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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

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Teacher– Mr. Hansen and Mr. Woods


Teacher– Mr King

Year 5 Teaching assistants: Mrs Eden and Mr Serano

Important dates

Reading records and leveled reading books taken home on a Monday and returned the following Monday

PE: Wednesday and Friday (Come to school in PE kits)

Maths: Practise your times tables knowledge: x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x7, x8, x9, x10, x11, x12

Home Learning

Y5 Requirement for each pupil

To read and have recorded 5 x per week.
Complete home-learning sheet- handing out on Monday and due the following Monday.

Useful links

TT Rockstars.




Spelling Frame


Spring 2 

Grinton Lodge

Last week, our spirited students embarked on an unforgettable journey through the stunning moors of Swale Dale, soaking in the vast landscapes and vibrant wildlife. The adventure began with a brisk walk across the moors, where every turn offered a new vista and a fresh breath of the countryside.
As the sun dipped below the horizon, the crackling campfire became the heart of our evening. Gathered around its warm glow, the students engaged in lively games and faced off in Mr. Barker’s thrilling quiz. The night echoed with cheers and giggles, forging memories that will last a lifetime.
Our exploration continued with a scenic river walk to the quaint Reef Village. Laughter and chatter filled the air as we meandered along the river’s edge, leading us to a well-deserved treat at the local shops in Reef. The students enjoyed a moment of delight, choosing from a variety of sweets and snacks that refueled their energy for the next adventure.
This trip was not just a walk through nature but a journey of learning, laughter, and camaraderie. It reminded us all of the joy of exploration and the bonds we build along the way. Until our next adventure!

Week 1

This term, we’re diving into the wild world of South America and the zany realm of materials! Imagine trekking through the Amazon, meeting creatures from the canopy to the forest floor, then swapping our explorer hats for lab coats to turn liquids into solids, and solids into surprises. It’s a term full of experiments, adventures, and maybe a few bad rainforest jokes. Buckle up, scientists and explorers, we’re in for a wild educational ride! 🌳🔬


Y5 HT4 KO Materials Y5 South America Rainforest KO

Spring 1

Week 5

This week brought an unexpected delight with snowflakes dancing outside our windows. We embraced the opportunity to blend winter joy with our studies.

In history class, students delved into the annals of time with fervor, exploring ancient civilizations and modern revolutions. Meanwhile, in mathematics, fractions took center stage, with students mastering their skills through engaging activities and problem-solving challenges.

Now, as we look forward to a well-deserved break, let’s celebrate our achievements and recharge for the adventures ahead.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Here’s to a restful and rejuvenating break for all!

Week 4

This week has been an exciting mix of challenge and creativity in our class. Our students tackled their practice assessments with impressive focus and determination, showcasing their growing skills in managing time, understanding complex questions, and problem-solving. These assessments were not just about measuring knowledge but were also an opportunity for our students to develop a resilient and growth-oriented mindset.

In a delightful shift from academics, we embarked on a musical journey, drawing inspiration from Wagner’s dramatic “Ride of the Valkyries.” This exploration into music composition saw our young composers create their own unique pieces, experimenting with rhythms, melodies, and instruments. Witnessing their creativity and individual interpretations of Wagner’s work was truly inspiring. This blend of academic and artistic endeavors highlights the importance of a well-rounded educational experience, and we couldn’t be prouder of our Year 5 students’ achievements this week!

Week 3

This week in Year 5 has been a whirlwind of learning and activity, covering everything from the responsibilities of digital citizenship to the intricate life cycles of insects, topped off with some energetic gymnastics. Our young learners dove into the digital world, exploring how to be safe, respectful, and responsible online. This exploration is crucial in today’s tech-centric environment, empowering them to be wise and thoughtful digital citizens. The journey continued with a captivating look at the life cycles of insects. The students were engrossed in discovering the transformation of caterpillars into butterflies and other insects, fostering a deep appreciation for nature and science.

