Team Challenge

Team challenge tonight was exciting and nerve racking as Year 5 had to complete 4 nail biting challenges.

Firstly, the group had to work as a team whilst having bench races. This encouraged communication and perseverance.

Secondly, the children had to cooperate to sit on each other’s knee…whilst in a circle. This proved to be very difficult but when they split into girls and boys they managed to succeed!

Thirdly, the team had to work together to unravel a web of string, which they completed quickly and efficiently because they all played different roles. Some sat back and let other children lead and some put forward their ideas.

The final task was to create a device to hold water in then complete a head to head race to see who could use their new design to win.   The boys won because they created 2 designs to use. Well done lads!

Tonight we had some brilliant discussions about teamwork and the benefits of listening to each other! I am proud of the progress the children are making! Mrs Munton