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Welcome to Year 4!

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  • Teacher: Miss Wood
  • Teaching assistants: Mrs Croft & Mrs Sanchez


  • Teacher: Miss Haigh
  • Teaching assistants – Miss Firmin & Miss Bowes

Important dates

Reading at home: Reading records and levelled reading books will be sent home on a Monday and returned the following Monday

Home learning: A home learning sheet – containing a maths and literacy activity – will be sent home every Monday and is due back the following Monday.

Multiplication tables: Year 4 will complete a statutory online times table check at the end of Year 4. By this point, children are expected to know their times tables up to 12 x 12.

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check Info

PE:  Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday (come in PE kit). We have swimming on a Tuesday (classes attend alternate half terms, 4a will attend first – up until the Christmas holidays), each child will need a full swimming kit including towel.

Commando Joes: Year 4’s Co Jo day will be on a Thursday, children can come in their PE kit on this day.

The expectation for Year 4 is as follows:

  • Complete home learning sheet
  • Read 4 x per week and have reading record signed by an adult each week
  • 30 minutes on TTRS
  • Lexia (if provided) 60 minutes per week

Please email your class teacher for any passwords needed.

Useful links


What are we learning about this year?

Year Group 4 Curriculum Maps (LTP and topic themes)

Summer  1

This term we have a lot of exciting things planned, from creating our own Mosaic Art and looking back through history and finding out about how the Romans Changed Britain. Leeds United will be supporting us with our PE lessons and we will be learning about the different States of Matter in Science.

For our History topic we will be finding out about how the Romans were important to Britain. Take a look at our knowledge organiser for this topic. History KO

In Science we will be learning about the different states of matter. What state am I? Take a look at our knowledge organiser for this topic. Science KO 

For out Art topic we will be learning about Why did the Romans have mosaics. Have a look at the knowledge organiser for this topic. Art KO

Our Class Reader this term we will be reading Escape from Pompeii.

class reader.

Spring 2

Week 4

We have had lots of fun celebrating British Science Week! Year 4 have conducted an experiment that they will monitor over time to see the effects different liquids have on our teeth and which liquid causes the most erosion. We have made a hypothesis and discussed the best way to record our results. We have also explored secondary sources to determine the different theories that scientists have about the extinction of the dinosaurs. The children linked their knowledge from Geography lessons to say what effects volcanic eruptions might have had on the dinosaurs. In addition to our exciting Science learning, we had an amazing World Book Day, where we dressed in our PJ’s and listened to ‘bedtime stories’ been read by a range of different teachers, discussed and shared the books we love with our peers and we even created our own front covers for the narratives that we have written in English.

Take a look at our World Book Day photos below, we are holding up our favourite books:

Week 3

This week, year 4 have begun their new writing unit where they will be writing an adventure story about the journey a brave child takes through the human digestive system to recuse their sibling. In reading, we have been studying the book ‘The quest to digest’ all about  a journey through the human digestive system. In science, we have been looking at the main food groups and what makes a healthy balanced diet.

Week 2

This week, year 4 have begun publishing their narratives all about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius – they are very excited to share this learning with their parents after their drumming event on the 25th March. In preparation for this, year 4 have had lots of fun in their music lessons with Mr G, where they have been learning how to play the djembe drums. In science, we have been studying the different parts of the teeth and learning all about oral hygiene, we even made information leaflets to pass this wisdom on to our peers.

Take a look at our amazing djembe lessons below:

Week 1

This term, we’re diving deep into the earth to discover what makes it angry, year 4 have been researching famous volcanoes and epic volcanic eruptions. In science, we have had fun identifying the different types of teeth in humans and learning about their simple functions; we made comparisons between the teeth of humans and animals and gave reason s for these similarities and differences. In English, year 4 began to plan and write their setting description narrative all about a volcanic eruption in the ancient city of Pompeii.

