RE in Year 3

In Year 3, we are learning about how beliefs are expressed through art. We will be looking at how different religions use art to express the teachings of their religions.

This week we started off by learning about the 99 names of Allah. We learned that, in the Islamic faith, Muslims are not allowed to paint or draw pictures of Allah, and so instead they write one of the many names for Allah and use patterns to decorate it. We learned some of the names that Muslims have for Allah, tried writing the names in Arabic and then decorated them using different patterns. The children found it really interesting to learn about a different religion and trying to pronounce the Arabic names.

Here are some examples of the children’s attempts at writing in Arabic. They did a great job and really enjoyed practising writing in a different alphabet. As well as this, they also wrote the name using the English alphabet and then wrote the translation for the names.

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