Welcome to
Park Spring Primary School

‘Achieving Together’


Pupil Quotes

Below are some quotes from the children about Park Spring Primary School:

Poppy- I absolutely love all of the school trips that we go on at Park Spring.

Maisha- Everyone is friendly and welcoming.

Harvey- All the teachers are welcoming and really nice.

Taylor- I love reading and this year it has been particularly nice that teachers read a class story to different classes.

Logan- The field is big and we now have lots of sports to play at playtime and dinner time.

Katie- I like the skipping ropes to play with at playtime and we have lots of space.

Romey- I like the new running track that is on the playground.

Macie-  I love that we raise money for charity by doing lots of different charities.

Frankie- I love playing in the fresh air and using the slide on the activity trail.

Louie- I love time tables rockstars and I am currently a rock hero on it!

Freya- I enjoy playing hopscotch on the new markings on the playground.

Pippa- The school dinners are nice.