Lego Programming Year 6 26.05.16

Year 6 were really excited about going to Lego this morning and were anticipating what was in store for them.  They worked in pairs to program a robot to move forward, back, left and right and they decided how fast they wanted it to go.
Alfie and Amber were really excited during the distance challenge! Luciano and Raushan wanted to get the distance challenge exactly right.
We then learnt how to turn the robot using angles. A full angle is 360 so in Lego a full turn would be double this! We were then asked to use these skill to make a square.
We had several tasks to choose from which were score a goal, maze 1,2,3,4, release the corn, round the seat, release the tray 1 and 2. Raushan said that the tasks showed that he had great perseverance skills. Luciano said no to giving up, we can’t do it but we need to! Eddie said that he was really thinking about the tasks.Robyn and Leah impressed David by doing a repeat program for a rectangle. Philippa said we haven’t done one yet, we have just done lots of Austin’s butterflies and Rosie was excited that they had been in the pit.
There was lots of growth mindset language discussed this morning in Year 6 and I was so proud of the
attitude they had!
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