friday when we joined in RED NOSE COMIC RELIEF DAY 2022.

Here you can see my friends from Y6 looking FABULOUS and AWESOME in RED. They, like hundreds of children across our school donated £1 each to AVOID the BLUE of our school uniform for the day … hmmm RED as a school colour – what do you think!?!?

If you want to make a DONATION to the RED NOSE CHARITY, click HERE

We strive to ACHIEVE TOGETHER and this is SEB from Y6. He LOVES MATHS SO much that in the run up to the Y6 Assessments (SATs) he is doing EXTRA HOMELEARNING to get the BEST SCORE he possibly can. H comes to show me his learning EVERY TUESDAY and FRIDAY morning. Seb I love doing maths with you – you make me THINK!! Keep going you are going to be BRILLIANT!


Week 3: (w/b 14.03.22)

Now last week REALLY was a great week to be a part of PSPS! It was SOOOOOOOO lovely to welcome family memebers back into the school building and be involved with the childrens’ learning. The READING TEAM continue their amazing work and ROLL UP and READ returned. An amazing turn out in all the classes that I saw. Thankyou families for coming and supporting and for the teachers for organsising and opening our doors once more. It was very special to see – this contact has been very much missed.

Fantastic series of assemblies that our new LEADER OF PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT designed for class teachers to deliver. Pupil voice had suggested we had a number of children that were aware of events in Ukraine, and so in a very appropriate way Mr Hansen put together some information and explanation about the current situation. A big piece of advice that we passed on to the children was to talk to a trusted adult at home or at school if they were ever worried about anything. Thanks Mr Hansen.

And finally a BIG WEEK for Y6. Well done to all for giving their final MOCK SATS a really good go. Lots of RESILIENCE and CONFIDENCE being demonstrated by our oldest pupils – which makes us all very PROUD.

If you want more information about Y6 or Y2 SATs please go to the SATs page on this webpage in INFORMATION.

Spring Term 2: Week 2 (w/b 07.03.22)

I am hoping this week is just as good as last weeks. Just LOOK at ALL THIS KNOWLEDGE being gained by our children!

Cooking in Y6 and Y1 (the potatoes were amazing – thanks to Lucas for giving me some of his!). The bread smelt amazing Y1, and to say I was super impressed by the READERS in YR is an understatment. Miss Horner was doing a great job delivering our new phonics learning. Oh and before you think I had gone off maths, Mrs Barrett was helping her group CATCH UP with some amazing NUMBER work and KNOWELDGE!

Spring Term 2: Week 1 (w/b 31.02.22)

Now you all know I love mathematics but recently I have been getting into my READING! My friends in Upper Key Stage 2 have been telling me all about their authors of the half-term. Y5’s is currently Louis Sachar. I borrowed a copy of HOLES to read over my half term holiday. WHAT A BOOK. This is the BEST STORY I have ever read! What a clever ending! I would suggest you give it a read – it is great for ages 10 to adult – just concentrate at the start of the book as the links to the ending are all there.


Not to be outdone Y5 have suggested I have a go with their author of the half term Phillip Reeve. They have kindly lent me a copy of PUGS OF THE FROZEN NORTH. As soo as I have finished my work I am going to settle down with a cup of tea and get stuck into it!

Well done to MISS CAREY this week. What a great idea to celebrate WORLD BOOK DAY and very accesible for all our children. Rather than dress up, we decorated a POTATO, turning it into a character from our favourite book.

I just loved MR TICKLE. I remember being a child in YEAR 1 when I was at school – and this is the first story book I EVER REMEMBER! Well done to everyone whom took part and congratulations to all our winners who get to choose a book to keep. Looking at the order Miss Carey was putting in I think David Walliams is going to be even richer!

Week 7 (w/b 14.02.22)

Appologies for the lack of news last week, but I was one of the 40% of staff that have been off over the last 7 weeks through COVID and associated isolation. Thankyou for your understanding and thankyou to every member of staff that has covered, taken on extra duties and come back to work well before you felt really well enough to do so!

Thank you to Mr King who has done an incredible job getting our ctach-up programme of 1:1 Maths Tuition support up and running. Over the last 5 weeks he has delivered our children 108 sessions of tutoring free of charge. He sets EVERY lesson individually, assessing each childs performance in their sessions and setting the next lessons targets as a result. We do have a couple of spare spaces, so if you wish your child to attend please do get in contact with myself or Mr King.

We are HALF-WAY through the year! I know how did that happen? We have lots to look forward to next half term. Mr Hansen has taken over a newly created role and will move from leading our Religious Education to leading all of our PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT curriculum. This is the part of our curriculum that extends beyond the academic. The aims we have is for:-

  • developing responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults
  • developing and deepening pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance
  • promoting equality of opportunity so that all pupils can thrive together, understanding that difference is a positive, not a negative, and that individual characteristics make people unique
  • promoting an inclusive environment that meets the needs of all pupils, irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation
  • developing pupils’ character, which we define as a set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that informs their motivation and guides their conduct so that they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others. This gives pupils the qualities they need to flourish in our society
  • developing pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy
  • enabling pupils to recognise online and offline risks to their well-being – for example, risks from criminal and sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, substance misuse, gang activity, radicalisation and extremism – and making them aware of the support available to them
  • enabling pupils to recognise the dangers of inappropriate use of mobile technology and social media
  • developing pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving ample opportunities for pupils to be active during the school day and through extra-curricular activities
  • developing pupils’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate relationships and sex education
  • supporting readiness for the next phase of education, training or employment so that pupils are equipped to make the transition successfully

Good luck Mr Hansen – I know you are going to be great in this role and look forward to seeing you have your own page on the website to.

