WW2 day year 5 and 6

On Monday 27th January the delightful year 5 and 6 children were transported (with the help of a spoonful of imagination) back in time to 1939. (When WW2 began!) Without warning the children had to face a terrifying air raid rehearsal, not knowing if they would make it out alive.


After an interesting, interactive timeline, the children created their own model of anAndersonshelter, using tin cans, cork boards and craft materials. The designs were very creative.


Mr B (the warden) brought in a range of primary sources for all the children to learn from. He also commented on how wonderful the children’s behaviour was throughout the day which has made Mrs Munton, Miss Blake, Mrs Fowler and Mrs Clarke very proud!


A big thank you for parents’ help with the outfits! Year 5 and 6 will be having an assembly on Thursday afternoon at 2:45 to showcase all the students work. Please feel free to join them!