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Year 5 ‘trip’ to the Jorvik Viking Centre

Year 5 visited the ancient Viking city of Jorvik today. We discovered the weapons used and battles fought; what their homelife was like; and also how they told their stories.

Some of the questions we wanted to discover were:

Who served longest on the Viking throne?

Are you natives of Iceland?

How did you start fires?

Did the Vikings stain their clothes with colours?

What was the reaction to the opening of the Jorvik Viking Centre?

Did you like your life as a Viking?

What was the most popular weapon?

Did Vikings have rules/religions that made them not be able to eat/drink something?

How did they go to the toilet?
Were animals in pens or did you let them roam free?
How did you collect them again?
Was it a boring life without technology?
Did you have any shops?
We found out loads of interesting facts which we will be using to inspire some Viking writing!