Take a look at some of the books we have been reading in our whole class reading lessons below:

Our author of the term is Greg James. Our class reader is Kid Normal.

Greg James: Gregory James Alan Milward is an English radio and television presenter and author. He hosts BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show, co-presents the cricket podcast Tailenders alongside Felix White and James Anderson, and wrote the Kid Normal book series alongside Chris Smith.

What will we be learning about this term?

In our writing topic this term we will be writing a narrative about escaping  a volcanic eruption and an adventure story about a journey through the digestive system. In Geography we will be continuing to find out what makes our Earth angry (volcanoes) and looking at our new unit, ‘Could you survive on a mountain?’  In Science we will be finding out ‘Where does all the food go?’ (the human digestive system).



Y4 HT2 Digestive system and teeth KO


Y4 KO Spr 1


Y4 Mountains KO


Y4 Volcanoes and Earthquakes KO

Spring 1

Week 5

The final week of term has been a BUSY one. In Art, we created our final texture paintings focusing on the colour and texture of a volcano . In Geography, we looked at what a volcano is and how is it formed. We conducted an experiment (which was great fun) with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to demonstrate  how a build up of pressure will cause an explosion.

Take a look at our volcano art and volcano experiment below:


Week 4

Following on from last week’s food chain constructions, we looked at UK woodland habitats and the potential human impact on food chains here. In Maths, we took it up a notch with our written method for multiplication and in English, we have been using our Science learning all about animal habitats to write a persuasive text all about this. The children have produced amazing persuasive texts on why it is important to conserve our planet and the animals that inhabit it.  In addition to this, the children completed their Year 4 assessments and did amazingly well with their determination and resilience

Week 3

We have been looking at Internet Safety in Computing this week, learning and understanding how and why we need to keep ourselves safe online. In Science, we looked at  food chains and ecosystems in different habitats. Year 4 then focused on the African grassland habitat and studied the animals found there, they then constructed the food webs for this ecosystem.

Take a look at our internet safety lesson below:

Week 2

This week, we have continued with our persuasive writing in English. The children have produced some catchy slogans and have developed their techniques and understanding of persuasive advertising. In Geography, we have begun our new topic ‘What makes the earth angry’ all about volcanoes and earthquakes. In art, we have been studying the work of famous artists that have depicted volcanoes and polished off our sketching skills focusing on capturing the intricate patterns formed from the lava of a volcanic flow.

Week 1

Year 4 have had an amazing first week back after a restful break! We have begun with persuasive writing in English; this term we will be writing a persuasive text all about conservation and why it is important to conserve our planet and the animals that inhabit it. We have also began our new topic on ‘What if there were no flies?’ – food chains –  in Science.

Take a look at some of our persuasive writing planning below:

Our author this term is David Walliams and our class reader will be Gangsta Granny.

We will also be reading a range of books about volcanoes and natural disasters.


Our main focus this term in our writing topic is all about conservations creating a persuasive text and presentation on how we can help our world. In Geography will be finding out What makes our Earth angry? (Volcanoes) and in Science we will be finding out ‘What would happen if there were no flies’ (food chains). We will be also creating a volcanic art piece.

Y4 HT3 animals including humans Y4 HT3 animals including humans


Art KO Yr 4 Volcanos


Y4 Volcanoes and Earthquakes KO

Autumn 2

Week 2

Year 4 have been engrossed in their REMEMBRANCE DAY learning this week. We have explored the life of Lieutenant Major William Booth who was local to Pudsey and bravely fought in the Battle of Somme during WW1. Our Year 4’s have been so invested that they have continued their learning at home, telling their families all about Major and have even brought fascinating memorabilia in to class to share with their peers. Interestingly, Frankie in 4B brought in a plaque kindly lent to us by St Lawrence Cricket Club – where Major played – and Harry in 4B found out that Major had actually been brought up in his grandparents household. Take a look at some of our wonderful learning below.

