Adjectival use with a twist!

This week in literacy, we have been looking at diary entries and the importance of adjectives to describe situations and our feelings. The children completed an interesting challenge today where they had to use their imaginations to think about how they would feel in a certain situation.


The children were shown this grid on the board and we explained to them that they were going to have to use their imaginations to think about how they would feel in each situation. Everyone stood up and closed their eyes, ready to listen carefully to the situation.


The children listened as they were talked through their feelings on a walk after school. We started off with some really great feelings, thinking about how we would feel if we had had the most fantastic day at school. The children came up with some really great adjectives to describe their feelings.

We then moved on to walking home on our own and getting lost. It was great to see the children really getting into it and thinking very carefully about how they would feel in that situation.

After that, we imagined that we thought we might be being followed down the street that we were lost on, and then discussed how we felt at that point. As you can see, lots of the children had very serious faces as they were so focused!


The final situation we discussed was running round the corner and seeing our house, realising we were not lost after all.


The children came up with some truly excellent adjectives to describe their feelings during the situation and it really helped them to think about how they would feel at different times. For the rest of the lesson, the children wrote some really powerful diary entries about the situation and what happened to them, using the adjectives on the board to remind them of how they can describe their feelings.

It was great to see their concentration and a super attitude towards their writing!