Winter music celebration


Yesterday Key Stage 2 had their Winter music celebration event. The children were given an opportunity to show their instrument playing skills.

First we listened to Year 4 play the drums. It was amazing to watch them listening carefully and repeating the beat. You could see the skill involved in tapping certain parts of the drum (the outside and the middle).

img_5852 img_5861

We then listened to Year 3 play the recorder. Mrs Cook sang with the tune with them first and then they played it on the recorder. 5 Year 3 children who have shown a improving musical talent played in a group and showed their ability to learn a song very quickly (they had only learnt it that morning).


Year 5 ‘wowed’ the school when they self conducted their class when performing a sailor went to sea! It was lovely to see the children using the music stands too!

img_5871 img_5874

Finally we saw 2 groups of Year 6 children play the steel pans. It was amazing and it is a beautiful instrument to listen to. The children played Walking In a Winter Wonderland and this put the parents, teachers and all the children in a festive spirit.

Thank you to everyone who made the time to come!