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Hi, my name is George and I am in reception. My favourite books is Room On The Broom. I absolutely LOVE the dragon in this book especially when he chases the witch to eat her! My mummy reads this to me before bed and Miss Horner and Mrs Fotherby read it in class. On Room On The Broom day in reception I decided to dress up as the dragon to show that this is my favourite book!



Hello, my name is Matilda or Tilly for short. I really enjoy reading Horrid Henry’s Birthday Party. I like it because it has lots of action where the characters have fun in it and I love the pictures especially how it shows them doing things.

When reading the book I always pretend I am the character. My favourite character to read as is Lazy Linda, because as I read she makes me feel tired and I yawn. When interviewing me Miss Benson even took a video of me doing this!

Thank you for reading about our favourite books. Keep up to date on her to soon see a member of staffs favourite book, who will it be?


Mrs Horan’s favourite children book at the moment is Hetty Feather by Rosaline Wilson. She is currently reading this with Imogen.

This story is about a young girl who is abandoned by her mother at the Foundling Hospital as a baby and follows her story as she lives in a foster home before returning to the Foundling Hospital as a curious 5-year-old.

Mrs Horan’s reason for liking this book are that she enjoys reading books which have a historical background and that this story is set in the Victorian Era. Also Hetty’s full of mischief and she stands up for the rights of others even when it gets her into lots of trouble with Matron Bottemly. There is also a twist to the story as Hetty finds out who her real mother is.

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