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Welcome to Nursery! 


– Mrs Ward-  Monday Tuesday Wednesday (Beginning of the Week) 

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– Mrs Martin – Wednesday Thursday Friday (End of the Week) 

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Mrs Jones

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Important information 


We have a class library where children can take a book home on any day and return it when they have finished with it. Please enjoy sharing these books together.


Home learning:

Each Wednesday, there will be a home learning activity sent out for the week. We would love you to complete it and send us photo’s on Tapestry. If you would like a book to complete this in (to keep at home), please let a member of the team know. Thank you.

Your child has a ‘Sound of the Week’ folder at home, each week we will send the relevant sheet home for you to look at together.


Reading books

Every Nursery 2 child will have a reading book by the Summer term, Nursery 1 children can have one if they choose.

Beginning – New books go out on Wednesday. We ask them to be returned on Monday please.

End – New books go out on Friday. We ask them to be returned on Wednesday please.


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Spring Term 1 2022

Week 2

The children have been busy practising their number learning by continuing objects to five and matching them to the correct numeral. The winter theme is ongoing and the children have enjoyed making snowmen pictures with Mrs Barran for the new display. We have been listening to some stories by our new author. Lainey Said “My favourite is ‘Where’ my Teddy’ because Eddie loses his teddy and the bear loses his teddy and the bear drops Freddie the teddy”. The children have been working on writing their names. We also had fun breaking the big ice cube to save the baby animals.

Week 1

Welcome back to school everybody, we hope you had a super Christmas and New Year. This week in Nursery we have been looking and Ice and talking about its different properties. Discussing why the water has turned to ice and answering the question ‘How does it turn back into water?’. We have also been looking at our new story ‘That’s not my Penguin.’ We now have a new author for this half term. The author is Jez Alborough, who’s books include Tall, Hug, Duck in the Truck and other fantastic titles that are worth a read.  The children have worked on matching a given number of objects to the correct numeral up to 5.


Autumn Term 2 2021

Week 6

This week in Nursery Christmas has certainly begun. The children have enjoyed drawing letters for Santa and singing our Christmas songs ready for our performance next week. Both the staff and the children have had their Christmas lunches along with Christmas music and crackers for us all to pull. We have been reading the story Dear Santa and learning lots of actions to go with it. We are looking forward to the parties next week, the beginning party is 13th December after lunch and the End party is on 17th December after lunch. Please don’t forget to bring your party snacks. We are also looking forward to the Aladdin pantomime which is on Wednesday.


Week 5

This week in nursery we have had a great time playing in the snow. We worked together and made a super snowman.  The children have also been practicing using scissors to make amazing things for Christmas. We have also started to practice singing our Christmas songs so that we all sound amazing at our performance.  The Beginning of the week performance is 14th December at 2:45.  The End of the week performance is 16th December at 2:45. We hope you will be able to come and see how hard we have been practicing.


Just a reminder that the Beginning of the week children are invited to wear their Christmas jumpers on Wednesday with a £1 donation for  the Save the Children charity. The End of the week will be wearing them on Friday.

Week 4

Just a quick note to say that we raised £610.20 for Children in Need. Well Done everybody.


This week we have had fun looking at different lengths and talking about longer and shorter. We used Sticks and coloured paper strips to measure next to each other to see which was the longest and the shortest. The children also enjoyed making Stick Men to go on the wall for the amazing display that Mrs Barran has been creating to go along with the story of Stick Man. We also had a great time making marks in the shaving foam, making lines, zig-zags and circles.


Week 3

What a super week we have had!  The children had a fantastic time seeing the Owls that had come to visit us at school.  We all sat beautifully and listened to Chris telling us all about the four different owls had he brought. Cooper told his mummy when he went home “that was the most special time of my special school life”. This finishes the Owl book we have been reading, next week we are moving onto Stickman, by Julia Donaldson.


