Science after Sats

After the sats we had a week of science. In our week of sceince we did changing materials.  When we did changing materials we watched videos of  eggs been fried , milk heated and butter heated.  With heat we found an egg changes into a solid and chocolate from a solid to a liquid.


Our investigation about forces…..

On friday  in the hall in mixed abilty groups we had a ramp, three wooden bricks and tape mesure and a sheet of paper. At first we put one brick under the ramp then we would put the car on  the top of the ramp next we woud measure how far the car travelled.  Then we would measure and record how far the car went.Then we would  put another wooden brick on top of the first one and record how far it travelled.  We found in most cases the higher the ramp the further the car travelled. 


by Joseph, Kyedan, Jacob and Mason

































































We did forces as well and on Friday we had an investigation ….