Fun in Nursery! (Spring 1 – ‘The Minnie Mouse Show’)

Following an interest in Minnie Mouse, during group time, a selection of children created their own ‘Minnie Mouse Show’ with Mrs Ward’s help (all the ideas came from them apart from the Elton John Song that Mrs Ward remembered from her childhood!!)


Thank you to those of you that came to watch at such short notice! Mrs Horan really enjoyed the show too.




Where it all started:DSCN9234


Making headbands:
DSCN9239 DSCN9241 DSCN9242 DSCN9243 DSCN9244


Coming up with ideas during group time:



And rehearsing:
DSCN9254 DSCN9255


Writing about it!:

DSCN9258 DSCN9264


The big performance :) :DSCN9273