School Curriculum

Park Spring Primary School follows the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We use the Literacy and Mathematics Frameworks to guide English and Mathematics teaching.

Children learn knowledge, skills and understanding through a range of topics in foundation subjects.

Key Stage One pupils also learn to read, spell and write using the phonics programme Letters and Sounds. Key Stage Two teachers use a range of strategies and support for spelling.

School has a wide range of reading materials which children can take home to support their learning. The main home reading books that we use are Oxford Reading Tree which is supplemented with Jelly and Bean as well as others. In school we supplement these schemes with an extensive choice of books to ensure children read a diverse range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Children read a mixture of Rigby Star and Navigator fiction and non-fiction books in class. They also gain breadth by reading classic children’s literature and titles by familiar authors. Each class also has a weekly Library slot which allows the children to have an independent choice of which book they would like to take home as well. The children enjoy the independence of this.


Current Reading Canon 2016/17


Please click the link below to view the latest reading canon list: Whole School Reading Canon


Our current school curriculum can be viewed below for each year group:


Y1 LTP 2016 – 2017

Y2 LTP 2016 – 2017

Y3 LTP 2016 – 2017

Y4 LTP 2016 – 2017

Y5 LTP 2016 – 2017

Y6 LTP 2016 – 2017


PSHE Scheme of Work 2016/17



PHSE Jan to July 2017 Curriculum



For further information on the school curriculum, please visit the following website: