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Park Spring Primary School

‘Achieving Together’


Pupil Quotes

Below are some quotes from the children about different activities around school.

The best parts of the year 6 sleepover were:

Shorna – Being with all of my friends.

Molly – Making the dorms ours.

Ellesse – Getting away from our mums and dads.

Darien – This is the best night ever!

This is what year 6 think about their own class:

Emily – However we fall out we will still make friends.

Luke – When I am down, people around me make me feel better.

Ellesse – We all work as a team and when someone is upset we cheer them up.

Remeyo – The lessons are exciting and fun.

Lucy – Park Spring is a fun educational school.

Joseph – Park Spring is the best school in history because of all of the fun activities.