History Day

On Thursday morning we (Paige and Hollie) went to Pudsey Lowtown for the day to learn about History.

First we went to the hall where we went to sit down with Mrs Mahoney. After that we met some other schools such as Primrose Hill, Pudsey Lowtown and others.

After we had to team up with another school and we had to habe a look at different objects and guess what it was. The first period we looked at were Romans. Next we had to go into a room and there was a grid with different Roman objects and we had to draw them from our point of view.

At break time we met Ethan who use to go to our school.

After that we were learnign about the Vikings.  We had to get a small magnet and run it through the sand to put up iron balls. Then we got to carve bar a soap into a bowl. Then we had to guess the Vicking obects that were there.

AFter lunch we were learning about the medieval times. We read through a diary of a medieval man and we wrote our names on a piece of wax paper with a quill.

Finally it was time to go and we had a brilliant time.

Paige and Hollie Y6.