News - Year 4

year 4 Fundamentals

Year 4 have had a fantastic time at fundamentals this afternoon! It’s been a very active few weeks, and lovely […]

Star readers in 4A

Well done to Lola (who wasn’t here for this!) Lauren, Grace, Jasmine, Charlie, Lillian, Daisy and Ruach for being amazing […]

Year 4 production

We are so proud of year 4 for their fantastic effort in their play, and we hoped you enjoyed it […]

Year 4’s camp over

It was so hard to choose from the many amazing pictures we had of our day, but here are a […]

Electricity in 4A

We’ve had fun trying to make a circuit to light a light bulb – the children figured it out all on […]

4A starting their Anglo Saxon villages

4A had a lot of fun this afternoon beginning their Anglo Saxon villages – they’re off to a really good […]

Our science event

4A taught their families all about the digestive system today, and it was messy, and a bit gross, but hopefully lots of […]

Grid co-ordinates in 4A’s Geography

Year 4 have had fun this afternoon creating a jigsaw of a map of the UK, and then wrote on […]

Christmas dinner

Today was Christmas dinner time at Park Spring where for one day only staff serve the children their dinner and […]

Our Riotous Royals Parent event

What a fantastic time we had at our celebration event this morning! We are so proud of the children for […]

Choir singing in Morrison’s

Today several members of the choir sang their hearts out in Morrison’s to raise money for Love the One. We […]

Friday fun celebrating children in need

Park Spring have had a chaotic but amazing day celebrating children in need. Some children from Year 5/6 went bag […]

Year 4’s art gallery

We had a great time at our art gallery opening today! Thanks to everyone who could make it. We are […]

Making our robot sculptures in 4A

4A had a very fun (but very messy!) lesson on Tuesday afternoon, making our robot sculptures. Thank you to everyone […]

4A made delicious jam sandwiches!

In year 4 we have been writing instructions. Today, we made up a set of instructions for how to make a […]

School council meeting news

Today School Council have been busy coming up with fund raising ideas to make Park Spring a better place. This […]

Writing in 4A

4A came up with some amazing ideas for their writing today. We were focusing on using new, exciting, challenging vocabulary and […]

Art in 4A

The children’s creativity has continued this week. We have learned about Megan Duncanson and her art, inspired by nature. Look […]

New School Food Ambassadors!

I am proud to announce our our new School Food Ambassadors for this year: Imogen and Ruach. We have had […]

4b’s what inspires an artist day

Last Thursday Year 4 spent the day getting ‘arty’, showcasing their creative side, for part of their learning challenge ‘what inspires […]

Year 4A’s Art Day Hook

Year 4A have found out that they are all artists today! We began by going into the nature garden to […]

Maths games in 4A

4A had an amazing time yesterday playing a place value game!

Reading Eggs and Mathletics

Stars of the Year

Here are the stars of the year!

100% attendance all year!

Transition week in Year 4

What a fantastic transition week! The new year 4’s are happy, excited, and have done so well in all of […]

Year 4 Sports Festival

Year 4 had a great time at their sports festival yesterday. We were so proud of their enthusiasm and participation […]

Calypso the Indian Tortoise!

Miss Middleton had a real surprise for year 4 today as a reward for all their fantastic learning in their India […]

Year 4 Science

Year 4 had fun yesterday experimenting with the properties of gases. First, we explored what happens when a sponge is submerged […]

What a state!

Today in science, 4B tested the state of different foods, turning them from solids to liquids – and back again! […]

Summer fair

Year 4A have had so much messy fun this afternoon making their corner bookmarks for the Summer Fair! It was […]

‘Big Sing’ at Leeds Town Hall

15 children from the choir and across KS2 participated in a ‘Big Sing’ event at the beautiful Leeds Town hall […]

KS2 music celebration assembly

KS2 celebrated their musical abilities yesterday by performing for the rest of KS2 and their parents. We had an amazing […]



Year 4 have had an absolutely amazing experience at the year 4 camp over! Before we could start our activities, […]

4As super star home readers!

Wow, well done to these 6 children who read at home every single week last half term! Many of these […]

Year 4’s India morning

Year 4 had lots of fun in their India morning. We loved creating Mendhi designs, and the children (and some […]

The story of Rama and Sita

Year 4 started their new Literacy topic with a bang today, acting out the story of Rama and Sita as […]


Some of year 4 and year 6 had a great time at the triathlon! Some amazing swimming, running and cycling […]

Year 4 exploring area and perimeter

Year 4 had a really fun time using their problem solving skills! The poor animals had no home and we were […]

Behaviour Role Model!

Congratulation to Harley for been our Behaviour Role Model in 4B this week! Harley has been showing 5, using his […]

Reading Eggs 19.05.17

Star readers 19.05.17

Here are the KS2 star readers of this week!

