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Murton Park 2019!

On Wednesday, Year 4 went back in time to the Saxon ages and learnt what life was like for a villager working in and defending their village. The day started with outfit changes, where the girls put on their wimples and the boys dressed in tunics. Shortly after the teachers reluctantly became the childrens ‘slaves’ – which excited the year 4’s greatly. 


The jam-packed day was full of real life, day to day tasks that would take place in a Saxon village: bread making, pottery moulding, collecting firewood, preparing the ground for planting plus the most thrilling activity which was learning how to guard the village in case of an attack. 


The trip was brought to life by the fantastic staff at Murton Park – who led the day in role. The fierce Lord was not someone to be reckoned with. 


At lunch time the children were invited into the great hall where they ate and entertained the Lord during his meal. 


“This is the BEST TRIP EVER!” Jack 

” My favourite part was watching Mr Shaw dress up and have water poured down his head!” Ella 

“Why can’t we go every day?” Anonymous

” My favourite part of Murton Park was getting to do some gardening! I even saw a worm!” Alfie N


What a joy it was to see the children so engaged and active all day, our trip has inspired us all and we are so excited to see what the children will learn during this Learning Challenge.