Rounders tournament

Y6/y5 rounder’s tournament match report by Jacob and Tyler

First thing at quarter-to 9 we all rushed to school, got changed into the blue and white Park Spring Primary kit. Eventually we were all ready and bolted outside to go practice for the tournament with the corky ball. We finally got there in Mrs Shaw and Mrs Fotherby’s cars.

We got on the pitch and practiced (bowling, bases, backstop and batting).

We played 6 games.

Our six game was Waterloo and we drew 5½ rounder’s
Speaking of teams we played:
– Park spring vs St Bart’s
– we won!
– Park spring vs waterloo
– we won!
– Park spring vs all girls team
– we won!
– Park spring vs Bramley St peters
– we won!
– Park spring vs Rycroft
– we won!