Year 6 leavers party

Year 6 had a fantastic leavers party and will remember all the fun that they had!

We started the night by playing some traditional party games including pass the parcel (the children loved this, especially the boys!) They were surprised as we were when the parcels and prizes just kept coming and coming. Then we played the balloon game where they had to pass a balloon between each others legs (not using their hands), they found this quite a challenge! We had to change it to the quickest team to pass the balloon under and over.

We then had our pizza and chips for tea, with pop and a funky Hawaiian straw! We then had to wrap Miss Benson, Mr Barker, Mrs Fowler and Miss Poppleton up as mummy’s in a time challenge to see who won! Miss Benson came 4th, Miss Poppleton 3rd, Mrs Fowler 2nd and Mr Barker 1st!

We then went outside for our water fight and while Miss Benson was explaining the rules Mrs Fowler and Miss Poppleton secretly were filling up their water pistols, then they chased Year 6 around the field! We had our water fight and the children were smiling even though it wasn’t the best weather and some of them were soaked!

We had to go back inside to dry off and then just before we went home we had strawberries and marshmellows in the chocolate fountain and sweeties to take home.

Thank you to those who helped organise, bought supplies, set up, clear up, took part, photographer and FOPS for their donated money! You have given Year 6 a memory that they will remember for ever!