Schools Tour De Yorkshire Cycle Relay

On Tuesday 27th June four of our Year 6 pupils took part in the Schools Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Relay. This was a huge event where children and young people from 95 schools across Yorkshire took part in a cycling relay starting on 12th June 2017 to celebrate national Bike Week. The baton travelled 395km (245 miles) from the start in Sheffield to its final destination in Leeds. The baton was passed from school to school and we took the penultimate leg using the new Cycle Superhighway to pass the baton on to the last school who took it to the final event in Leeds. It was a long way to cycle as we had to get back to school as well but the children did a brilliant job and were very confident on their bikes.


Edwards recount of the event

We met at the officer and found our instructor waiting for us. We were safety briefed before the others arrived. and…we were off! Downhill, downhill, flat, bridge, uphill, sigh. Flat. Uphill. Push, push. Still uphill. Sigh. Continue. Canal. A scenic view just beside as one by one we enter the tunnels. The end of our journey there, time to go back. Journey halted as we received a puncture. The journey ends.