Life in WW2 in Year 6

Year 6 have had an amazing day seeing the life through a persons eyes in WW2. When they came into class they heard the WW2 air raid siren and had to cover all the windows ready for the bombs to start.

They then had 4 choices WW2 bootcamp with Miss Benson, building Anderson shelters with Mrs Munton, creating blitz pictures with Mrs Fowler or cooking using foods that were rationed with Miss Wood.

The children have loved their day and have had chance to take part in 3 of the activities. Through out the day they have built on their knowledge of WW2 and the things that happened, developed their team work skills and planning and reasoning skills.

Mason loved army crawling through the mud, trying to not be detected by the spies.

Maddie was so good at sit ups and press ups that Sargent Benson had to push her even more.

Osato – Today at exactly 8.55 I was dramatically strolling to school until I heard a strange siren. It blocked my ear drums and forced my eyes to close. People dived on the floor to take cover.

Ben – Today at 9.45 when we were choosing our activity, I chose the army boot camp and I was glad because we did challenging movements like feeding a bench through our legs, press-ups, push ups, running, crawling through army nets and getting muddy from grenade diving.

Jake – 9.05 am – I heard a weird noise like a baby wining for its mother. it wasn’t … it was the siren, General Munton barking orders as we were closing daylight from the room. Nazis forced the door so we dived under the tables … But can that save us?

Tyler – I loved Mrs Fowler teaching art and working really hard with Kenzie, at first I needed help but then Mrs Munton asked me to stand up and get my work. It was so good I got a prize.

Alfie – Today at 9.05 I heard a piercing siren wailing. Quickly I took my bags off and helped cover the windows but it was too late, they saw us. Our commander Munton shouted “GET UNDER THE TABLES!” I dived under the tables. Bombs were dropping. I heard a German trying to barge the door open. It opened …