To you all – have a wonderful holiday. Rest, get well, stay well and see you on Monday 28th February for the start of another amazing 5 weeks of learning fun!

Week 5 (w/b 31.01.22)

Wow lots to report on this week. Mrs Martin (Nursery teacher for Wednesday to Friday) is our Charity lead this year. She is doing an amazing job. She started the year by consulting with the children and their families with a view to ‘nominating’ our charities for the year. We now have an INTERNATIONAL CHARITY – ‘Love the one’ (Sponsoring 4 Indian children to attend school). We have a NATIONAL CHARITY ‘Public access for defibrillators’ and our LOCAL charity where we will support our neighbours at Swinnow Community Centre.

The BIG new from last week is that we are on our way to getting a defribulator places in our main school entrance – just outside the gates so that any one in the community that needs access has it! Mrs Martin will let us know more very soon – but we are all very excited to be part of such an important project #PSPScaring

Well done to all the children that have been attending out of school 1:1 tuition through our THIRD SPACE tuition programme funded by government grants. We had over 100 pupils recieve an hours tuition last week. The early lessons stat at 8:00 on a MOnday morning with the last session fonihing at 3:45 on a Friday. Thanks to all staff, families and of course children involved. If you would like to enquire if your child could join us please contact me via the school office.

And finally looking forward to Week 6 which is Internet Safety week. Here you can see the selection of lessons that your childrens class will be choosing from. Fun ways to engage them in how to use the INTERNET safely. Be sure to ask them what they have learnt this week!

Week 4(w/b 24.01.22)

Maths news this week!



 Click this link to find out MORE
For parents of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 parents. Have you seen his app?
  • It is FREE
  • It works BRILLIANTLY on a phone or tablet
  • It supports the learning your children are currently experiencing in their daily ‘MASTERING NUMBER SESSIONS’
Games take a minute – the app is very simple and intuitive. All the children that we have trialled it with – absolutely love it.
We suggest:
  • You download the APP from your preferred APP STORE
  • Support your child’s access to the app. Daily and for 5 minutes each day would be perfect!
Any questions or help needed please contact your child’s class teacher or Mr Barker our Maths leader.

Week 3 (w/b 17.01.22)

I was very excited this week to extend our 1:1 maths tutoring. Currently we use a company called ‘Third Space’ for  providing extra maths to children to help them ‘catch up’ on the learning they lost becuase of the COVID pandemic. Up to Christmas we had 32 places allocated to our Y5 and Y6 pupils. By utilising Government funding in the form of catch-up premiums and grants we have now offered 1 x 1 hour maths sessions to 72 MORE pupils across KS2 for the remainder of the schhol year. If you would like to enquire about this for your child please conact me via the school office. Click here to fin out more. THIRD SPACE LEARNING

Really looking forward to seeing Y6 back in the building on Monday after  days of remote learning. Y6 it has been quiet without you!

Week 2 (w/b 10.01.22)

A really tough decision this week to move Y6 to remote learning. We so desperately are doing everything we can to keep everyone healthy and school open to all. With cases starting to accelerate we took advice from the Local Authority and temporarily closed Y6. I really enjoyed seeing them all on Friday at our celebration assembly which we did as normal (I loved all the clapping hands!). The Y6 team are doing an amazing job and we have the majority of pupils learning online. Fingers crossed for this week!

Thank you to all the Y4 Parents and Families that joined us for the briefing regarding the Multiplication Check that the majority of Y4 children will complete in Summer. If you weren’t able to attend here is the powerpoint of information that you will find useful.

A really useful site for Y4 children to use to practise their Multiplication facts is HIT THE BUTTON. Hit is free and easy to use!


Click here for the link.

Happy 2022!


I really wish you all a safe and happy new year. I trust you all made the most of the holiday and managed to have some great times with your families and friends!

A great first week back at PSPS.

Y5 had an amzing day on Wednesday with their HIstory trip to Jorvik (York), an amazing buzz of learning enthusiasm the day after their trip when I caught up with them whilst they were planningn their writing tasks!

I also really enjoyed working with staff and pupils, further strengthening what being at Park Spring is ‘all about’! We created the ‘Golden Thread’ document – letting you know what we are ‘all about’! You will be hearing a lot more about this over the course of the Spring Term – hopefully your children will have mentioned it!


End of term is here:

Well it is Friday afternoon and what an amazing week to end an amazing year here at PSPS!

