Small mammals

We were really lucky, we managed to trap two mice today, we had a good look at them, and then released them into the wild! The teachers, Alex and Ellie, said that the children are behaving impeccably, so we are really proud of them all! It is lovely to see the children persevere, attack new challenges and help each other in order to succeed.

Katie, Charlie, Adam, Harry, Teagh Daniel and Julia have all been answering questions well. Katie suggested re-setting the traps to see if we can catch some more mammals, fingers crossed!

Summer managed to keep quiet as a mouse ran over her boots, and Harry stayed still as a mouse crawled under his leg…We are now going to have a Geo Journey around the local area using iPads and navigation aids.

IMG_8024 IMG_8034 IMG_8037 IMG_8042 IMG_8050