Week 1

What a FANTASTIC first week back! This week we held our  TTRS tournament throughout school which became very intense in Year 4. Class 4A took on Class 4B to be the class that answered the most multiplications questions correctly. The results were the closest in the school, with 4A just taking the lead: well done 4A.   We dressed up as rock stars on Friday and had a great day! Throughout the week, the children encouraged one another, were resilient and super enthusiastic!

Autumn 2 term

Our author of the term is Roald Dahl. Our class reader is James and the Giant Peach.

Roald Dahl (1)


What’s on this term?

Our main focuses of learning this term are Geography (comparing settlements ), Science (Why is classification critical and how can we hep our world?), Music (Mamma Mia – playing tuned instruments) and Computing (algorithms and programming).

Music: Mamma Mia – playing tuned instruments

Aut 1 Yr 4 knowledge organiser


Geography: comparing settlements

Y4 Counties KO


Science: Why is classification critical and how can we hep our world?

Y4 HT1 living things and their habitats


Computing: algorithms and programming

Year 4 Computing Algorthims Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 1

Week 8

This week, Year 4 held their first parent reading event. Year 4 got the change to share their published Greek comics and Greek mythical creature poetry with their parents. It was lovely to see the children so engaged in sharing their learning all about the Ancient Greeks with their teachers, Deputy head and parents.

Week 7

This week in Year 4, we have explored a range of poems written by black poets and authors such as Langston Hughes, Benjamin Zephaniah and Antonia Jade King. We have inferred their meaning and discussed the key themes and history surrounding these poems.  To celebrate Black History Month, we have looked at why the 1936 Olympics was so important and significant, and have discussed​ how sport has changed for the better.

Week 6

World Mental Health Day

This week in year 4, we have learned all about World Mental Health Day. We have explored ways to look after our wellbeing and created research pages to inform others. Year 4 had lots of fun taking part in mindfulness activities and learned strategies to support them with different emotions. For our Book Talk this week, we read and discussed Miss Haigh and Miss Woods’ recommended read, Wonder by R.J.Palacio. Year 4 discussed the main themes from the book: empathy, friendship, acceptance, kindness and celebrating differences.

Week 5

Year 4 have had a fantastic week of learning. They have begun writing their Greek Myth comics in Literacy, explored how we hear sound in Science and have released their inner viking in Commando Joes where they had to use team work and cooperation skills to navigate from Norway to Greenland on a shark-infested voyage.

Take a look at our science experiment pictures below where we used tuning forks to explore sound vibrations.

Week 4

This week in Year 4, we have started our Black History Month activities. Year 4 have explored a range of black heroes and learned all about why we celebrate each individual. They have then chosen their own black hero and created an information poster all about their achievements, challenges and why they feel inspired by this person. We have discussed Marcus Rashford’s book club and have read an extract from one of Rashford’s chosen books.

Week 3

Glorious Greeks’ Hook Day

Year 4 have had Glorious Greek day learning all about the ancient Greeks. Children have enjoyed  all our activities where we have tasted traditional Greek cuisine; observed ancient Greek artefacts from the Leeds City Museum; played ancient Greek games; explored ancient Greek mythology; learnt and written our names in Greek and discovered what our mythical creature would have been; made wreaths like the ancient Greeks would have worn; and participated in the Olympic games.

Take a look at some of the fabulous Greek outfits that the children wore below:

Aspirations week

Year 4 have had a fantastic week for our aspirations week! Children have enjoyed listening to, learning from and  being inspired by some of our amazing visitors including: entrepreneurs, Leeds United stars, authors and politicians.

On Monday we were lucky enough to have a visit from our local PCSO who talked to our Year 4’s about a career in the police force. Year 4 even got to try on some of the uniform and explore the police van. Take a look at our pictures below!


Week 1

What a fantastic start to the year! Our Year 4’s have settled in really well and are enjoying the new, exciting topics. This term we are focusing on the Glorious Greeks! In Literacy, we have been exploring Greek mythology: children have looked at a range of mythical beasts and have used powerful adjectives and interesting adverbs to describe them.


