Year 6 ‘doing it for themselves’

Today in Year 6, Park Spring pupils were ‘doing it for themselves’ in 6B by teaching each other skills they have learnt over the past few weeks. It was wonderful to see how the children have gained in confidence. What a great way to end the term.

Maddy and Charlie taught their students how to divide fractions by a whole. They commented “Tafara and Jake did really well, they got through lots of the questions but needed a bit of help simplifying.”

Lenni had a go at explaining Ratio and Proportion. Lenni said “Cali has done really well because she has filled her page and listened really well.”

Osato recapped on parallel and perpendicular lines with her group. It went well, Osato was especially impressed with Bradley because he listened and got on with the tasks she set him.

Alfie, Josh and Marcus taught dividing fractions. They felt good teaching because they now know what it is like to be in control of the class. They mentioned Grace and how great she was.

Jake was teaching SATS style comprehension skills. He set some questions, which Alfie and Tyler did really well in. It was incredible to see Jake teaching, he was sharing mistakes he had made in the past and encouraging his class to not make the same mistakes.

Cali and Kaydee were doing a fun, poster, guided reading lesson. The children in their group had to research and make posters about what they had learnt. Osato and Dean massively impressed them due to the extensive amount of work that they completed.

Tafara lead a fantastic session, with Minions as a theme for her reading. They were answering questions about a video. The lesson was prepared with detail, by Tafara and her students engaged fully.

Grace and Lewis lead an Arithmetic session that would have made Mr Barker proud, whilst Dean imparted his excellent English understanding to the biggest group of the day.

Mrs Munton was so impressed at the high quality lessons the children delivered. 6B have made her very proud today.