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Food Ambassadors

School Food Ambassadors are a team of pupils in school who are there to support the development and implementation of food policies in school and promote healthy choices in relation to food. They are the pupil voice in relation to food in school.


Our current Food Ambassadors are…








Grace M

We meet every week at School Food Ambassador Club (Monday 3.15 – 4.15)

The children set up the ‘Pay as You feel’ market stall for families on a Tuesday afternoon (the food is supplied by ‘Fuel For School’ and is food that has been intercepted from its journey to landfill but is all fit for consumption).

The team have helped to reduce the amount of food on the floor in the dining room by making signs to remind children to put food in the bin or back into their lunchbox. They have created a leaflet for parents regarding healthy packed lunch ideas. They have made a salad and a vegetable stir fry.

Their next project is to create a video to show how the school is working to support one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We currently support the goal 13 – climate action by using up the food on the market stall. More details to follow!