Autumn 1 term

Our author of the term is Marcia Williams. Our class reader is, Who let the Gods out by Maz Evans


What’s on this term?

Our main focuses of learning this term are History (The Ancient Greeks), Science (Can you feel the vibrations? – sound), Art (Ancient Greek art) and PSHE (Identity, society and democracy).

History: The Glorious Greeks Y4 Ancient Greeks (1)

Science: Can you feel the vibrations? Y4 HT4 Sound

Art: Ancient Greek art Art KO Yr 4 Greeks

PSHE: Identity, society and democracyPSHE Identity, society and democracy



Week 4

This week we were lucky enough to get a visit from Verity form seagulls paint Leeds. She came to Y4 to complete a mosaic workshop with us linked to our learning in art about Roman mosaics.

We had lots of fun choosing the colours and styles we wanted to complete our tiled mosaics. They still need to be grouted before we can take them home.


Week 3

This week we had lots of fun preparing to celebrate the coronation of the new King! We made bunting and learnt to sing a beautiful song.

Week 2

In art we are learning about Roman mosaics. This week we used beans to create patterned mosaics in CD cases. It was tricky at times but we created some beautiful pieces.

Week 1

We have had an exciting start back after the half term.

Our new topic is Romans and Celts and we can’t wait to learn more about how the Romans changed life in Britain.

Summer 1 term

Our author of the term is Greg James. We will be reading Kid Normal.

Greg James: Gregory James Alan Milward is an English radio and television presenter and author. He hosts BBC Radio 1’s breakfast show, co-presents the cricket podcast Tailenders alongside Felix White and James Anderson, and wrote the Kid Normal book series alongside Chris Smith.

Image result for greg james books Image result for greg james kid normal


Here is what we will be learning this term.

Y4 The Romans KO Art Roman Mosaic KO RE Islam KO

Spring 2 term

Week 5.

We have loved learning about Earthquakes this week in Geography. We did a small experiment using wooden blocks and Lego.#

Week 2.

In science this week we completed a rather disgusting experiment. Luckily no one was sick.

Week 1

What a fantastic week we have had after the half term. We completed our Volcano Newspaper Reports in English and began our digestion topic.

Here’s what we are learning about this term.

Digestive system and teeth KO Y4 Mountains KO Y4 music spring KO

Spring 1 term

Week 6.

We have been presenting our Conservation PowerPoint in English this week, using our excellent pesuasive language and Oracy skills.

In geography we have been learning about the different types of volcanoes, discussing thr tragic natural disater that has happened in Turkey this week. We did an equipment creating a volcano eruption.

Week 5.

In Art we have started to created our Volcano canvas’s developing a painting from our drawings, using modelling paste and acrylic paint.

Week 4

In English we have been creating our Conservation PowerPoint in the ICT. We will be using our persuasive language to present to the rest of the class next week.

Week 3

We have been enjoying drumming with Mr G and are looking forward to performing to our partents next term.

Week 2.

In English this week we have planned, using our persuasive writing skills, our conservation ideas.

RE we have been learning about Sikhism, writing our own recipes on ‘How to make a good teacher?’

We have been learning about the different layers of the earth, and how valcanos and eathquakes occur this week in Geography.

Week 1

We have had a busy and exciting first week back after the holidays.

This half term we are continuing to learn about ways that we can help our world with a focus on conservation.

This week children have written informative non-chronological reports about Arctic and Antarctic animals.

Our new author of the half term is David Walliams

David Walliams | Biography, TV Series, Books, & Facts | Britannica

For our Science topic we are learning about food chains. What would happen if their were no flies? Here is our knowledge organiser for this topic. Science KO

For our Geography topic we are learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes. What makes the Earth angry? Here is our knowledge organiser for this topic. Geography KO

For our Art topic we are learning about Volcano Art and different techniques. Here is iur knowledge organiser. Art KO

Autumn 2 term

Week 7

This week we finished preparing for the holidays by making cards and calendars.