Our week concluded with a dynamic foray into gymnastics, where our students showcased their physical agility and coordination. They took to tumbling, balancing, and jumping with enthusiasm, learning not just about physical fitness but also about teamwork, determination, and self-confidence. This diverse blend of digital literacy, scientific inquiry, and physical education highlights our commitment to holistic learning, encouraging our students to grow intellectually and physically. We’re proud of their achievements and excited to continue this journey of diverse and engaging education.

Week 2

We’ve had another exciting and productive week here at school, filled with creativity, math challenges, and a special guest speaker. Let’s dive right into the highlights of our week!

Limerick Fun: We kicked off the week with a burst of creativity as we delved into the world of poetry. Our English lessons were all about limericks – those short, witty, and often humorous poems with a distinct rhyme scheme. We had a blast crafting our own limericks, and it was amazing to see the creativity and humor that our classmates brought to the table. From clever rhymes to hilarious punchlines, our limericks were a hit, and we can’t wait to explore more types of poetry in the future.

Fraction Frenzy: In the realm of mathematics, we’ve been working hard on mastering fractions. Fractions can be tricky, but our class has risen to the challenge. We’ve been learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions, and it’s been a rewarding experience to see our skills improve. Fractions are all around us in everyday life, and we now feel more confident in our ability to tackle real-world math problems involving these essential mathematical concepts.

RAF Pilot Visit: One of the highlights of the week was a special talk from a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot. We were fortunate to have an RAF pilot visit our school and share insights into their career and experiences. It was an eye-opening session as we learned about the training, responsibilities, and the exciting adventures that come with being a pilot in the RAF. Many of us were inspired to consider careers in aviation and learned about the different pathways available to pursue such dreams.

As our school year progresses, we’re thrilled to have these unique learning experiences that broaden our horizons and ignite our passion for various subjects. From poetry to mathematics and inspiring career talks, each day brings new opportunities for growth and discovery.

We can’t wait to see what the next week has in store for us, and we look forward to sharing more exciting updates from our classroom adventures. Stay tuned!

Week 1

Hey everyone!

We hope you had a fantastic winter break, and we’re excited to kick off the new half term with a thrilling adventure! This week, our class had the incredible opportunity to step back in time and explore the fascinating world of the Vikings at the Jorvik Viking Centre.

The Jorvik Viking Centre, located in the heart of York, is a place where history comes to life. It’s not your ordinary museum; it’s an immersive experience that transports you to a bustling Viking settlement from over a thousand years ago. From the moment we arrived, we were greeted by the sights, sounds, and even the smells of Viking life.

As we stepped into the reconstructed Viking village, we couldn’t help but feel like time travelers. The authentic wooden houses, bustling market stalls, and skilled craftsmen gave us a glimpse into daily life during the Viking Age. The attention to detail was simply astonishing, and we found ourselves completely immersed in the past.

One of the highlights of our trip was riding the Jorvik ride. This interactive experience took us on a journey through the streets of 10th-century York. We sat in a specially designed carriage, wearing headsets that provided commentary in various languages. As we moved through the Viking city, we saw the people going about their daily routines, heard their conversations, and even caught a whiff of some of the less pleasant odors of the time! It was a truly unique and educational experience.

Another fascinating aspect of our visit was the opportunity to learn about Viking artifacts. We saw ancient coins, jewelry, tools, and even a well-preserved Viking shoe! The staff at Jorvik were incredibly knowledgeable and eager to share their expertise with us. They answered all our questions and provided valuable insights into Viking history.

Our trip to Jorvik Viking Centre was not only fun but also educational. We learned about the Viking way of life, their customs, and their impact on the history of York. It’s amazing to think that we were standing on the very streets that Vikings walked on over a millennium ago.