KS2 tag ruby tournament.

Some children in KS2 had a lovely day out at the tag rugby finals at  The John Charles Center Of […]

All about the British Empire!

Year 4 had fun this afternoon, learning all about the British Empire during Queen Victoria’s reign! We found the countries […]

Musical instruments in science

Year 4 had a fantastic time making their own instruments in science and learned, very enthusiastically, all about how sound […]

Year 4’s ‘silent debate’

A first for 4A …. complete silence!! We really enjoyed debating the question “should children have to do tests” in […]

‘Love Food, Hate Waste Club’ returns to Park Spring!

The third set of ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ cooking sessions has now begun! This week we used some food from […]

Year 4’s “Riotous Royals” day!

Year 4 had a very exciting day yesterday learning all about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings. Check […]

4B Anglo-Saxon Parents Celebration Event

  Thank you to all of those parents who were able to come and celebrate the learning we have done […]

Our star home learners!

Wow! Well done to these 5 children who read 3 times at home every week this half term! They have earned […]

Our Anglo Saxon Celebration Event

Thank you so much to all of the parent’s who attended. The children were so excited to show you their […]

Race for Love 30.3.17

Today we held our first ever Race for Love event at Park Spring. It started off as a small fundraising […]

LEGO experience!

Wow! What an amazing time 4B have had at the LEGO experience! First, we created a helicopter spinner, using a […]

The Digestive System

You’re never too old for play dough! Year 4 have had a great time making different parts of the digestive system and […]

Digital leaders blog

 The digital leaders received an email yesterday about their enthusiastic blog entry. They sent back the following: I’m just emailing […]

Magic Squares

Today, year 4 had a go at solving some Magic Squares, where the numbers in each column and row have […]

The Digestive System!

4B really enjoyed putting together an information text about the digestive system. They used play-doh to carefully form the different […]

LTO fundraiser

Park Spring’s got talent

There was some amazing talent on show at Park Spring’s got talent last night. So much so that the judges […]

Shrove Tuesday

Today, we had pancakes to celebrate Lent and discussed the importance of this holiday to Christians. What are you going […]

Teeth experiment!

Yesterday, 4B looked at the different teeth in our mouths. To help us understand the jobs of the teeth, we […]

An Anglo Saxon Village

We had a great time yesterday, designing, drawing and annotating our own Anglo Saxon village! We explained why the settlement […]

Fun with French!

Year 4 have been busy revising their French numbers 1-12 in a game of hopscotch.

Beowulf Drama

We have started our new class book, Beowulf, and are loving learning even more about the Anglo Saxons through this […]


Year 4 have been learning about our digestive system and how food goes on an amazing journey through our bodies. […]

Internet safety day at Park Spring

KS2 have been having an exciting time learning about internet safety. They have been looking at how photos give information […]

Digital leaders

              The digital leaders have been really busy this evening with their 2nd module online. They have learnt lots […]

Love of reading

It was nice to see 4B enjoying some time in the reading corner last week with a good book!

LED Bugs!

Over this half term, year 4 have been looking at electricity. Today, we put our knowledge to the test to […]

Murton Park

Year 4 had an amazing time at Murton Park! We learned all about the Anglo Saxons, who they were and […]


Continuing to build circuits, this time with home made switches! Lots of fun all round!  

Science – Electricity

We have been investigating how electricity works, how to make circuits and light bulbs, learning about some famous scientists and […]

Library Mascot Competition – Love our library

We need to love our library! As part of this we have launched a competition for children to design a […]

Learning and perseverance in year 4

In year 4 we have been using our growth mindsets and attempting challenges. The children were so keen to continue […]


  Today, year 4 had a very important visitor. Paul the electrician came  to help us learn about how to stay […]

Christmas sing along at Park Spring

Robot Sculptures!

Wow, year 4A had a very messy, very fun time making our robot sculptures! Thank you to everyone who contributed […]

Reading canon books!

Ever class in KS2 was presented with a set of books from their reading cannon to go in their reading […]

The Real Junk Food Project at Park Spring!

Last week we had an assembly delivered by ‘Fred the Fox’ and Kevin, the leader of ‘Fuel for School’ (the […]

Winter music celebration

Yesterday Key Stage 2 had their Winter music celebration event. The children were given an opportunity to show their instrument […]

Halloween Disco 20.10.16

  Lots of fun was had at the halloween disco last night and the staff were impressed by some of […]

Flight around the world!

To celebrate the end of our topic, year 4 have been working hard to create presentations on different countries. We […]

Park Spring celebrates Black History

At Park Spring to celebrate Black History we were lucky to have some visitors! The children in Year 5 and […]

Little Red Riding Hood play script

In year 4 we have been learning to write play scripts. To get started, we read and acted out our […]

year 4 – measuring capacity in maths for our magic potions!

