Using GMS in Maths

We’ve been trying some really challenging new methods in maths recently and year 3 have had a super attitude towards their learning!

We’ve been trying to self-evaluate our learning and think about how we feel about all the new maths we are trying, and so the children are encouraged to think about what zone they feel they are in. It is important for the children to know if they are in the comfort, stretch or panic zone so that they can seek support if they need it.

In 3b, we have a new display where children can think about their own learning and decide if they are in the comfort, stretch or panic zone. It’s fantastic because it’s really easy to see what we as a class need to keep practising and who needs a bit more of a challenge.



The children have also been reflecting on their learning in their books, which means that any adult can look in their book and see how they felt about their learning. It’s really interesting to see how well the children can evaluate themselves during their learning!

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