Week 6

We had a lovely week preparing for our Christmas carol event  and we even visited Santa in his amazing Park Spring grotto!

Week 5

In science and guided reading this week we have been leaning about the classification of vertebrates. Did you know that we are vertebrates? Vertebrates have a backbone. We focused on warm-blooded vertebrates such as mammals, most of whom give birth to live young. However we were surprised to learn about the monotremes a group of mammals who lay eggs!

Duck billed platypus

1,844 Duck Billed Platypus Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock


Facts About Echidnas | Live Science

Week 4

This week we have been learning about song composition in music. We have studied Mama Mia by ABBA and even played along on the chime bars. We are beginning to learn about standard notation and know how to play a G.

Mamma Mia

Week 3

In science and guided reading this week we have been leaning about the classification of invertebrates. Did you know that they don’t have a back bone? There are some amazing invertebrates; one of our favourites was the stunning sea slug. They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

Sea slugs: 8 photos of these bizarre nudibranchs | BBC ...Fun Sea Slug Facts For Kids | Kidadl


Week 2

In science we continued learning about how to classify trees. This week we looked at the different kinds of bark that trees have.

Week 1

We had an amazing first week back after the half term break.

Our author this half term is Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl logo

Roald Dahl's Most Compelling Characters - Vocalzone

In English and Guided reading we are studying his novel: James and the Giant Peach.

James and the Giant Peach - Scholastic Shop

We celebrated the launch of this with a James and the Giant peach day to celebrate.

Thank you to the parents who were able to attend and share the book and also to the children who dressed up as one of the characters.


In science we will be learning how to classify plants and animals and in geography we are looking at the learning question; Where would you rather live?

Autumn 1 term.

Week 7

We have had a very busy week this week with lots going on.

Some children carved pumpkins for the Hallowe’en Disco.

We made mythical creature models in DT; they had moving body parts!

We also welcomed parents to see our learning this half term from our author of the half term Marcia Williams. Thank you to those of you how could attend.


Week 6

This week Year 4 were lucky enough to attend a session with Leeds Woodland Creation Rangers, Chris and Louise, where we learnt about the different types of trees and their seeds. We collected seeds that Chris and Louise will germinate in their huge greenhouse and at the beginning of next year we will plant the seedlings!

Week 5.

In science his half term we have been learning about sound and how it travels. We have had fun experimenting with making sounds. We tested tuning forks in water and made ear gongs. The results were surprising!

Week 4.

This week was our Greek Day. Everyone had so much fun dressing up, finding out what their Greek name was for the day, which mythical creature their birth month was, tasting a range of Greek food and playing different Ancient Greek games, such as knucklebones.

Week 3.

The chidlren were introduced to different sounds in Science and had to think about how each sound was made using different adjectives to describe the sounds.

In English we have started to explore our own comic strips for our mythical story. Using Macia Williams as inspiration.

Week 2.

We have been enjoying learning about all the different Gods, Godesses and Mythical Creatures from Ancient Greece this week in our History lessons.

The chidlren were able to design their own Mythical Creature during English and write desrciptions about them using expanded noun phrases.

In art we explored the different artefacts that have been discovered from Ancient Greece and look closely at the different types of art created.

Week 1.

What a fantastic start to the year. Everyone has settled in really well and are enjoying the new exciting topics.

Guided reading we are focussing on our History topic Glorius Greeks.

English we are working towards creating our own comic strips.

Science we will be exploring sound this term.

4a will be taking part in swimming every Friday, which is very exciting.

Author of the term is Marcia Williams.



Summer 2 term.

Week 5.

What and exciting week we have had. The chidlren have had some drop down days including DT – designing a night light. We have had some fabulous designs, and we can not wait to see the finished article.

