News - Maths

8 Times Tables in 3b

3b were introduced to the 8 times tables today. They looked pretty tricky, but we had a go at drawing […]

Practical maths in year 3

In year 3, we are learning how to add and subtract using 3-digit numbers. In maths, we were allowed to […]

Y5 Make Roman Numerals

Year 5 have been working on Roman numerals in maths and this week have used colourful lolly sticks and pencils […]

Using GMS in Maths

We’ve been trying some really challenging new methods in maths recently and year 3 have had a super attitude towards […]

Year 3/4 A – Were the Romans Rotten?

Year 3/4 A have been focused on their new learning challenge about the Romans. They have also enjoyed some hands […]

Mathletics awards

Well done to Cian and Olivia for getting their gold certificates!  

Mathlete of the Week

Congratulations Asmi on your ‘Gold Mathletics’ award this week. You have worked very hard and we are all very proud […]

Maths Investigators Day

This week saw Park Spring host a maths investigation day for children from our school and from the schools in […]