In year 4 we have been learning about how to measure capacity. We made our own invisibility, strength and super […]

Y4 Camp Over is off to a great start….!

Y4 Camp Over Information

Camping Information Pack 2016

Lots of learning at Temple Newsam!

All of the year 3 and 4 children went to Temple Newsam today. We made links in our learning about […]

Nature garden signs

We had a fantastic time with Zoe and Marcus on Monday this week! We found materials to make signs for […]

Seeds from space!

We are space biologists! The children in Key Stage 2 were able to take part in an historic experiment… planting […]

How does your garden grow?

In years 3 and 4 we have been learning about plants and drawing plants. We are studying Georgia O’Keefe and […]

Roman day in year 3/4!

We had a feast, made shields, catapults, broaches, bracelets and coins! It was a great day – thanks to all […]

World Book Day

It was a fantastic day last week – it was brilliant to see the brilliant effort put in by all. […]

Year 3/4 Christmas production

Wow! The children have written and performed an amazing performance… they persevered with learning their lines. They sung French songs, […]

KS2 Music celebration event

Thank you to everyone who took part in the KS2 Christmas celebration event. All the children were very brave and […]

Year 3/4 Production rehearsals…

We have written the play and now we are rehearsing it. If you would like to help make props or […]

Halloween disco

WW1 topic in 3/4 A

We have had a great time creating art linked to armistice day, writing ration books and thinking of how different […]

Year 3/4B Lego Experience

Year 3/4B had an amazing experience at Crawshaw carrying out loads of Lego challenges. Over the two morning’s they made […]

Black history day in year 3/4

Today we have had a fantastic morning celebrating Black History Day. We have been looking at each others learning logs […]

Maths magic in year 3/4

We have had a fantastic time in year 3/4 making 3D shapes out of spaghetti and marshmallow and plastic polydrons. […]

Year 3/4

Year 3/4 have had an exploding start to the year. In topic, we have been learning about volcanoes and compared […]

Mathletics: The Great Gold Bar Challenge

The great Gold Bar Challenge has finally come to an end and we are now busy collating the scores. We […]

Year 3/4

Year 3/4 had fun completing a science experiment using orange juice, as cracker and a zip lock bag! They mushed […]

Textiles Club

Throughout Spring term 2 Year 5 and Year 4 children have attended a Textiles Club after school on Thursdays. They […]

Virtual Learning Environment

Year 3 and 4 are using the schools new Virutal Learning Enviornment (VLE). There homework this week is set on […]

Roman Catapults

Over this half term, year 3 and 4 have been learning about the Roman’s. Last week, they were looking at […]

Maths Investigators Day

This week saw Park Spring host a maths investigation day for children from our school and from the schools in […]

Reading Eggs

On the last week of term your child should have brought home a password and username for Reading Eggs / […]

School Council trip to the Houses of Parliament

  On Monday 18th November the School Concil went to London the visit the Houses of parliament. They were accompanied […]

Visit from local MP Stuart Andrew

Today was an exciting day for the school council, as they had an important visit from their local MP Stuart […]

School Council

School councillors have just been announced with the following results. Your school councillors will meet on a regular basis to […]


The current year 4 and 5 children have been given homework over the summer holidays to prepare them for life […]

Circus Day

On the 17th July the circus came to town! Super Steve and Hilarious Harry put on a show the children […]

Year 3/4 Trip

On Friday 28th June year 3 and 4 went on their trip to Leeds Museum. Whilst there they visited the […]

Ofsted Visit 2nd and 3rd July 2013

Dear parents and carer, For your information; The school is being inspected (tomorrow) Tuesday 2nd July and Wednesday 3rd July. […]

Mathletics Gold

Congratulations to Isobel who has now achieved her Gold certificate for Mathletics. She has had to work hard for the past 20 weeks […]

Ancient Egypt

On Tuesday 23rd April, year 3 and 4 took part in an Ancient Egyptian day. The children heard Egyptian stories […]

Easter Egg Competition

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Easter Egg Competition. There were some fantastic entries but unfortunately only 1st, […]

Solids and Liquids

In Year 3 and 4 they have been learning lots about solids and liquids. They have learnt what they are, […]

Anglo Saxons

Year 3 and 4 are currently working on their learning challenge of the Anglo-Saxons. They have found out lots of […]

Sports Trip

10 children from year 4 attended a sports event at Crawshaw. They got to take part in 3 different activities […]

Year 4 festival

Selected Year 4’s will be attending a sporting event at Crawshaw on Tuesday 4th December. These children will hopefully have lots of […]

Running Club

Every Monday from 3.15 – 4.15 Don’t forget your running gear: T-shirt Jogging bottoms Tracksuit top (now its getting cold!) […]


Year 3 and Year 4 are currently learning about the Romans in their topic. They are looking at how they […]