Exciting grammar lesson in Year 6

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Year 6 had fun learning about determiners using jelly babies! They created sentences including jelly babies and other grammar parts.

Here are a few of our sentence:

Walking swiftly down the mysterious street, a sky blue jelly baby finally found his best friend, this meant that they had found each other after seven long years!


Climbing up the jiggly, jelly cove, my wimpy jelly sister fell down the grassy hill: I cried with joy!


Chop my dark, black, scrumptious, mouth-watering jelly baby into four symmetrical pieces, otherwise Miss Benson will think it is unfair and she will eat all of the jelly babies (which will be out of this world pleasure for her!)


Jimmy my squishy, hot-pink jelly baby, waddled along the enormous street but was trampled by something that he caused a giant (Runako), RIP Mr Jelly.


Sprinting swiftly Jeff tripped over his own two feet during the jelly Olympics, which unexpectedly he came second (he had a giant smile on his face)