As we head into the rest of the spring term, we carry with us the memories and knowledge gained from our visit to Jorvik. It was a fantastic way to start the new half term, and we can’t wait to explore more historical adventures in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our class adventures, and if you get the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Jorvik Viking Centre for a journey back in time that you won’t forget!

Autumn 2  

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

We’re back with another update on our exciting adventures at school. This week marked the beginning of a brand-new half term, and we’ve already been busy exploring the mysteries of space, learning about safety, and even discovering how to manage our emotions. Let’s dive right into the highlights!

Space Odyssey: After the spooktacular Halloween break, we returned to school with our heads full of candy and our hearts full of excitement for our new topic: SPACE! Our classroom has transformed into a cosmic wonderland with planets, stars, and rockets adorning the walls. We’ve been delving into the universe, learning about the planets in our solar system, the vastness of space, and even discussing the possibility of life beyond Earth. Space exploration has truly fired up our imaginations, and we can’t wait to delve deeper into the cosmos throughout this term.

Guest Speaker – D Side Dave: In our pursuit of knowledge and safety, we had a special visit from D Side Dave. He shared invaluable insights on staying safe and making responsible choices. We discussed various aspects of safety, including road safety, online safety, and personal safety. It was a great reminder of the importance of looking out for ourselves and our friends in the ever-changing world we live in.


Chimp Management Course: Perhaps one of the most exciting developments this week was the start of our Chimp Management course. This unique program is designed to help us understand and manage our emotions effectively. We’ve learned about the concept of the “inner chimp,” which represents our emotional responses and instincts. By understanding our inner chimp, we can better navigate our feelings and reactions in various situations. It’s an empowering tool that will serve us well in both our academic and personal lives.

As we embark on this new half term, we’re filled with curiosity and enthusiasm. Space exploration, safety awareness, and emotional intelligence are valuable skills that will shape our journey ahead. We’re excited to see where our adventures take us and how these newfound skills will help us grow as individuals.

Stay tuned for more updates from our classroom as we continue to explore the cosmos, stay safe, and master the art of managing our emotions. Until next time!

Warm regards,

Autumn 1 

Week 7

In our PSHE lessons, we have been exploring career choices starting with the question, ‘what might influence someone’s career choice?’ Following that, the children explored what was important for them in the careers choices they have in the future. It was amazing to hear the high aspirations that all the children have. We cannot wait to see the wide variety of careers that the children choose.

Week 6

This week has been another great week for writing. We have been exploring a text about Anglo-Saxon battle scene as they were faces with an unbeatable Viking beast. King Hakon, the king of the Saxons, didn’t stand a chance. We cannot wait to see how the children will write the ending. Will the Viking defeat them all or will King Hakon manage to be beat the undefeatable?

Week 5

Our science topic this half term has been forces. This week, we have been exploring air resistance so it was the perfect time for us to drop objects down the year 5 and 6 stairs with various sized parachutes. Following very detailed predictions, we found out that larger parachutes create more air resistance because it has more surface area.

Week 4

It has been an outstanding week of the children really displaying the Park Spring ethos! We have been so impressed with the children’s effort in our PE lessons this week. They have been exploring how to use space in competitive games such as football and netball. Overtime, they will be developing greater team work to be able to problem solve in various sport or activities.

Week 3

This week this children have written amazing innovations of the story, Wolves in the Walls. You will be amazed to discover all the various animals that the children have found in the walls from dinosaurs to squirrels. All the children showed their imagination amazingly!

Week 2

What an amazing week – Aspirations Week! We have met cyclists, mental health nurses, robotics engineers, business people, authors, mathematicians, footballers, politicians, finance experts, police officers, construction engineers, television broadcasters, chefs, recruiters, actors and singers and even guide dogs! It has been so amazing, it’s a miracle we’ve fitted in all of the amazing lessons we’ve had this week too.

Week 1

This week Leeds Rhinos super-star Tom Holroyd visited us! He told us all about his journey to excellence in Rugby League and we had a chance to ask about his inspiring journey. We even had time for some photographs and signatures!


