Year 3 Sleepover 13.10.17

Last week, year 3 had a sleepover at school. We had an amazing time!

First, we had a playtime then set up our bedrooms. The children were so excited, they ended up getting into their PJs straight away!

After that, we went and made pizzas with Chef Mahoney, who showed us how to mix the batter and roll it carefully. Luckily we made a spare one as Miss Stone accidentally dropped one when it was ready!

Next, we did a carousel of activities. We did different games with Mrs McWhinnie, Halloween cards with Miss Haigh, karaoke with Miss Diaper and ping pong with Miss Wood. It was really exciting to do all the different activities.

Finally, we watched some of the Minions movie (and TWO children lost teeth within two minutes of each other!) before getting into bed. Miss Stone, Miss Del Brocco, Miss Brook and Mr Barker were all kind enough to read bedtime stories to each bedroom.

In the morning, we tidied up the bedrooms, had toast and cereal for breakfast, and did some colouring and watching the rest of the Minions film while we waited for our families.

We had a great time!

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