Year 4 have also been learning about electricity and how to make a circuit using a switch, so they can complete their night light.

Week 4.

We have had a fun filled week. From Finishing our Celt narrative story. They children’s final pieces were amazing and full of imagination and historical knowledge.

Everyone loved participating in Sports day. From the hurdles to the standing long jump to the final sprinting racrs. It was so much fun to spend it with our famillies with a picnic and having them as spectators.

Week 3.

We were happy campers this week! We became Celts and the children enjoyed numerous activities ranging from; den building, whittling, team building exercises, making hot chocolate on trangiers, tent building, night line and a sing song around the camp fire. We were all excited to sleep in the tents, although not much sleeping happened!

Week 2.

D Side Dave visited us this week discussing the effects of alcohol. The children found this topic very interesting and interacted throughout the whole session.

Week 1.

What a fabulous first week back. Everyone loved the Queens Jubilee celebrations. From the bake off to the fantastic outfits worn by everyone. We all really enjoyed having the Garden Party with our families.

Our Author of the term is Sita Bracmachari. We will be reading The River Whale as our class reader.

We will be enjoying lots of fun and exciting learning this term from electricity in Science to creating our own night lamp in Design Technology.

Summer 1 term

Week 3.

We have had an exciting visit from a mosaic workshop based in Leeds called Seagulls. The children had the amazing opportunity to make their own mosaic design using recycled tiles. It was lots of fun.

Week 2.

We having been enjoying learning about state of matter in science and the children have loved observing the melting points of different objects.

Week 1.

Year 4 have had a fantastic first week back. This term we will be learning about the Romans including a amazing school trip to Murton Park. In Science we will be learning about the different states of matter, and in RE we will be learning about How do the Five Pillars guide Muslims in life?

Our term author is Greg James. We will be reading Kid Normal during story time.

Spring 2 term

Week 4.

English, year 4 are enjoying creating narrative pieces on the digestive system.

Geography – we have been learning about the 7 summits and their climates. We have been researching to see if we could survive on a mountain.

Week 3

Guided reading – we have been learning about the digestive system and implementing this into our reading lessons, the children have loved learning all the new vocab and reading about how the digestive system works.

Music – we having been learning about Beethoven, Mozart and Elgar. By the end of the term Year will be composing their own symphonies with soft dynamics influenced by different composers.

Week 2

Science – Year 4 have been enjoying learning about the digestive system focussing on our teeth.

Maths – We have been concentrating on fractions and have been building our knowledge on equivalent fractions.

Week 1

Wow what a fun busy first week back for Year 4.

Thank you for all the wonderful, imaginative entries for World Book Day. They were all amazing.

We have started our new science and geography topics; Where does all the food go? Would you be able to live on a mountain?

We have had fun exploring and creating the digestive system, using house hold materials.

Year 4 have been reading our new class stories:

Lucky Escape         

Our class author for the term is Benjamin Zephaniah.


Spring 1 term


Year 4 have been enjoying finishing their final volcano piece in art. We used canvases, modelling clay and acrylic paint to add texture and detail to each piece.

Week 5.

Art – We have been learning about different artists and their interpretation on volcanoes, one artisit that we concentrated on was Stephanie Peters. Children were then given a selection of lava flow images. They chose their favourite and had to upscale their image. Below are a few fantastic examples of their learning.

Week 4.

This week Year 4 have beein reading When the Giant Stirred linking to our volcano topic.

Image result for What Stirred the Giant. Size: 189 x 204. Source: quizizz.com

Computing – Year 4 have been enjoying making their own algorythms, programming animations and dance routines using sequencing and repetition. They can also try this at home. Go to studio.code.org/dance.

Geography – The children recreated a volcano eruption. This was very exciting and proved to be a well loved experiment.

Week 3.