Spring 2

What are we learning?

Y5 South America Rainforest KO (3) Y5 HT3 KO Animals including humans Life cycles


Week 4

What an exciting week in Year 5, we have started writing up our rainforest poems in a first draft, and have started a new topic in Maths – all about shape.

We have also continues our learning on the Amazon rainforest, and lots of learning has been completed on the layers of the rainforest!

Week 3

This week we have been working hard on learning about different types of poems. We all competed our post assessments on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages – and everyone has made great progress! Well done Year 5!


Spring 1

What are we learning?


Y5 Saxon Viking Struggle


Y5 HT3 KO Animals including humans Life cycles


Spring Y5 KO

And our author of the half term is JK Rowling!

Week 3

This week we have finished writing our Viking reports! They look amazing and a few children have even achieved a handwriting pen as a result! Well done!

We have also had a big push on Home Learning this week – well done to all those children who have completed it!

Week 2

This week we have launched into our new Science topic and continued our learning all about the Vikings! Have a look at our knowledge organisers above for more information about the exciting goings on in our learning. We also emailed these out to parents – to allow learning to continue at home!

We’ve also started our exciting class reader – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Miss Bacchus is very excited to get reading!

Week 1

What a great week we have had! Firstly, welcome back everyone! Our big highlight of the week had to be our trip to Jorvik Viking Centre in York! We spent the day exploring the underground city of Jorvik – a Viking settlement buried deep under the city of York. We also headed over to the DIG centre, where children had a go at excavating their own artifacts, and even heard Viking tales of Thor and his hammer. The children were a credit to the school and were amazingly sensible when walking across York!

Autumn 2

Week 6

Another FAB week of learning! We have finished our debates on plastic pollution in English, producing some wonderful writing! Upper KS2 did an amazing performance for Christmas in front of parents and also got to visit Santa, in his Grotto! On Saturday morning, some Y5s joined Mrs Horan, Mr Barker, Miss Bacchus and Mr Shaw bag packing at Morrison’s to raise money for their Y6 hoodies- well done guys!

Week 5

This week, we have started to look at multiplication methods in Maths. We also finished off our Science topic off on Space, as well as our Geography topic on Coasts. The children are enjoying practising their Christmas songs and are getting excited for Christmas!

Week 4

A great week of learning, again! We have absolutely smashed Fractions in Maths, figuring out tricky questions. In English, we have continued to add to our debate on plastic pollution- the children believe we’re damaging the Earth and the use of plastic should be minimal. Upper KS2 are also practising Christmas songs for our Christmas production!

Week 3

Another great topic this week – COASTS! Year 5 have been learning all about the UK coastline. From Whitby to Plymouth. We looked at how stumps and stacks for, how arches are made, and even had a go at writing our own Travel Brochure for a coastal town. In English, we are beginning to write up about our ‘STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION’ debate – and in Maths we are finishing off our fractions unit! Here is just one of many examples of exciting learning going into books this week:

Week 2

This week, we have started studying the formation of coasts in Geography! We have discovered that erosion causes coasts, leading to stumps, stacks, arches and bays! On Friday, it was 11/11, we paid 1 minutes silence to the soldiers of WW1 and looked at how life was like in the trenches of soldiers…it seemed pretty gruesome!

Week 1

Wow! What an amazing start to Autumn 2. We have had a jam packed week of learning and have started our exciting Space topic in Science. On Thursday, we had a planetarium visit us and we got to travel through the solar system and learn about the planets!! We have produced wonderful learning on Space too!


Gracie’s Learning

Sharn’s Learning

Toby’s Learning



Autumn 1

Week 7

This week, we made cars in DT- this involved constructing the car out of wood and building a circuit to make it move!

Week 6

In Year 5 this week, we have been practising our agility and throwing and catching skills in PE. We also experimented with making pulleys in Science to make objects move!

