Fun in Nursery! Tuesday Eureka Trip

Boys and girls, we are SO proud of you. You behaved amazingly during our trip to Eureka. You used such good listening ears all day, helped to tidy up when you’d finished playing and walked such a long way with no complaining. Thank you to all the grown up helpers – we couldn’t have gone without you.


Here are some lovely photo’s from the day…DSCN9282 DSCN9285 DSCN9287 DSCN9288 DSCN9294 DSCN9305 DSCN9307 DSCN9309 DSCN9311 DSCN9319 DSCN9323 DSCN9337 DSCN9338 DSCN9355 DSCN9363 DSCN9364 DSCN9365 DSCN9366 DSCN9370 DSCN9371 DSCN9372 DSCN9373 DSCN9375 DSCN9378 DSCN9379 DSCN9381 DSCN9382 DSCN9384 DSCN9385 DSCN9386 DSCN9387 DSCN9389 DSCN9445 DSCN9446 DSCN9449 DSCN9450 DSCN9391 DSCN9396 DSCN9397 DSCN9398 DSCN9399 DSCN9402 DSCN9403 DSCN9404 DSCN9405 DSCN9406 DSCN9407 DSCN9408 DSCN9409 DSCN9410 DSCN9413 DSCN9415 DSCN9416 DSCN9417 DSCN9418 DSCN9419 DSCN9420 DSCN9421 DSCN9422 DSCN9423 DSCN9424 DSCN9425 DSCN9426 DSCN9427 DSCN9428 DSCN9429 DSCN9430 DSCN9431 DSCN9432 DSCN9433 DSCN9434 DSCN9435 DSCN9436 DSCN9437 DSCN9440 DSCN9441 DSCN9442 DSCN9443 DSCN9444 DSCN9445 DSCN9446 DSCN9447 DSCN9448 DSCN9449 DSCN9450 DSCN9451 DSCN9452 DSCN9453 DSCN9454 DSCN9455 DSCN9456 DSCN9457 DSCN9458 DSCN9459 DSCN9460 DSCN9461 DSCN9462 DSCN9463 DSCN9464 DSCN9465 DSCN9466