School Council trip to the Houses of Parliament


On Monday 18th November the School Concil went to London the visit the Houses of parliament. They were accompanied by Miss Murphy, Mrs Houghton, Miss Brook and Mrs Lamming.

They met at Leeds train station at 6.30am and were soon on their way to London. They had a tour around Kings Cross Station, stopping at Platform 9 3/4 for a quick photo shoot! The children then got the Tube to Westminster and were awed by the sight of Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) and The Palace of Westminster. After a snack we commenced our tour of Portcullis House. We used the tunnel under the road to enter the Houses of Parliament, passing the statues of a unicorn and a lion (the symbols for the Queen). The children were astounded at the beautiful Palace of Westminster! They really did take it all in and during the tour of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the children asked some really good questions. At the end of the tour the children took part in a pupil voice workshop with a school from London. They then met our local MP, Stuart Andrews. He had run from the station to meet us; he was worried he would be late as his train had been delayed! After a short question and answer session we returned to Kings Cross on the tube, and safely got the train back to Leeds for 5.30. It was an amazing day and we all learnt a lot from it.