Week 2

This week in nursery we have had a great time continuing to read the Owl Babies story. We have also enjoyed sharing some information books, answering some true and false questions about the animals in the book. The children also used the smartboard to practice their counting and number recognition skills. We also helped our fingers to grow stronger by doing dough disco, making the dough into all different shapes by squeezing, patting and rolling it. On Thursday the children showed their respects by making poppies and taking part in the two minutes silence. Some found it tricky but we tried.


Week 1

This week the children have enjoyed talking about all of the fun things they did for Halloween over the holidays.  We have now moved on to Bonfire night.  The children have helped to make some glittery playdough and have enjoyed making big movements to represent fireworks.  The children also used their fine motor skills to draw lines and circles to make firework patterns during our big write session.


Our story for the next few weeks is going to be Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson.  We have had a great time using the creative area to make our own owls to go on the display.  We have been taking it in turns to act out the story using the story masks and repeating the phrases from the story, and playing with the owls in the small world area.



Welcome to all our new children who have joined us in September!


Well what a strange start to the year…another Lockdown! We are happy to have Nursery open and we hope that all our families that have decided to stay at home are ok.

We want you to know that we are here for you if you need us…

Please keep in touch with us via Tapestry, and stay safe.


Shape hunting

We have been thinking really carefully about the shapes square, triangle and circle. Here we are finding them around us. The children at home showed us some fabulous examples too..


Ice cream sales!

The children have absolutely loved selling ice creams during the cold weather over the last few weeks!


Dedicated chicken helpers

The Nursery children have been absolute superstars with our chickens. They love collecting the eggs, filling the feeders, cleaning out the water containers and just spending time with their well-loved pets.




Snow much fun!

We certainly embraced the snowy weather at Nursery!




The returning Nursery children have settled well after having a long time away from school. They have settled back into routines and have loved seeing old friends and playing together. We have welcomed lots of new children into Nursery and the transition so far has been very positive. Thank you families for your support as we get used to the new way of Nursery life during these strange times.


In the first few weeks of Nursery the children have shown us their fascination of dinosaurs by creating a large dinosaur in the painting area, dinosaur hunting and chasing outside, using the large small world dinosaurs in the indoor and outdoor areas and creating dinosaur footprints with stampers that we made from apple that had fallen from the trees in our garden.

Children in Need day 

The Children enjoyed wearing Children in Need clothing to school and completing lots of fun activities, including dot to dots, colouring pages and practising their cutting skills by cutting circles to decorate Pudsey with.  The children enjoyed watching the ‘Duck Races’ and cheered for our winners.


Egg-citing news! Our pet chickens arrived from the ‘Fresh Start for Hens’ charity this weekend.
They have been rescued as they are 18 months old and the farm that they were laying eggs for has finished with them…so we have given them a chance of a longer and happy life.
We will be taking it in turns in Nursery to care for the chickens: feeding them, changing their water and picking up their poo!
We have 7 chickens and are busy thinking of names for them all.

Learning to mix paint

Over the last few weeks the children have enjoyed exploring the paint area, learning how to mix paints to create different colours. They have followed the instructions well and used the tricky pumps to squirt out little amounts of different colours that they wish to mix.

Owl Babies 

After half term we began reading the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children have enjoyed listening to the story, learning facts about owls, talking about how Sarah, Percy and Bill feel, making owl masks and retelling the story in our role play area using the puppets and props. We are looking forward to real owls visiting us in school soon …

Owl Visit by SMJ Falconry

Rhiannon brought 4 owls to visit us: Molly the Tawny Owl, JD the Barn Owl, Bubbles and Midge. We loved finding out about what they eat and how they live. We all got a turn to hold an owl and we even got to see one fly!


We then created our own Owl Art by using the well known ‘Dab-a-tissue’ technique! We hope that you have enjoyed seeing them in our window.

Mark-Making Skills

We have been practising our mark-making skills by drawing on large paper together…look at our ‘duck fingers’!

Christmas Party

We had a super time dancing, eating and playing games at our party! And we loved having a visit from a very special visitor…

It was so much fun and the children behaved amazingly – well done everyone.

You have been SUPERSTARS this term and we are so proud of you.







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