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Planet Patrol

Park Spring and Climate Change

In conjunction with Leeds City Council and Children’s Wellbeing, Park Spring is committed to the Park Spring Climate Action Route Map, to work with children and communities to plan for and manage sustainable practice in support of the minimisation of climate change.


Appendix 2 - draft Climate Action Route Map for Schools and Settings

The Aims of the CARM

  1. To communicate with parents and the community about Climate Change
  2. To review the coverage of climate change within the school curriculum.
  3. To refine processes on the school site to minimize the effects of climate change as a result of the school setting.
  4. To involve children and governors in the planning and implementation of the program.

Planet Patrol – eco club

Given the ‘futures’ focus of Climate action, at Park Spring we recognise that is is critical to engage our students and to communicate the facts regarding climate change. Planet Patrol’s aim is to encourage interest and involvement in our student’s at Park Spring giving them responsibility to make their own decisions about the changes they want to see in school and the opportunity to improve their own school environment, highlighting the importance of environmentally friendly practices.

Our Climate Actions So Far

  • KS2 supported Leeds City Council’s Woodland Creation project with their goal of planting nearly 6 million trees to double the tree canopy cover in the city in response to the climate emergency by planting trees on Houghside Playing Fields.
  • Park Spring Primary children have all engaged in Cop26 activities and were encouraged to communicate their knowledge with their families  and their local community.
  • Park Spring Primary children have all engaged in Global Recycling Day activities and were encouraged to communicate their knowledge with families and their local community.
  • Planet Patrol have successfully pushed for the recycling of paper, plastic and food waste on the school site.
  • Planet patrol children have used posters to communicate the challenges we all face.
  • Planet Patrol children have devised a routine for monitoring the recycling on the school site.
  • School council have appointed regular litter pickers to ensure litter and waste is not left on the school site.
  • School council are exploring the climate change implications with the school catering team and are pushing for ‘Meatless Monday‘ to become a weekly practice.


Meet this year’s KS1 Planet Patrol

Autumn 2

This term, Planet Patrol have had lots of fun creating recycled paper from our used shreds; conducting scavenger hunts on the school’s grounds; and making art using items found in nature.


Autumn 1

This term, Planet Patrol have had lots of fun checking on the school’s recycling habits and teaching their peers about recyclable and non-recyclable materials.  They have also spent time learning about the importance of insects in our environment and have created insect motels so that our local creepy crawlies will have a safe place to live.