Year 4 have been introduced to their new Geography topic, What Makes The World Angry? We have been focussing on Volcanoes. Everyone has been very interested in learning about the recent underwater volcano eruption that has occured recently near Tonga causing a tsunami.

During guided reading lessons we have been enjoying Animals of Farthing Wood. The children have loved reading about the adventures that the animals are experiencing.

Week 2.

On Tuesday this week the children had a lovely trip to Hough Side Playing Fields where they were able to help the rangers from the Woodland Creation Project, plant new trees. The chidlren had an amazing time. The project has been set up around Leeds to support the current cliamte emergancy. As we are learning about conservations and helping our planet in sicence, this was a fantastic opportunity.


Week 1.

What a fantastic first week back, all chidlren settled in to the new year with excitement.

Maths: we are concentration on our multiplcation and division skills for the 6, 9 and 7 times tables.

Reading: children are enjoying texts about animal habitats and different conservations.

Music: we are very lucky this term to be able to have drumming once a week with the wonderful Mr G.

This term our author is David Wallims. We would love to  hear which stories the chidlren have read of his. In class we are reading Gangster Granny.

See the source image

Below are some of the topics that we are learning about this term.


Autumn 2 term

Week 5.

Year 4 had a eggtastic time in cooking. We made Lemon meringue pie, using our learning skills on how to separate an egg white and egg yolk. they were delicious.

Week 4.

This week children have visited our lovely grounds of the school and our nature garden to look at all the different trees. Children made bark rubbings and examined the different shapes, sizes and patterns of deciduous trees.

We have been learning about how to multiply numbers by ten and hundred in maths.

Week 3.

This week it was time to be news reporters, reporting on a giant peach that had mysteriously grown.

Week 2.

Year 4 enjoyed classifying leaves and learning about all the different types of leaves.


We were able to show are moves to Mama Mia in music.

Children created there own diary entry in English. Describing how James must have felt living with his awful aunts.

In maths children learned the very infectious song to help them with their learning of perimeter.

Week 1.

Year 4 had a fantastic first week back.

They were introduced to their new class reader James and the Giant Peach and their new term author Roald Dahl.

See the source image See the source image

Year 4 started to learn about their new topic in science (why is classification critical?) and enjoyed reading our new non-fiction texts on this topic.

Autumn 1 term

Week 7

This weeks focus is completing our DT(Design Technology) project of making a Greek God with moving parts, using our knowledge of linkages and levers.

Throughout this week we are writing a non-chronological report about a Greek mythical creature.


We have been writing a poem this week about our monsters (mythical creatures).

We have been consolidating our knowledge of formal written methods of addition and subtraction.

Week 5

Our lesson for science this week entailed the children making their own ear gongs and experimenting with them.

Our art focus has been Greek mythical creatures and this week the children began their designs for their final monster!

We were lucky enough to receive a visit from Kim, who is helping us to learn about our inner chimp and to understand our behaviour and emotions.

Week 4

This week we were lucky enough to hold our Greek Celebration Day! Where we sampled Greek treats, dressed up, designed our own wreath and played ancient Greek games. The children had an amazing learning experience.

Week 3

In French we are learning our French greetings.

In maths we are doing well at times tables – remember to practise at home. We have be learning how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

In English we are using the Marcia Williams comic strip to inspire our own Greek myth comic.

Week 2

We have had a great start to the term 4a have started swimming and had a great first session. In PE we are working on our balance – very useful skills.

In Reading we are reading a non fiction text about Greece particularly what the ancient Greeks did for fun.

Week 1

We had a fantastic first week in Year 4. Transition days were settled and productive.

Our topic for the term is Glorious Greeks, we are enjoying learning about all the different Gods, Goddesses, mythical creatures and Ancient Greek myths.

In English and Reading we are studying ‘Greek Myths’ a comic style book by Marcia Williams to inspire us. She is our main author for the half term.

See the source image

Science for this half term is Can you feel the vibrations?

Here are our knowledge organisers for our main topics this term.










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