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Welcome to Year 5!

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Teacher– Mr Baker



Teacher– Mrs McNaboe


Year 5 Teaching assistants:

Miss Brooke, Miss Glastonbury, Mrs Gunning, Miss Pawson


Important dates

Reading records and leveled reading books taken home on a Monday and returned on a Friday .

PE: Tuesday and Wednesday (Come to school in PE kits)

Maths: Practise your times tables knowledge: x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 x6 x9 for this half term.


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Spring 2 term (February – April)

Our two main focuses of learning this term are Rainforests (geography) and Properties of materials (science).

For our Rainforest topic, we will be learning about South American countries, the layers of a Rainforest and the animals and plants found within this habitat. We will also be learning about deforestation and the damage this causes. What can we do to save this beautiful and unique habitat?

Then we are learning about properties of materials. We are discovering the different properties of solids, liquids and gases. Finally, we are turning to Hollywood to discover how fake blood is made in the movies! How can we make this look as effective as possible using the properties of liquids?

Our class reader this half term is Beetleboy which we are already reading and enjoying!

Spring 1 term (January – February)

Our two main focuses of learning this term are Life Cycles (science) and Vikings (history).

For our Lifecycles topic, we will be learning about the animal kingdom. This involves learning about the major groups – mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insects – and their life cycles. We will then learn about humans and how they reproduce and grow.

Then we are learning about The Vikings. This is a look into the history of the notorious raiders. We are learning about how they lived, why they raided and learn a few surprising facts that you might not know…

Luckily, we have an amazing opportunity to remotely ‘visit’ the Jorvik centre in York who will be ‘zooming’ us in January to teach us more about this topic. Below are some pictures of the gruesome weapons we learnt about. Can you spot what they are?

Here are some photos from our Viking inspired forest schools session.


Our class book this half term is ‘Viking Boy’ by Tony Bradman

Year 5 have done some fantastic non-fiction writing based on our Viking topic. Here are some FAB examples:

Remote learning in Spring 1

We have been doing some fantastic remote learning this year and although there have been challenging circumstances, we have rose to the challenge! Here are a selection of photos of the remote learning:

Planet Earth Planet Earth
This is a plea to save the planet!

Autumn 2 term (November – December)

Our two main focuses of learning this term are Space (science) and Coasts (geography).

For our Space topic, we will be learning about our Solar System, the movement of our Earth and why we have night and day and seasons. We will also be writing a letter home from Space and creating poetry based on the planets.

For our coasts topic, we will be learning about the geographical features of a coast and protesting against plastic pollution! We will also be creating a coastal vehicle in DT.

Our class book this half term is ‘Cosmic’ written by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

Autumn 1 term (September – October)

Our topic for this term is the Anglo Saxons! In particular, we will be focusing on the history of this civilization and creating some Anglo Saxon art.

In science, we are looking at forces. We will be researching water resistance, air resistance and gravity!

Our class books this half term are ‘Wolves in the Walls’ by Neil Gaiman and ‘A Poem for every day of the year’ by various poets/authors.

Recent News

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A message from the author Tom Palmer on World Book Day!

Y5 feel the love!

Year 5 made some beautiful Valentine’s day cards to give out to their loved ones. From Year 5 to you, we hope you have a wonderful half term and a lovely Valentine’s day.  

Year 5 remote learning

Remote learners have been working hard this week! We have finished our Viking stories, done lots of mini maths tests, started learning about fractions and met a Viking (virtually)! We also learnt about how respect Read more…

Year 5 ‘trip’ to the Jorvik Viking Centre

Year 5 visited the ancient Viking city of Jorvik today. We discovered the weapons used and battles fought; what their homelife was like; and also how they told their stories. Some of the questions we Read more…

Year 5 remote learning

This week, as well as working hard at writing Viking stories and dividing in maths, we have been writing messages in Viking Runes and listening to music and drawing what it makes us think of! Read more…