Year 4’s camp over

It was so hard to choose from the many amazing pictures we had of our day, but here are a selection! We had so much fun, and the kids were just brilliant and got involved with every single thing we did, such as shelter building, putting up our tents, cooking on a trangier, adventurous team building activities, camping games, nightline, and treasure hunting. What a day!

IMG_3712 IMG_3705 IMG_2225 IMG_3683 IMG_3679 IMG_3650 IMG_3749 IMG_3735 IMG_3729 IMG_3719 IMG_3718 IMG_3508 IMG_3507 IMG_3506 IMG_3513 IMG_3511 IMG_3525 IMG_3517 IMG_3514 IMG_3565 IMG_3560 IMG_3559 IMG_3552 IMG_3754 IMG_2236