Year 3 Sleepover

On Friday 17th January, year 3 had a extraordinary night in school. They stayed behind after everyone else had gone and got to spend the evening in school. The evening started off by picking team names and organising their living quarters for the night. After that their was a cooking masterclass from Mrs Munton on how to make pizzas before the fantastic Auntie Joan cooked them for us to eat. Yum Yum. How often do you get to play around in the school grounds at night? Well that was the next activity for year 3, with a night line working on team work and giving and listening to instructions. This was followed by a treasure hunt where there were some very tricky things to find. In fact, some of the children are still looking for tartan paint, so please help them out! Mr Barker’s chocolate bar challenge was the next obsticle for the evening and in a extreemly close contest it was just won by Joseph, Leo and Lins. A nighttime film was followed by hot chocolate and buscuits before the tired children went to bed and they must have been tired because even Mr Parker banging on a drum at 7:30 in the morning wasn’t enough to wake some of them up! After eventually waking up the children had to hunt their breakfast before tucking in. After tidying up in was home time for the children and the tired teachers. Thank you to Mr Barker, Miss Benson, Mr Wilson and Mrs Munton for giving up their time to help out at the sleepover and to Auntie Joan for cooking tea.

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