Year 3 Sleepover

We had an absolutely fantastic time in year 3 during our sleepover!

During the day, we did lots of team-building activities, such as scavenger hunts, den buildings and team races. We had a great time, although we did get a bit wet!

img_0052 img_0060


We had to work in teams to do lots of different activities. It was really fun!



Den building was great – we had 15 minutes to create a den or we were going to get rained on!



We had to use the caterpillar and work as a team to be able to move forwards. We found it challenging, but when we worked together we had a super time.


This was the spider web. We had to get through it without touching any of the threads, which was a real challenge. We were then set an even trickier challenge where we had to hold hands and make our way through in a line as a team!



We did some great parachute games – it was easier to get the ball to fall off the parachute, but it was much more challenging getting it into the middle! We really had to work as a team.

In the evening, we were really lucky and got to make our own pizzas! In pairs we made the dough and added the toppings and sauce. We were allowed either margaritas or pepperoni pizzas – yum!




We had a fantastic time in the evening too with all the different activities – we did crafts, zumba and were even allowed to go on the activity trail blindfolded! It was super fun to work as a team.

Later on, we went out onto the field and sat around a campfire singing lots of lovely songs – it was great to be out on the field at night, although it was really dark! We even got to try smores, which were super tasty.

After all of the excitement, we were all really tired, so we got into our pyjamas and had a hot chocolate while watching a nice, relaxing film. We tried to stay up really late, but lots of us fell asleep straight away. We’d love to do it again!