War of the Roses

History came alive today as Year 6 travelled back to the start of the Tudor period.  The final battle of  War of the Roses took place in 3 stages to decide who would be king: Richard III or Henry VII?

Stage one tested Year 6’s design and technology skills, with the challenge of creating a replica Tudor set of armour, using every day household items. The designs were sturdy, stylish and realistic. Yorkshire won this round!

Stage two put Year 6’s musical abilities to the test as there was a rap battle … Yorkshire VS Lancaster. The teams had to create a chant/rap to intimidate their opponent whilst inspiring and motivating their team-mates. A huge well done to Owen and Jordan for going solo at the end. Lancaster won this round.

Stage three was a re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth, where the counties had to launch soft balls at their opponent in order to win.

Lancaster won the day!

Thank you to all the children for giving it 100%