Week 5

In PSHE, we have been looking at money management and different career choices. We have also been great artists, designing Anglo Saxon art jewellery.

Week 4

This week, we have started writing information texts on the Anglo-Saxons linking to our History topic. We also made boats out of clay to test water resistance in Science!

Week 3

We have been making parachutes in Science this week, linked to our Science topic- Can you feel the force? As well as this, Y5 have been fab mathematicians; studying place value and rounding to 100,000! In English, we have been studying our class reader The Wolves in the Walls to help inspire our story writing next week.

Week 2

This week, Year 5 started Forests Schools with Miss Carey- this involved team work in order to build dens from sticks. We have also learning about Forces in Science and conducted an experiment testing gravity!

Week 1

The children have made a great start to Year 5! We have discussed our class mission statements, rules and targets! We have stepped into the roles of Historians and have been exploring Anglo-Saxon Britain.


What are we learning about this year?

Year Group 5 Curriculum Maps (LTP and topic themes)

Summer 2

Week 4

What a busy week! On Monday, we were making robotics using our LEGO kits and the WeDo app:

Then on Wednesday – SPORTS DAY!

We finished the week with something a little different as well – A ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch for raising money for hoodies!


Week 3

This week we have been making circuits in Science with Miss Orbell. We first made a circuit, then added our DIY switches. Finally, we made circuits which had buzzers, lights and buttons!

Week 3

This week – We have been sewing in Art. We first designed our river sewing pattern, then we used dip-dye to colour some fabrics. To finish, we spent the afternoon with needles and tread, joining fabrics and sewing patterns. Here are some of the great results!

Week 4

Wow – We are continuing to smash our maths! This week we have been beginning our afternoon Maths boosters – and they’ve been a huge success!

Week 3

We are EUROVISION-CENTRIC this week in 5B. We have been given Portugal and spent Tuesday afternoon learning all about the difference in cultures between the UK and Portugal, including food, climate and buildings.

Week 2

This week we have been finishing off our decimals topic. We have added and subtracted decimal numbers and are currently writing up Henry VIII biographies for our writing wall.

Week 1

This week we have been working hard on our fractions, decimals and percentages. We have begun our new History topic all about Henry VIII and his wives.

Spring 2 term

This half term, our big topics are “Why should the rainforests be important to us all?” and “How do Artists paint jungles?”

Please find our Geography Knowledge Organiser below:

Y5 South America Rainforest KO (1)

And our Art Knowledge Organiser here:

Our class reader is the amazing illustrated novel “The Arrival”

Week 2

This week in Maths we have been focused on equivalent fractions, which has lead to some lovely learning produced by Madison and Katie:

We also had a good go at our new Art topic, and begun our journey learning to use water colours…

Week 1

This week we launched into our new topic, all about Rainforests!


Our classroom was transformed into a rainforest, with it’s own parrots and animals!

Spring 1 term

This half term, our big topics are “Were the Vikings really viscous thieves?” and “Can we compose Music for the Valkyries?”

Please find our History Knowledge Organiser here,

And our Music Knowledge Organiser here,

Our class reader is the epic tale “Viking Boy”

Week 4

What an amazing week. We have finally finished writing up our Viking reports, and they look fabulous! Have a look our writing walls for some great examples.


Week 3

For Science this week, we have investigated how life cycles differ for mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. We also began writing up our Viking reports and cannot wait to get them finished next week!

Week 2 

In PSHE, we began our topic on keeping safe in different situations! We also started getting lots of facts in our books for History – all about the Vikings.

Week 1 – Jorvik Trip

What an amazing day we had in Jorvik yesterday! Children were greeted to the underground Viking world of Jorvik city, buried under the city of York. We went on an amazing ride through an old Viking settlement, before being shown some real artefacts. After that, a Viking showed us how to make our own Viking coins, before we headed across York to the DIG centre. There, we were shown artefacts which had been found all around York, including Roman and Victorian treasure. Then, we took part in our own excavation, digging up everything we could find. Finally, we finished by looking at some Viking weapons!


