Year 3/4 Pudsey park trip

On Tuesday 2nd June Year 3 and 3/4 took the long walk… to Pudsey Park. Here they met Robert the parks officer. Robert told the group about all the local animals in the reservation area at Pudsey Park and how you would see these all around Pudsey. The children particualrly loved Magnus the fish! They had to be really quiet while Robert tried to coax him out with food. Year 3/4 throughly enjoyed interviewing the trees and finding out lots about them including how old they were. Lucy decided to see if the equation worked on adults and measured Miss Benson and she was very surprised with what she found out! It was a beautiful day and the childen extended their knowledge on plants (including a orange flowered tree that looked like a bird), trees (oranges and figs) and the trees leaves. I hope the children enjoyed it as much as the adults and I am sure that Robert would like a visit from the children again soon! Thank you to everyone who helped out.