I was lucky enough to join Y6 on their residential this week and saw a wonderful group of children achieving together – pushing themselves to new limits. Their behaviour and attitude – particularly their CARING support for each other was AMAZING. I was very proud!! Very strange that the squirrels are still living in the NIGHT LINE ZONE though…

Was also fabulous to have our simple gatherings in the playground where every class sang a selection of Christmas songs to friends and families. COVID wasn’t going to stop us 2 years in a row!

Week 14 (13th December to 17th December)

Y6 are off to ROBIN WOOD – DOBROYD CASTLE for their outward bound residential for the next 3 days. We had our fingers crossed that they would all be well and government rules would let us all attend. I can’t wait to go and visit them tomorrow!!

We all absolutely enjoyed Chef Shirley’s FIRST EVER CHRISTMAS DINNER since taking over the leadership of the kitchen following Aunty Joan’s retirement. It was delicious! Here you see all the team that made it possible and also 2 of our new FOOD AMBASSADORS that helped seat the children, give them a CRACKER each, pour their drinks and then tidy up before the next sitting. Amazing young people, HAPPY, CARING and CONFIDENT!!

Week 13 (6th December to 10th December)

Another great week of MATHEMTICS learning at PARK SPRING. We are very proud of the 18 pupils from Y5 and 14 pupils from Y6 that have completed a term of THIRD SPACE 1:1 maths tuition. The children have all worked extremely hard. They have become more RESILIENT and CONFIDENT in their maths in the tuition session and in their whole class lessons.

YR, Y1 and Y2 have all been completing new maths learning with our friend from the West Yorkshire maths hub. They have been learning all about NUMBER in our ‘Mastering Number’ programme. The children and the staff have loved every lesson!







A fabulous way to start the last 2 weeks of term. Mr Hammerton, Miss Beverley and lots of friendly little elves have decorated the school over the weekend – so ‘It’s beginning to fell a lot like Christmas’. Thank you to everyone who helped over the weekend.

This  coming Friday will see us all taking part in the annual SAVE THE CHILDREN Christmas Jumper day. In Key Phase and class assemblies we will learn how by wearing our amazing jumpers we are able to help children that are perhaps, not quite as fortunate as ourselves.

Week 11 (22nd – 26th November)

A great week of learning and persevering this week at PSPS. My personal highlight was becoming a YouTube star (check out my 13 hits) where you will see my BRILLIANT acting for our WACKY HAIR FUNDRAISING day promotional video, for our chosen INTERNATIONAL CHARITY ‘LOVE THE ONE’.

You can see the location of INDIA, me being famous and the 4 children that we as a school sponsor (Shankar, Satiya, Rohit and Chinky) saying a BIG THANKYOU for continue to sponsor their education! Well done everyone – for having WACKY HAIR, having FUN and making a massive difference in our world!

In MATHS news we came 386th … not bad considering there were 1,624 schools that entered! We will strive for a higher position next year and are planning a class tournament to sharpen our mathematics skills further!

Week 10 (15 – 19th November 2021)

Another amazing week at Park Spring to reflect on. We had a fantastic set of whole school, key phase and class assemblies studying ‘Anti-Bullying week’. I even wore my best ODD SOCKS!

Really proud of the children from Y5 and Y6 that are currently receiving mathematics tuition 1:1 through our partnership with THIRD SPACE TUTORING. Just look at the procedures they are using independently to solve their mathematics problem.

And finally I JUST LOVE Children In Need Day. What a great charity. This year we have an International (Love the One), National (Defribulators)  and a Local charity (Swinnow Community Centre) that the children have helped us identify, but we are still carrying on with our favourites such as Children in Need and Save the Children Xmas Jumper Day. We are still adding up all our donations from Friday – so watch this space for the PSPS GRAND TOTAL! Mrs Houghton and Mrs Ash you look AMAZING!!

Week 10 (15th November 2021)

Very proud of 2 of our UKS2 students this morning. Jacob in Y6 shared in last weeks UKS2 assembly his home learning planner, that has helped his learning independence and the completion of all his learning. Inspired by this Mackenzie from Y5 has also made one. Awesome work!!

Week:10 Live Mathletics Challenge 15 -21 November 2021

Good morning Park Spring Matheletes. We are ALL SYSTEMS go! The competition is up and running. Please send as much of your Maths e-learning time this week developing your mental maths skills. The more you do, the more points we earn as a school. The more points we earn, the better we will do in the world-wide competition. The better we do – the better chance we have of winning BIG PRIZES!!!! Go on give it a go …

Just over a week to go until Park Spring enters a WORLWIDE mathematics competition. The competition will run for 1 week from Monday to Sunday. The top schools will win a special prize. We need to get the highest average total of participation points possible within the week!

Why not have a practice this week? You will have your passwords in your reading records.

C’mon Park Springers … we can ACHIEVE TOGETHER!!! …are you INSPIRED to help us?

Y3 Sleepover 4th November

Remember remember … if you have a sleepover on the 4th of November you will be really tired on the 5th of November!!!

Well done to all the staff and pupils that gave us a real sense of returning to normality … a fabulous night and a very early morning. Great pizza’s too!