Autumn 2 term 

Our Class Reader –

Week 5

This week, Year 5 have been finishing off their superb writing topic, all about Plastic pollution. It was lovely to read all about children’s arguments and persuasive language!

Week 4

This week, our highlight of the week was using “DIY” playdough to create costal features such as stacks and arches. It was great fun! We then took part in a protest about the use of plastic in school. The children loved walking round chanting outside Mrs Horan’s office.


Week 3

YET ANOTHER crazy week in Year 5, this week we’ve been making coastal features out of play dough! Some amazing caves, stacks and cracks were made! We also took part in Children in Need day on Friday and anti-bullying week all week!


Week 2

Another great week this week! We have been voting on our school council representative for the Year 5 classes. A big well done to Poppy K and Niamh who won the most votes, but also a big shout out to all those who took part in the elections! We also took part in Remembrance day activities, including the minutes silence and writing letters from the front lines.

Week 1

What a start to our Autumn 2 term! On Wednesday, we had the WONDERDOME into school. This allowed children the experience of a visiting planetarium, to help launch our new topic, WHAT IF THE SUN DIDN’T EXIST?

On Thursday afternoon, we then launched our new Geography topic, all about coasts. This involved children making their own coastline in a tray!

And then on Friday, we took part in Leeds City Council’s Scooter safety training!

Autumn 1 term 

Week 7

Year 5 have had a busy, but exciting half term! Over the last seven weeks, we have:

  • Made Parachutes,
  • Written descriptive stories,
  • Made gears and motors work with iPads,
  • Raced our own cars down the corridor!
  • Tested water resistance with sinking submarines,
  • Made our own Anglo-Saxon jewellery

We can’t wait for next half term!

Week 6

What an exciting week. This week we have had an amazing science experiment (all about water resistance), designed some amazing Anglo-Saxon artefacts and used coding to build our own working gears using LEGO. All this whilst also learning about statistics in Maths, and beginning to write our Non-Chronological reports in Writing!

Week 5

This week, we have been finishing off our Addition and Subtraction topic. We have also been learning about money in PSHE and how we use it sensibly. In computing, we did our first Digital Citizenship lesson of the year, which covered Media choices and the right choice to make when accessing media. In PE, we started our group games, playing bench ball outside! We also finished our letters back to Lucy from the wolf in the walls.

Week 4

Over the week, we have been researching and making our own parachutes, culminating in a Thursday afternoon science experiment – “What can save the maths bricks?”

This involved dropping our very own made characters and seeing what type of parachute would slow them down the most. Unfortunately Mr Shaw’s iPad wasn’t working, but let’s imagine they looked a little something like this! This week we also finished our RE topic and discussed what we valued the most in our lives, as well as writing up some amazing French – all about animals in different places!

How Does a Parachute Work? - Wisconsin Skydiving Center

Week 3

This week, we launched our latest class reader – Anglo-Saxon Boy. This ties into our fantastic Anglo-Saxon topic: ‘What happened after the Romans?’ In our first few History lessons, we have looked at how Anglo-Saxons recorded their history, and how they buried their people in long boats underground. Year 5 wrote some great notes and even designed their own timeline!

Anglo-Saxon Boy: Amazon.co.uk: Bradman, Tony, Hart, Sam: 9781406363777: Books

Week 2

In our second week back, Year 5 were focused on our new Science topic – Forces. We had a go at seeing how paper falls quicker if it is folded – and the effects that air resistance has on it. We also spent some lessons of PSHE discussing discrimination and stereotypes. Finally, on Friday, we completed our first topic day all about RE. We looked at how different religions dealt with bad choices and good choices.

The Wolves in the Walls (Book & CD): Amazon.co.uk: Gaiman, Neil, McKean, Dave: 9780747591627: Books

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